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    James Mitchner

    We live in an isolated location, but not necessarily a remote one. A medium-sized city is only about 30 minutes away, and grocery shopping a lot closer than that. Still, we are out in a rural area without neighbors being nearby.

    About six months ago I installed my first intrusion alarm. Some may call them drive-way alarms, but to me they are basically the same thing. There are many different makes and models on the market that would meet most anyone’s needs. Some cheaper than others, certainly. I choose a model that runs on four AA batteries and that has a range to its receiver (which is inside the house) or 1/4 mile. It operates 24/7, and I have not yet had to replace the batteries. When a vehicle, someone, or even a large animal breaks the beam a tone is sounded at the receiver inside the den. I get ample warning of approaching vehicles so as not to be taken by surprise just when the door bell rings. Just another layer of home security.

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    Mary Jo Greiff

    I would like to know about the intrusion alarm you have set up James. We live in a very rural setting also with a completely fencenced in and gated farm. We have a 1/4 mile long driveway to our entrance and would love to have a device that warns me of anyone coming down the drive. Could you please share with me the device and how it works a little. Thanks MJ

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      James Mitchner

      I chose a company named “Guardline”. They have a web site. Check them out. I purchased the home receiver and two alarms, one on the driveway and another positioned behind the house. One does a “ding dong”, notifying us that its the driveway and the other emits a cricket sound to denote the sensor located in the woods behind the house. One sensor was defective and we returned it. Guard line provided us a new sensor to replace the defective one. So far, I’ve been pleased with the system.

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