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    I’ve never used Utube because 1. I didn’t know how to download/save them to disk and 2. I don’t have any computer speakers because I my desk is crowded and I have no room for them and the built in speaker is not loud enough (I don’t hear so good anymore).

    I found this link which should solve my download/save them to disk problem


    I am supposed to get a pair of good headphones next week, so that should fix the hearing problem, I hope.

    Now I need some prepper videos to watch. This is the only article I found on Daisy’s site. https://www.theorganicprepper.com/modern-refugee/ Yes, I know there are some embedded in some of the articles on the site but searching didn’t seem to find them for me.

    If you know several GOOD Utube channels for preppers, please add your list of links in a comment.

    If you know any GOOD specific videos for preppers, please add your list of links in a comment.

    I’ll start by sharing the list preppers who have a Utube channel that Chloe in Daisy’s office sent me.

    Catherine DiRuzza-Ellis, Jim Cobb, Toby Cowern, Bernie Carr, Scott Graywolf Kelley, Laurie Neverman, and Chuck Hudson

    Come on now, add your favorites in a comment…

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    Crow Bar

    I dont do YouTube.

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    I do some you tube but now switched to bitchute.com jo adds no bs from google



    As for prepper videos…..what are you looking for? There is such a range of stuff  it would be overwhelming to look at 1000 of hours of stuff. Pick a topic and I will share ones I like. Some of the best prepper videos are.not from peppers but regular folk finding ingenious solutions to thier everyday issues or  letting you in on tips and tricks the pro in a certain field use.




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    Your right, I don’t want to watch 1000 hours of prepper videos. That why I asked for GOOD videos.

    I think a video would be most useful for demonstrating some technique that pictures or diagrams in a book don’t really demonstrate well enough.

    1.I’ve had some first aid classes so I remember the hands on well enough to do with the book. However, I would like a video on suturing up a wound and whatever might be related to that.

    2. With no power a slide rule could be useful for some things. I’d like video(s) on slide rules. I do have some books containing logarithm tables.

    3. Videos on all aspects of handling guns, shooting, disassembly, cleaning, reassembly, gun safety. Preferably videos of the specific guns that I have.

    4. tying knots, those diagrams just don’t do it for me!

    5. basic self-defense.

    6. both types of canning. I helped my mom some but that was a really a long time ago.

    7. Everything about steam engines, steam locomotives, etc.

    8. steam and water wheel powered electrical generators, construction, operations, troubleshooting and repair.

    9, operating metal working machine tools. Most likely these would have to be machine specific. For this 1000 hours might not be enough. Unfortunately, I don’t have any machine tools. I have the Gingery set of books on making your own machine tools, which frankly I haven’t read much of, but I understand most of those are about working with aluminum. I want to work with steel or maybe iron.

    10. The proper use of a file in sharpening an axe, shovel, hoe, etc. Sharpening and setting saw teeth would be essential. The proper use of an axe in felling trees without hurting yourself.

    11. Operating a spinning wheel and a loom for weaving. These would probably have to be machine specific too.

    That’s all I can think of right now. No doubt there is much more.

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    Basic pistol handling. He has more advanced stuff but start easy

    Shooting from truck bed…


    Knots you can join a kink bondage group (ha ha)that does rope work. Or go to sailboat  place and look for crew  positions believe me you will learn knots and  nav  by star and compass if you go to the places without all the fancy stuff

    You want to see what its really like go to pig/cow farmer and ask to help de nutting pigs don’t even get stitch the testicle once pulled till they snap create a vascular contraction so little blood and a lot of squeal. Nothing prepared you for a massive blood injury. You will never forget it and frankly without serious skills with 1000 of hours and special tools all you can do is stitch surface cuts because you won’t have right stuff to debride ànd clean and check a gun shot nor tie of and re sew vascular system. If you are doing at home things are seriously messed up and hygiene will not be there death from infection will be end of most injured along with tetanus as there wI’ll be zero way to treat by I saw it on you tube crowd.


    Saw sharpening most big saw  require a guide without them you are up the creek.  Axe and falling same as chain saw.. if you don’t know go and get your faller certificate it’s in alot of night schools. Can’t learn well by video need to have a feel for tree ,weather, slope of ground surrounding trees. The trees make sound when you get past a certain point chopping. Wedges are nessisary. Axe sharpen is like a knife learn to use a file at set angle it varies from type of axe but you should be able to shave with it.


    Metal tools take a life time to master no amount of watching will do anything need to go and get hands on. If you want to learn go find a place that will apprentice you in stuff you want to make. Many different types of metal work no one does it all. No short cuts


    After reading your replies I take it you are a younger gentleman. There are no shortcuts on skills they come at the cost of thousands of hours of hard work and atleast a pound of dumb meat which you will cut crush slice and burn off you along your way to enlightenment.

    Most skills are perishable which means you need to practice regularly so pick something and get good at it that list is too much for one person in a life time to be any good at all of it.








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    GOOD is like artwork , its all subjective . For now , Youtube has the most to offer , because of the community . The other mentioned , doesnt seem all that great , only because not many are aware of it . It COULD be , if they got aggressive with their advertising , as a censorship free alternative to Youtube , then people would start abandoning ship , rather quickly . Self defense ? Again , its depends on what your after . Do you want basic things ? or do you want something like Sytema , which is a Russian hand to hand program , which teaches a person how to take a hit , and deal with pain , to still be effective . That something that they dont teach in the west , how to take a hit , because the reality is , your going to . We can only make minor suggestions , but your going to have to do your own leg work , it comes down to that . If its important enough to you , you will find it and make the effort . Its really all up to you , because your needs and goals are going to be different than other people , and vice versa . For help on this forum , or any forum , you need to ask more specific questions about a subject .

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    I’m a fan of anything by Dr. Arthur T Bradley. He is a NASA scientist who studies EMPs and solar flares. His channel is called Disaster Preparer, I believe. 🙂

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    I wish I was younger! I’m 69 and with a number of ailments my body is wearing out. I know how to shoot, but very little in the last few years. I know how to sharpen an axe and other tools with a file. Saw teeth, not so much. I have cut down trees and de-limbed with both axe and chainsaw. cut for firewood with a chainsaw and split firewood with both axe and sledge hammer with wedges. A long time ago. I never tried to teach that stuff to my only child, a daughter. My grandson has ADHD and I was afraid to try to teach him how to handle a gun, axe or chainsaw.

    I watched when my grandfather de nutted some young bulls (cattle). I have done some branding too. Long ago.

    I’ve never heard of a faller certificate but that makes sense. I’ll try to find a book on that.

    One of my purposes in building my large collection of books and PDFs is so my family and others will have resources to learn from if they ever need to know. Now I would like to add some videos. All of the things I listed above are for my family and any others that may join them in surviving.

    @namelus Thanks for the videos, I’ll check them out.

    I had already concluded that there are some things you just can’t learn from a book and if you want to get that kind of stuff done you must have experienced personnel. I’ll just have to add serious machine tool work to the team tasks of restarting an electrical generating station, restarting an oil refinery and most of the medical profession. All I can do is compile a library, but I have nobody to share it with. Without all these skills and knowledge all in one place plus food providers and a functioning militia and the proper leadership I’m afraid its back to the middle ages if something serious, like a grid down, happens.

    @tolik  Point taken.

    @daisy  I have a couple of his nonfiction books and they are good. Haven’t tried his fiction. Thanks for the channel, I’ll check it out.


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    It you ever need to build a stone henge with wood and rope  watch this.


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    Restarting an oil refinery is a dream cant do it with out atleast 50 skilled staff plus raw materials other than just oil.  In usa mainly screwed from shale gas as without heavy crude ( tar sands) and softer from Saudi you can’t refine a drop. Those plants require serious maintance and up keep plus power consumption is crazy. Small refinery 100,000 bpd had an electric bill of over a million a month 15 years ago. Can’t get that off a generator.



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