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    Brita Pruitt

    Hi from Flaviafan. I’m out here in California trying to prepare for all of the fires and whatever other disaster is about to happen. Sad news about the town of Paradise being completely destroyed by the Camp fire and another fire occurring at this moment in LA, so I’m anxious to kick my prep knowledge into gear.



    Welcome! I lived in California for five years and those wildfires are nothing to mess around with.I’m so glad you’ve joined us.

    PS: You should pop into your profile, hit edit and type in the name you’d like to use in the box there. Then hit “save changes” and your display name will be a different one.


    DeeDee Forager

    Hi, I’m DeeDee, near Lake Ontario in NY. Snowing here today. I’m a forager and starting to grow herbs. I’m getting ready for winter – some years we have snow 8-9 feet deep, and I can’t always count on getting out, for groceries or medicines. I’m lucky that I have a warm room at my brother’s every winter.



    Welcome, Dee Dee! You have some great skills 🙂






    Hey. I’ve been prepping for 9 years and still am learning all kinds of new things. I just bought a home last year and have my own garden space, which I’m very excited about. I’m in my late 20’s and have a family of littles (and cats) to care for in case of any emergency!


    Crow Bar

    Hello both of you!


    Old Goat

    Hi, I’m Old Goat, have lived a lot of places including overseas, and been through plenty of natural disasters, ect. Have been prepping for years with the kids and more importantly using those preps. You can always learn more and look forward to seeing what others are doing, and teaching. You can teach old dogs new tricks LOL


    Faith Strunk

    Hi! I’mcraftygrrl & evidently late to the party… Though the info about it didn’t show up in my Facebook feed til yesterday. I prep currently for natural disasters (aka hurricanes & tornados) here. We recently moved into an apartment downtown as as part of our reduce and simplify. Up til recently we had a house, garage & yard, so this apartment style lifestyle is very different for us. We plan to buy some land out in the country when we can.


    Wanitta Leslie

    Hi, I’m Wanitta and bought a homestead in 2017. Moved in last shooting and am trying to live the life. Tried hunting and gird 2 deer this season so we gave about 70 lbs in the freezer. Will work at setting up a nice size garden this summer. Have akready added fruit trees and various very plants. Added solar to the roof as power backup. This winter has given us some experience with losing power and the solar does work well.


    Abby Wise

    HI; Newbie here. We first started accumulating prep items around 9 years ago. A seminar we went to included how to make a “Go bag”. It was informational, and the whole family had one. Now I am redoing everyone’s bags, adding in the EDC, Get home bag, looking through all the medical and camping stuff. Can a person have too much? Well we live in a small place with kids, I would like to get organized to where bags are on hooks ready to go. It’s overwhelming the to-do list. Kids out grow things, and food expires. We’ve also started using an aqua plant growing Garden Tower system. We are also in California but looking to relocate. Thanks for this forum. I enjoy Daisy’s and Selco’s writing.



    Thank you and welcome here!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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