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    They are in for a  world of hurt once the shiny of Panama wears off. The mosquitos and swamp means going to port to get anything is a health risk. I know they say highland… think rolling hill. The heat is crazy there 100 f for months with 90 percent plus humidity… it’s a jungle. The countries produces almost no food, the water there tastes funny and is home to a ton of nasty things us not life time residents don’t do well against.


    I wish them luck but if you want to retire look to argentine,  Chile,  Peru much better climate on all fronts.

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    Hey , don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out !  Wish more people would leave . We are over populated . Why are we overpopulated ? Because its such a crappy country , nobody in the world wants to come here . Seriously lady , your an idiot . Lets see how long it takes for her to get mugged , down there in Panama . She doesn’t stop to think , that the only reason she is ABLE to go , is that the US dollar is going with her .

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    A good friend of mine went down there to check it out as a possible place for retirement.
    But he was looking at Bocas del Toro.
    CIA Factbook makes no mention of swamps.

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    I also knew a guy that retired deep in Mexico , he hasn’t been heard from sense .

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    The canal has tons boca del Toro is a cocaine summggler route and very dangerous as it transitions inot the  port of Limon costa rica (banana boats) and as a fast boat refuel for a blue fields Nicaragua ( spiney lobster tails). I lived in geographic area for over 5 years. It’s a shit hole.  It is armed to the fucken teeth and lots of shit in jungle that can kill you has the most poisonous snakes (eye lash viper) 2 step snake. They have lots of insects and vegiration that can mess you up bad too… boca has no real medical it’s a boat ride away.. clinic is a joke.


    The cocaine that runs through there at such a cheap price has made a lot of junkies with guns who make the area of watts in LA look like a playground. Up here  most people carry some cash say like $20 plus some of us much more…. down there a month of labour is worth 300 …. get the picture? Can’t tell you from tourist and they don’t care.


    I left a large acreage farm and two thriving business in that area because of safety… I had connections to the government, police  and the gangsters aswell . I spoke the language I treated people fair and still had to run…. go at your own risk


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    Interesting article.

    I think you need really to “dig” much deeper first when you consider is your place (your country, city or whatever) really in deep s..t that you think or is it just your feeling.

    Then you need to dig really deep how really is place where you want to move, and check real reasons why you want to leave.

    For example you could live here in my region for 1300 USD, two bedroom apartment rent is like 200-300 $, medical coverage is practically free, to eat in good restoran is maybe 15-20 dollars, to eat in not so fancy is like 3.

    But not to many people come to live here, so there are more reasons and facts to check about every place.

    I think important thing to consider here is first how fast and how bad things can go down when SHTF in that place, and what are your options then.

    What today looks like paradise may easily turn to hell once when SHTF, especially if you are “stranger” there without any friends, network, real information about your surroundings and similar.

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