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    Xant Dewit

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>At dan the old guy: 50 million immigrants live in the USA, that is 20% of the world’s immigrants. Europe doesn’t have near that many, so it is kind of disingenuous of the EU to tell us to do our share.</p>
    im Not sure I f i understand your Numbers here. 50 million million immigrants. Is this the total of all the immigrants in the coming to the us this year? And 20% of the world immigrants. Who are they? The ones fleeing this year? Registered as immigrants this year?

    I live I’ve in a country a lot of refugees are trying to flee to and settle. I’ve noticed that most refugees are young men in their 20ties. They are send ahead on quite a costly trip. I am sure I can’t afford a trip for my family the other way around for that amount of money. I would had to stay …

    a lot of refugees are not from war areas but from North Africa other African countries and even Asian countries. A big part of them are not eligible for obtaining a refugee status. They stay even though in the country while using the law system to stay longer. Sometimes 10 years of proces. They do expect a house and social security, for a lot of young persons education is paid for while my children have to pay for themselves by going into debt. They also reject regularly second hand furniture when they settle in their first house. Asking for better and new ones. I always wonder how they will fit in the society. Recent study showed that it takes years to find a job (for instance it takes on average 15 years for a Somalian refugee to find a job). Another problem is they are appointed family houses in lower price rent house while Dutch ppl have waiting list of years to be able to rent in that pricing sector, not in all parts of the country but we do have a shortage of houses in general.

    Im worried about the polarisation this is bringing among the Dutch and newcomers. Violent right wing is on the rise.  I’m worried about civil clashes this can bring in the future.


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    It was on the news last night that an illegal immigrant just shot and killed a police officer in CA, USA. I to question rather a lot of these immigrants are fleeing the bad things of their country or something else is going on. Can’t say anything more on this here, but wondering what is really going on.

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