Is it unethical to upgrade your iPhone?

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    Then expand that.
    Do you really need a 2400sft home?
    A big screen TV in every room?
    The AC set at 72 in the summer, and heating at 78 in the winter?

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    DH has an old flip phone. As long as it works he’s fine with it.  I have an old android only because I need to be able to text to the kids at times. No plans to get an upgrade unless they die on me. House is only 1800 square feet. Now that it is just the two of us we could get away with a smaller house. So I guess my answer is no I don’t need all these things. As for air condition, it has been set at 75 degrees all summer. For this winter we might have to bump that up a bit but only because of DH being cold all the time. Blood thinners and anemia will do that to you. Normally we would keep heat at 64 at night and day time would be 68. But that may have to change this winter if DH starts feeling to cold. Don’t have a big screen TV either and what we have is old but works for us. The way I see it is just a waste of money to be able to have bigger and better when the older and smaller stuff works just as good if not better.

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