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    Brita Pruitt

    Hi from Flaviafan. I’m out here in California trying to prepare for all of the fires and whatever other disaster is about to happen. Sad news about the town of Paradise being completely destroyed by the Camp fire and another fire occurring at this moment in LA, so I’m anxious to kick my prep knowledge into gear.

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    Welcome! I lived in California for five years and those wildfires are nothing to mess around with.I’m so glad you’ve joined us.

    PS: You should pop into your profile, hit edit and type in the name you’d like to use in the box there. Then hit “save changes” and your display name will be a different one.

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    DeeDee Forager

    Hi, I’m DeeDee, near Lake Ontario in NY. Snowing here today. I’m a forager and starting to grow herbs. I’m getting ready for winter – some years we have snow 8-9 feet deep, and I can’t always count on getting out, for groceries or medicines. I’m lucky that I have a warm room at my brother’s every winter.

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      Hello, from the Northeast here.  17 degree’s outside right now at 7:30 am. Grew up in a  large home where my Dad had a large garden and worked as a carpenter and they had 7 children and the word was if you don’t work, you don’t eat.  I remember one winter my Dad and Mother made pull taffy, so we all buttered up our cleaned hands and enjoyed pulling and twisting the taffy until my parents used cleaned scissors to cut the taffy into small pieces.

      The next year it was so much fun making popcorn balls as a family,  and rare was the treat of Dad hand cranking up some homemade ice cream.  In spring dumping burlap bags full of peas on the porch floor for  us all to shell.

      You all have a blessed Christmas season!




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    Welcome, Dee Dee! You have some great skills 🙂

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    Hey. I’ve been prepping for 9 years and still am learning all kinds of new things. I just bought a home last year and have my own garden space, which I’m very excited about. I’m in my late 20’s and have a family of littles (and cats) to care for in case of any emergency!

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    Crow Bar

    Hello both of you!

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    Old Goat

    Hi, I’m Old Goat, have lived a lot of places including overseas, and been through plenty of natural disasters, ect. Have been prepping for years with the kids and more importantly using those preps. You can always learn more and look forward to seeing what others are doing, and teaching. You can teach old dogs new tricks LOL

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    Faith Strunk

    Hi! I’mcraftygrrl & evidently late to the party… Though the info about it didn’t show up in my Facebook feed til yesterday. I prep currently for natural disasters (aka hurricanes & tornados) here. We recently moved into an apartment downtown as as part of our reduce and simplify. Up til recently we had a house, garage & yard, so this apartment style lifestyle is very different for us. We plan to buy some land out in the country when we can.

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    Wanitta Leslie

    Hi, I’m Wanitta and bought a homestead in 2017. Moved in last shooting and am trying to live the life. Tried hunting and gird 2 deer this season so we gave about 70 lbs in the freezer. Will work at setting up a nice size garden this summer. Have akready added fruit trees and various very plants. Added solar to the roof as power backup. This winter has given us some experience with losing power and the solar does work well.

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    Abby Wise

    HI; Newbie here. We first started accumulating prep items around 9 years ago. A seminar we went to included how to make a “Go bag”. It was informational, and the whole family had one. Now I am redoing everyone’s bags, adding in the EDC, Get home bag, looking through all the medical and camping stuff. Can a person have too much? Well we live in a small place with kids, I would like to get organized to where bags are on hooks ready to go. It’s overwhelming the to-do list. Kids out grow things, and food expires. We’ve also started using an aqua plant growing Garden Tower system. We are also in California but looking to relocate. Thanks for this forum. I enjoy Daisy’s and Selco’s writing.

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    Thank you and welcome here!

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    John Guzman

    Hi , just joined this forum.Have enjoyed reading and following the Organic Prepper for a while and always learned something new. I live in NE Florida where the weather is always warm. Have been a mild prepper as living in Florida we have a Hurricane season to deal with every summer. never know when or how bad things will get but many times have had to live off my supplies when the electricity has been out for up to 2 weeks at a time.Now that this whole country has been turned upside down by this pandemic I feel it is time to double down and learn and implement as much as possible to prepare what looks like to be some very uncertain times for sure.Have a lot of interest in gardening conventional and hydroponics. Hope to interact with like minded people on here as that is how we learn by sharing experiences and ideas.

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    Mama cando

    Welcome John. This is a great group of people.

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    Hi Neighbor

    South Florida here. Glad you joined us. And indeed it is a great community.

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    Crow Bar

    Howdy John!

    A lot of good knowledgeable people here!
    And then there is me! 😉

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    I’m Snowclimber and as the name implies I’ve done a bit of serious snow climbing.  Years ago with my first wife,

    we built an A frame log cabin in the Yukon wilderness about 40 miles from Whitehorse.  That was a life changing time and we learned a lot about living off the grid and self reliance.  Today living in the mountain region of Arizona,  not off the grid but doing our best to be as self reliant as possible with rainwater water catchment tanks, stored foods, a wicking bed for part of our garden and in part due to the current pandemic situation we have planted our largest garden in a number of years.  I’ve been reading the Organic prepper for the past year or two and enjoy the useful insights.

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      Crow Bar

      Welcome SnowClimber!

      That is a heck of an adventure you are living!
      Be interested in any information you have learned off-grid living.

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    Hi, All,

    I am a newbie prepper!  My hubby and I live in the northeastern u.s.  I have been reading prepping books since 2016.  I had stated out by making a minimal investment in freeze dried and dehydrated food and assembling emergency go bags for our home, work, and vehicles.  I also couponed and put away enough cleaning supplies and personal care items for a whole year.  Boy am i ever glad i at least did that!  It really wasn’t until the pandemic started until I really took prepping seriously however.  I wish I had done so a lot sooner, but I am definitely  ALL IN NOW!  I have to be careful to not get discouraged and focus on one task at a time gathering the items that work for us. When the pandemic hit,  I saw shortages in the stores I never thought I would ever see that lasted for weeks.  My husband has never been really supportive of my prepping, but he is at least now not opposed to it.  We live in a rural area so we don’t have access to a lot of retail or wholesale routes to purchase supplies.  I’m proud of myself because even with the pandemic situation and limited purchasing avenues  I have been single handedly successful in putting away a 4 month supply of food and goods that we can use in the short term so that if shortages should happen again we will be in a better position to weather them out without having to touch the #10 cans. I know there is a lot more work to do and that it isn’t going to be easy,  but it’s not impossible. The keys for me have been taking control over what I can when I can, persistence, and educating myself.  In short, making one small attainable goal at a time and focus on that so that I don’t get discouraged.  I’m so glad this forum is available.

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      Crow Bar

      Howdy and welcome Northerner!

      Sounds like you have the right mindset and attitude!

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    John Park

    Welcome aboard Northerner (we’re in Vermont ourselves). The forums are a great source of information. I don’t post regularly, but I check them every morning before breakfast and try to find out if there’s any threats I should be addressing.
    I liken prepping to a hobby. It’s just something I do on the side. And yes, I do spend money & time on it. But unlike golfing or making model ships in a bottle, it serves an actual purpose if the poop ever hits the turbine.
    I used to say that I estimated a grossly 1% chance each for nuclear attacks, EMPs, martial law/federal tyranny, utterly horrific pandemic (something with a 25-75% mortality rate), financial collapse, and civil war, to happen sometime in the next 20-35 years. That would lead to a 5-10% chance of SHTF in the next 2 to 3 decades. That meant there was a 90-95% chance that all would be well and progress along smoothly.
    Now I put the odds at more like 25-50% and am damn glad I’ve gotten so much prepped already.

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    madwolf has been my “nom de net” since the 1990s.  I took it from a hero of mine, a Nez Pierce shaman.

    Because I am a former Marine, as well as a Navy Corpsman (both green as well as grey Navy) I always figured that I had the skilz to get by, if necessary.  My lovely bride started prepping years ago, but I didn’t pay much attention, until she schnookered me into teaching first aid to her mutual assistance group (MAG).  I was hooked.  Firearms were always a tool that I used, and had a knack for, but left behind whan I retired from the Navy, primarily because she didn’t want them in the house.  Imagine my surprise when she said, “Let’s go to the gun store.”  She now has her Mattel, and I have my “man’s rifle.”  Old school Marines will know what I mean.  😀  We have other snug, as well.  In North Eastern Washington, we are called, “that couple who are a little shy of ammo.”

    She assures me that we are well stocked. Everytime i ask, “Do we have…?,” she always says, “Yes.”

    I’m looking forward to learning.

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    Hi, I’m from Virginia Beach, Va. My husband and I are retired service people and early on lived in a remote area on Adak, an Aleutian Islands in Alaska. We went for extended periods without the things we would have like to have and learned the importance of being prepared in order to take control of our well-being.  The supplies came in every six months and that could be sketchy with events in the Bering Sea.  Once the unforgiving sea swept all into the ocean and it was months before another could be gathered and delivered.  My three-year-old had the opportunity to travel with me to Ankorage 1800 miles from our home there.  We finished our business and went to the airport to land a military hop back to the island.  While waiting, we grabbed some lunch.  I ordered her sandwich and some milk.  Now, I thought nothing of this selection but after some intense silence, my daughter looked me in the eye and said what is this stuff I’m drinking?  It’s awesome!  Milk?!  That’s when it hit me that she had never had fresh milk before!!  She went from breast milk to powdered milk.  Sad, right?  It had never occured to me.  From that time in 1982 we became preppers.

    Today we are old but feel the responsility to have enough supplies to provide for our family.  I garden, can and store so we can have the things we need and like.  Several years ago I learned to preserve in cans as well which has served me well as it has a longer shelf life.  If I want fresh milk in the city, I guess I’ll have to hide a cow in my back yard along with my illegal chickens!

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    Crow Bar

    Hi and welcome BeeBee!

    That sounds like an amazing adventure.
    Are you still in Alaska?

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    Hi, so excited to be here and looking to glean as much info as possible. I have been a mild prepper for years, mostly just to offset in case of loss of work, as we are self employed, has helped tremendously in the past. For the last couple of years I have been going at it much more seriously.

    Problem is that we don’t live in the US so we do not have any freeze dried foods, many are not allowed due to quarantine laws (and the cost of shipping is prohibitive!), storing or owning things such as weapons is illegal, no airsoft, no slingshots even.  Tried to purchase some medical supplies such as suture kits, that’s a no as well. Aaahhh the joys of a semi-socialist country.

    At least the weather is mild where we live and we can garden 365 days of the year, just drought issues. We also joined the local rural fire brigade (all volunteers) to get some new skill sets in fire fighting and first aid. That has been a big help.

    Really looking forward to all the bright ideas here!

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    Crow Bar

    Hi Cimeter71

    Lot of good folks here, with a wide range of knowledge. Feel free to ask!

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    Amanda Brisson

    Hello from the southeast. Been working on preps for a couple of years. We garden, can a little…doing more of that now. We also blanch and freeze food. My husband hunts. We keep plenty of meats in the freezer.
    Welcome. Let’s teach and learn from each other.

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    Hello, everyone! I’m an old, ex-military, ex-Civil Service, retired government guy into preparedness, flyfishing, hunting, firearms, reloading, and getting self-self sufficient. You may recognize my handle from Twitter and #PrepperTalk. I’ll contribute what I can!

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    Babs Bunny

    Hi from Oklahoma. We just survived a week and a half without power due to the ice storm. Luckily we were prepared so we had a nice warm house and hot water for taking sponge baths. We got to see where we excelled in being prepared and what we need to work on.

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      Crow Bar

      I heard OK got hit hard.

      Could share what worked for you? What didnt work for you? What would you do differently next time?

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    Hello, I live in Iowa. I used to live in the city and moved to the country about 3 years ago. Learning curve for sure but I like it. New chick mom this year. I bought 10 pullets and ended up with 9 hens and Jim. I have been a prepper for years, tho not always a very organized one and I had to throw out quite a bit of stuff when I moved that got ruined because I didn’t take care of it properly.

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    SCGSD Lover

    Greeting from South Carolina where it is 75+ degrees today.  As you can see by my name, I love GSD’s (German Shepherd Dogs).  I currently have two and one shepherd mix.  Doing some basic prepping but have a long way to go.  Start small and go from there.  Howdy to everyone, stay safe and be prepared.

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