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    Well after the worst hunting season on record, I will say that you may not be able to feed your family “sport hunting” before SHTF, let alone after.

    So a little background, last winter was brutal here, lots of winter kill, the deer and antelope population are way down.

    Following the laws, the few animals that I did see, I couldn’t shoot.

    Had I fractured a law or two, the freezer would be full.

    But the lack of animals is the main point, it’s basically impossible to go out hunting when there’s nothing to hunt. And that’s with a “normal” load of hunters, albeit mostly out of staters.

    What do you hunt when there is nothing to hunt?

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    WhiliBird, I think that when and if SHTF does happen, the first thing the hunters will do is hunt everything till there is nothing left to hunt. That is one reason I have been trying to can as much meat as I can. I also found out the people back in the day pickled meat to preserve it as well but that is something I need to check into furture. Never heard of pickling meat but read it on I think it was the Ready store. Not sure how it would taste. Also the fishing will be fished out. So I fear finding meat will be an issue somewhere down the line. I have heard that people with farms that have cows, chickens, etc. that desprate people will start stealing from the farmers and killing off livestock to feed their own. I think that would be a last resort for many. So much to think about, but I am not going to worry about it. I just do what I can and hope and pray for the best.

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    John Park

    My plan is a lot of squirrel, chipmunk, and some blue jay, etc…using the .22 for which I have a serious supply of ammo.
    Sparrow with the BB/pellet gun.

    Then mix in with rice and beans.

    Sure, I will hope for a deer or moose, but I won’t be counting on it.

    I also worry about a few issues with hunting:
    1) Everyone will be doing it, so game will become scarce. Fish will also become scarce.
    2) Even if you do get a deer, plan to dress it quickly and silently – because the woods will be full of other people on the verge of starving, and you, head down, dressing a deer, might just present them with a “shot” for free venison, plus all your gear.

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    Crow Bar

    WB OP is the reason why I dont think the “I will just hunt!” thing will pan out for a lot of people.

    Also why raising small livestock is going to be a lot better. Potential Dinner is crowing outside right now.

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    Mouse Wizard

    Trapping. When SHTF there will be a lot of dogs and other scavengers like Raccoons, Cats, and so forth. Not to mention squirrels and rabbits. Let the hunters tramp around the big game areas. Walk your trapline once a day and size it up or down to where it’s meeting your needs but not overloading your ability to process and store the results. Basically it’s hunting on autopilot. Like hunting, you need to practice to acquire and maintain the skills.

    There’s a reason strong spices were very valuable back in the day; a lot of meat is not all that palatable. Stockpile your favorite spices. Grow garlic, onions, and tomatoes. Can and dry as appropriate.

    Traps and the necessary support gear for preparing / maintaining them are not cheap, but for the price of a good rifle you can get a good start. The size of your full kit will depend on how many mouths you’ll be feeding.

    And by the way, remember that a garden is a deer magnet.

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    Little Sister, before you get too involved, hit your local convenience store and try a “Big Mama”. Its a “sausage” thats been pickled.

    You can do the same thing with the BarS bulk packs of “sausages” (spiced hot dogs). Dropping them in the brine from your pickles/pickled beets/etc. Just store in the fridge as they weren’t pressure/water bath canned.

    Last batch of pickled eggs I made, thats been a while, I did a couple of extra cans of hot dogs and they weren’t bad.

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