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    High Above

    Barter? Can I trade organic eggs for ammo in here? πŸ˜‰

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    Wonderful offer, but you are probably too far from me.


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    Darn. I could use some organic eggs.

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    High Above

    Lol….ok, then we need to figure out how to barter long distance!

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    … then we need to figure out how to barter long distance!

    I just have to share this on long distance bartering.

    So I sell part-time small solar systems to a connection in Zimbabwe. He buys the parts from me in my local currency. He then sells it on by taking cow/s as payment as where he sells, in the bush, there is no currency yet the people do have satellite dishes, TV’s fridges and cellphones, so they need solar panels, inverters and batteries.

    He then in turn sells the cow/s, about +- U$2,000 a cow, and converts it to the currency I require.

    The ingenuity is priceless.

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    interesting. But I think that when things really do fall apart, long distance bartering will not be easy. I am thinking when the time comes to have bartering items to trade for things we might need like eggs, seeds, tools etc. My understanding is never barter from your home but have a place where people can set up from cars and wagons if need be to do the trading. The hard part will be how much items are worth in order to get good trade deals. I have been compiling a list of things that would be good for bartering. When I have more time I will post it.

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    Red Carnation

    @littlesister, Selco mentioned to focus more on what you can use, not what you would use to barter.Β  Bartering is dangerous.

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    Red Carnation, thank you for the tip about bartering but there will be a time we will no longer be able to use cash, credit or any other means. I already have over a years worth of food storage if not more and just maintaining that now. I am adding somethings to that as well. I have an attic full of paper products and just about everything I might need. Right now I am concentrating on securing the house, windows, doors, putting in cameras where needed etc. Will be getting fireplace worked on soon. And getting more firewood. All this is being done while figuring out what and how a bartering system would be one day set up. This is something that will not happen right away but somewhere in the future. One thing I learned is never barter ammo, guns nor barter anywhere where you live. For me it will be mostly with my neighbors. We at this time can’t have chickens so I might could barter with a neighbor for a trade of eggs for seeds or something. This is more of the type of bartering I am speaking of. Bartering with strangers now is another ballgame and can be very dangerous. But one day bartering may be our only means to get things we need as cash will no longer be worth anything. I am very much concentrating on new skills, and things I need now. Going to buy a new tiller as soon as the new air conditioner is in. Ours is 30 years old. Still works but no longer strong enough to plow new ground.

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