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    If us dragged into this it could start ww3 expecially with Israel saying it needs to attack iranians for thier security.


    This bad behavior by Israel has to change or them bright to heel as they start way too much bs world wide, for 1 percent or less of population they have people in 100 percent of the shit shows.

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    My money is on Israel.
    Not going to get into the rest.

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    My money is also on Israel and I’m not getting into the rest either.

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    You think israel  can go against Syria? Remember it’s a cats paw usa vs Russia is the true event. There will also be fallout in public opinion , why else is BDS now a political issue in usa.

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    I agree with whirlibird. My bets on Isural. Reasons for this is from above and that is all I can say as well. Just keep your eye on Isural.

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    What happened in 1967?

    Who do you think is more prepared today? And what protections do you think are already in place?

    South Africa became a nuclear power, how do you think that happened? Damascus had better be very careful.

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    1967 and today are not the same animal at all, the projection of might by air craft carriers of the usa is no longer the same back then they where nearly untouchable now removable by a million dollar Salvo of hypersonic weaponry.  They projected might over the horizon  safe from attack with the bubble around them, now they are in strike distance when they deploy.


    Israel will last as long as usa sends it money, people and weapons. 5 min after it stops there will a retribution, when usa goes to full insolvency what do you think will happen…. Russians can actually support their current military with their economy that is huge what happens when you can’t pay a military force?


    Sa is basically a Chinese colony with a black puppet head going down  a path of self destruction.

    That was 2008 they are so entrenched now with loans and infrastructure no way to dig them out. Now ask yourself who they will support?

    Syria is fertile test ground for  new tech s400 systems and the new electronic warfare. Remember the low tech iranians managed to  trap a drone and land it. They are Persian not Arabs a massive difference is ability and mind set.


    The biggest liability is the Jordan river it supplies majority of fresh water to israel. Syria has double access to both major tributaries, how long do you last without water?

    While israel can and will attack illegally into sovereign  territories they can gain ground but can not hold it, any attack would cause a problem of a united front.


    They claim they need to attack and destroy targets in another country……which other country could claim this along with no set borders and receive no world wide rebuff and sanction?


    Are you willing to send your treasure and spill the blood of your young to protect this? Sure sounds like it. The problem as anyone who has ever fought a ground war knows uou can’t hold it without troops and occupation,  how will they be able to do so beyond what they have now. Already 100 percent of available people in military.


    If it became a hot war it’s in a confined sea with Russia on home turf, yes air power could be projected but for how long,  every war requires boots on ground there is no one able to fill that personel wise for the time it would take. you think usa can hmmm so many failures in last two decades can’t even recall a win.

    I just hope cooler heads prevail as this if launched will end in mad. Winner means nothing when all that is left is wasteland.

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    With the golan heights campaign the use of heavy tanks would end today in about 1 day russian/chinese area denial weaponry would stall any ground attacks. They only fought Syrians,  not the Russians or iranians.  There is a reason a special envoy was sent to putin

    How would usa spin need to attack Iran?

    How would they hold off russian and Chinese?




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