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    While russia has set back for another year there are a few take aways


    Old high sulfur refineries can not be easily changed  to low sulfur

    1.5 million bpd is far shy of the 3.5 bpd used


    The sulfur has its own storage and usage issues.


    Cost of fuel going up through the roof as fuel wars begin. Hope you all stocked up


    This is for maritime traffic only if you ad trucking ..well you see the issue


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    I can be at the Sinclair plant (Sinclair WY) in less than three hours. I am not worried.

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    Does it  make ultra low sulphur? Can you drive up and say filler up?if not  you are in same boat as any but with a chance of a terror attack target.


    Some old refineries had places workers could fuel…. now all gone due to saftey…Yeah I know where deisel and jet a  and b and gas pre ethanol blended can’t take it out of the tanks easy it has a 24 inch main valve that is hydraulic opened.  Once we had to manual it was a 3 day show with a giant mess.

    Not like you can tap a simple on off spigot or go through the vent lines or hatches ( pressure and suffocation) it won’t even blow up.just  smothers out all the o2




    There are filling stations if it’s a tanker port but which one of you has a 6 to.8 inch receiver for the flow it’s like a water cannon can fill a fuel truck in 10 MIn

    There used to be the maintance  yard but those are  mainly gone for new explosion  proof fuel cells. Fuel fuel everywhere not a drop to use.

    If you had to would take a refuel truck  fill it with right stuff or mixed, the tanker trucks have compartments. Full to rI’m or you have sway issues and take that as there is an emergancy 4 inch hand valve at bottom  you can drain the compartments with.


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