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    In honor of the big five-oh birthday that’s coming up, I decided to spend next year doing adventurous things. (Also, my baby kid is now officially an adult *weeps* so I have to do something!)

    The first thing on my birthday bucket list? I’m going to Croatia to take a 5-day course with Selco.

    Are there any ladies here who want to join me? It’s going to be awesome.


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    Crow Bar

    Can I change the gender I identify as, and join you?  🙂

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    Hahahaha – I’m sure he’s going to be offering some open classes soon, too!

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    Xant Dewit

    I just had that same birthday last month. I didn’t do anything special. So I do like the idea. I’m not very far from Croatia, about 1400 km.

    i tried to look at the course but the link doesn’t work…

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    OldMt Woman

    Sounds like a fine adventure.  I’ll be anxious to hear all about it …what you learned…insights!


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    @xdewit give this link a try:


    It’s loading slowly due to high traffic, so give it a moment. It would be really cool if you could come – I’d love to meet you!

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    You know it! I am sure I’ll have the inspiration for dozens of articles there. 🙂 I can’t wait!

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    Xant Dewit


    pretty impressive! I will definitely do my best to be able to join. Got to save up though. And figure out what to do with the kids and my dog  I never went any where without my dog  ( she is an ipo trained malinois)

    Im physically in the worst condition. But May is w couple of months away and gives me some me time to improve myself some.

    It will be my new challenge for me to be able to come. How cool would that be!?!!

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    I love malinois! Such beautiful, intelligent dogs.

    We had an inquiry from a lady with some physical disabilities and Selco said that the course would be suitable for her. There’s not a whole lot of walking involved in the course – it’s more about skills and knowledge than about physical prowess.

    But I’m with you – we have 5 months to get in better shape!

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    I’d love to come and meet you and Selco.   can’t though, I’m a caretaker for a disabled person for one thing.

    I will certainly look forward to hearing all about it though.

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