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    I had a prepping productive weekend even after taking all the Christmas down. 🙂

    • I bought a 500 watt solar generator.
    • I pressure cooked a Boston Butt and canned leftover pulled pork and collard greens/ham (from New Year’s meal)
    • I vacuumed sealed 3 packs of Oreo’s
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    Craig Widner

    My wife and I vacuumed up a pack of oreos, but not the way you mean!

    Anyways, How long do oreos last vac sealed up? What sealer do you have? And what kind of solar generator did you get?

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      I found a deal recently on Oreo’s and had 3 packs left. Knowing we are tired of them for now, I was able to fit 25 Oreo’s in a wide mouth quart jar and I vacuum sealed them using the attachments with my Food Saver. There are several videos of these jar attachments on Youtube if you are not familiar with them. First time doing any cookies but I have done crackers before and they are fresh even a year later.

      I thought this solar generator was a good deal after doing some research and clipping the coupon. OKPRO Portable Power Station.

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    Never vac sealed but pigs dont care about how fresh the oreo is to follow them to the slaughter pen

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    Atypical Sapien

    Grwrn: did you put an oxygen absorber in the jar as well? I would be curious as to how the two would age. I usually do both with my pantry jars. The jar next to the Kamut grains is biscuit mix still good from ’16

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    Mama cando

    Happy (belated) New Years to you all. Haven’t been on for a couple of months.We’re still alive and kicking here.We have been busy for Thanksgiving and then getting ready for Christmas. Thanksgiving was somewhat sad as the only one that was here was Son1 and family. DH’s sibs are still hunkering down and not going anywhere. Son1 and his family went to Florida where DIL1’s parents are for Christmas so it was Son2 and family and DIL’s mom and sister here. It’s DIL’s first Christmas since her dad died. She didn’t want her mom and sister to be sitting at home moping on Christmas day, so I said to bring them here. We had a great time. We did a Zoom for thanksgiving with DH’s siblings and cousins in So Dakota it was a blast, then his cousin’s mom evidently fell going home that night, wrecked her hip, shoulder pretty bad. So she was in hospital for the whole month of December recuperating but she is doing fine. We zoomed again Christmas, fun times. I got a lot of vac pack bags for my “sucky” machine, a digital kitchen scale that does lbs and grams (yeah) and a bench scraper along with a stack of books I had on my Christmas wish list.Finished up the scarves and Christmas hot pads. Grand kids were ecstatic to get the scarves, so were my sons. DIL’s loved the Christmas hot pads. Ran out of time for the “everyday” ones but hey I got time, ain’t going anywhere, anytime soon, will be finishing them up.  DH is still on track for the knee replacement next month but with the surges we’ve been seeing, not sure the doctor will go through with it plus DH’s platelet count has been low, not sure they will have the supplies for him IF needed.Blood donations have been VERY low around here.I unfortunately cannot donate blood, platelets, etc. for him and he couldn’t “bank” his blood either. This month, (actually started this after Christmas), I’m doing an experiment, Instead of planning out the weeks meals as I usually do, this month it’s go to the pantry and put together meals, sort of last minute IE just pick stuff off the shelves and see what combinations I can come up with. I’ve also had DH pick out stuff too and that’s what I fix, so far, so good. We’re still here LOL, we’ll see how this turns out. Got a surprise package the other day from my baby sister. Got the cutest coffee mug from her. On one side is a cute saying about being together in spirit as we are far away but on the other side are three women with their backs to you and their jackets say Big sis, Middle sis, and little sis on them but what’s really awesome the color of their hair is our hair colors and the style we wear our hair. I have red hair, keep it short,  middle sis has blond hair and long and little sister’s hair is brunette and long. Don’t know where she got the mug but it’s so cool.She also sent DH an M&M mug so he wouldn’t feel left out. DH had to go out today and fill up his car so while he was heading to Costco, I had him pick up my vitamins, and other supplements I take. He came home with the stuff but he also brought home one of the rotisserie chickens for dinner tonight. Kinda messed me up a bit but at least I have some bones for stock now. I’m running low on broth so that’s a bonus. Other than that we’ve been good.  The feast of the Epiphany is Wednesday so the Christmas lights go off til next year(so sad) and we have to put away the decorations inside and out. DH went and got a new decoration for the outdoors for next year on the 90% off sale. One of our neighbors gave us a small Christmas penguin and a lovely card thanking us for our Christmas spirit this year.  It was cute, DH had just come in from setting up the stuff and got a knock on the door, on our porch were two of the neighborhood kids, they handed him the little penguin and the card, said the house looked great and then ran off. He was flabbergasted but we sent them a card thanking them for the gift.

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    Atypical Sapien

    Mama Cando: Enjoy your scales. I use mine to weigh all of my backpacking equipment food and all. I use my solo 35 lb bag for my get home sack. It is amazing how much things vary in weight. It all adds up.

    Counting coins has been much easier since I started using the digital scale. Mine doesn’t go to fractions of grams but it is close enough to differentiate between a dime and a nickle or the proper quantity by one more or less.  I separate the coins by type (I have a separate container on my dresser for pennies.) then I use this chart:

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      Mama cando

      Atyp, Neat idea to weigh the coins. Never thought of doing that. I just usually count the coins out, roll’em up and stash them. Besides what else am I going to do now a days HA HA HA HA.

      Little sister, yeah have been busy trying to get everything in place for DH’s surgery. Not sure I’ll be able to get out to the stores while he’s on his back so I’ve been “stocking” up on somethings. Son, DIL2 have said they’ll help out but with his hours at the store, her having to be at home with the kids (still on line learning due to Grandsons health issues) and she is the only one who can take her mother around to doctors, etc. I don’t want to bother them too much. I’ve been working at getting things together.  Still have to acquire more gauze and such for when I have to change his dressings but I’ve been picking up stuff as I can at the stores. A lot of that kind of stuff is scarce around here and on line is a bit expensive right now. Got a “buddy” at one of the stores, she lets me know when things come in so I can pick it up. One of the other people in her department was holding things, My friend said that person actually was hoarding and hiding most of the scarce shipments they got in for the shelves for her friends and got in trouble for it. So I don’t ask my friend to hold the stuff but when she calls I go right away. DH thinks he’s going to be able to get up and around sooner than he actually will be. Been there, done it twice myself so I think he may be over estimating his ability. He’s almost 70 and the body don’t snap back as fast as it used to. We’ll see, but he can be a stubborn old coot sometimes LOL.Son1 and family got back home okay but they are on count down for Granddaughter and grandson1 . They HAD to be back to the psychos on the 27th so they flew back, Son1 said the plane was packed but the kids had two seats to themselves and wore their masks but still we’re kinda worried about them right now.  Especially my grandson as he has asthma.

      Well I’ve “yakked ” enough  Stay safe

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    Been taking it easy past few days. I was going to take it easy and just read, sew and take care of DH. Do some canning, etc. But now it is looking like I best be getting into full gear of prepping again, instead of resting up for the next 2 months. Went to store today to buy milk and eggs and they had boston butts on sale for 99 cent a lb.  I bought one huge one. Going to make barbeque and can it on Friday. Bought a few more canned goods that was also on sale. Was going to wait a couple of months to start the canning again, but with all the news, I think I better do that now. Besides, I still have 30 lbs. of flour to put in freezer for a few days and need the room to do it. I have 20 lbs. now I need to put in the mylar bags then in buckets.  Getting ready to check the go to bags and get them in the car. Normally I don’t keep them in the car but where I can get to them if needed.

    Mama Cando Glad to see you back on here. Seems you have had a busy couple of months.

    I am looking into a couple of solar generators that will run our freezer and fridge. Can only afford to buy one at a time as they are well over a thousand dollars. But I do want to keep those two things going if anything happens.

    We didn’t do a lot for Christmas as DD and her DH and youngest grandson is moving to NC. Due to SIL’s promotion. DD will be able to keep her job and work from home. We just gave out gift cards to everyone this year as I couldn’t leave home to go to the different places I normally would have gone to. They were to far to be leaving DH home alone. The kids were all happy with that. They got the stores they love to shop at. None of the kids gave much in gifts this year as to much is going on. Granddaughter in college and getting married, DD moving to NC and needs to save for what she will need for the new house. Things for us will be a big change. But it’s not the first time and I am sure it won’t be the last time things change for us. It is what it is.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe New Year despite everything going on. May God Bless.

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    Mama Cando, I am praying for your DH to have a fast recovery after his surgery.

    I had a few plans lined up for today but didn’t feel like doing them. I did make the salad for DH and washed clothes but that was about it. Was up with DH about 3 or 4 times last night, so I guess broken sleep got to me last night. We both slept in till 10 am and I hate that. Seems to just ruin my day. Going to get what I didn’t do today done tomorrow, even if it kills me. It’s got to be done. And that boston butt I bought yesterday is taking up a lot of room in fridge. So in the slow cooker tomorrow morning for sure.

    With now about to be a full blown democrat government, open boarders again, packing the courts and all the rest that is coming down the pipeline.  Socialism will be a take over of our homes, food and anything they can take from us starting with the digital coin or whatever they want to call it. I plan on removing money from my accounts and as soon as I can will be cashing out a CD. Can’t do that till the 11th. Closing out my savings as well. But I am starting to wonder if we could still use the cash for things when the digital mess starts up. Just thinking about the what if’s right now. And not sure which way to go in the prepping of things to come.

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    Thanks for all the updates LittleSister and Mamacando. Prayers for healing and strength are going out.

    Food preps got a run through with some items going to a food bank. Need to get the hurricane shutters put away though and other things into the shed. Also tackle the storage containers.

    Roof saga is still continuing. Insurance companies are quick to take your money, but slow to pay out.

    All the Best to everyone.

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    grannyj smith


    Our country is led by idiots and I know we on this forum are wiser and smarter with common sense than government will ever be, so we prepare as best we can  and we need pray for those idiots who claim to be our leaders, but more importantly we need to pray for the healing our country and for God to continue to Bless America.

    I have finally got my pantry organized where I can see what I have or what I need to add, and after two days of working on my notebooks full of recipes they are organized.  I went into 2021 promising myself this was the year for more organization since I seem to be getting older and maybe forget a few things now and then.  My home is a busy home with caring for children, cooking, cleaning, laundry, caring for DH, I needed to get myself more together this year.

    So I treated myself to a new bill paying book, 2021 date planner, a calendar above my desk and a clip board full of printed large size check register and printed monthly calendar that list all due dates for bills that I can write paid on.

    I also treated myself to a few new outfits, Winter boots, a pair dress shoes for church, which I haven’t had in years, I was wearing sandalls during Winter and that was cold on my feet.

    We are doing more organizing, decluttering and cleaning in the farmhouse since we have to stay home due to this pandemic, bet our home is more organized and cleaner than it has been in a year.


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    We are starting to feel the heat of restrictions around here. I am encouraged by this forum to continue to prep when I can. Praying you all are blessed with health and mental clarity as the world gets crazier.

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    DH put the news on today. I heard enough to make me sick. They are out to destroy Trump any way they can. And now Pilose wants to try to impeach him again. There is only 12 days left. So why bother. Sleepy Joe is in for now but they will kick him out to. Just give him time. He is nothing but a puppet to them. When they get done with him, he’s out. Harris and Pilose will take over. Scary thought. I took a lot of food that DH cannot eat to our church food pantry as we give food to the needy through the Food Bank. The Food Bank here for many is just to far for them to go when several of them have to depend on a ride. And the last time our guys went to the food bank to pick up food, there was nothing for them to bring back and they had to fully depend on church members to help feed the needy. So that got what we can’t use out of the pantry and gave me room for what we can eat now. This no and low salt foods is no joke. Trying to stock like that is not as easy as I thought it would be and more expensive. I did go to a different store today and picked up what the other store didn’t have. And a bit more than I planned. Got more water as I do try to pick up water every chance I get. Just trying to add to what I already have. But still got to fill the other 5 gal. containers. I still have 8 of them to fill up. For some reason I feel as though there is a need to stock heavy right at the time I have been deciding to slow down. I need to get 20 lbs. of flour in the mylar bags and 30 more lbs. in the freezer for a few days. But there is no room now. I need to get into gear and can from the freezer. Thought I would have had that freezer empty by now. Just don’t seem to have that motivation to get moving. But I am sure it is from lack of sleep. Up with DH several times a night, though he will almost sleep through the night sometimes. I do get sleep but it is broken sleep.

    Love the idea of weighing the coins. I didn’t think about that. Will be adding that to my list of things to do. I do have some gold and silver. But don’t know where around here to go to see what it is worth. Some of it is collectors coins. And I have a lot of silver coins as well. Just need to find out what they are worth. Won’t be enough to live on but would pay the taxes on house for a year or two.

    I really want to get those generators for the freezer and fridge. Solar is expensive. I do have a natural gas whole house generator, but if Biden and Harris get back into that new green deal that they said they will do. Our taxes are going way up and they will destroy us using natural gas and oil both. They will tax it to the point we can’t afford to have it. It is nothing more than an excuse to raise our taxes along with the Parris accord. We will be lining the liberals pockets very nicely all the while we will be so broke we can’t afford to do anything. I really think over the course of the next 2 years things are not going to go well for this country. They are going to try to undo everything Trump has done for this country and it started with this virus. It was not a pandemic but a plannedemic. They needed a crises to plan for the one world government that Trump stood against. That is why they want to destroy Trump. They don’t want him running in 2024. That is if we have an election then.

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    Got really busy today. I have pulled out all my material that I still have in my office. Going to put it in totes and put in shed for now. DD and SIL are bringing a bunch of stuff over for us to store for them till they get their house. They have been put up in an apartment and do not want to keep this stuff in an apartment. So i will really have fun trying to clean around all this mess. Been trying to get the barbeque canned and that is taken much longer than I thought it would. That was a monster boston butt. It has been cooking since 8 am this morning. It is almost done though. So might stay up tonight and get it all canned. Will see how that goes. I have several solar gadgets that I use to charge small things up. I gave one to SIL the Christmas before last and he uses it all the time. He keeps it in his truck. He loves it. So I am getting all of them charged up now. I can plug them into my computer to charge, so that will go much faster and they will be ready. Going to EMP proof them. Got an alert from USA today that the national power grid is down in Pakistan. Large portions of the country without electricity following damage to key transmission lines. No word on what happened yet.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone.  Sounds like lot of us are getting organized….continuous tho, isn’t it?

    Well, I have a First Aid project going at the same time as my ‘seemingly never-ending’ BOB project.  The BOB:  I’ve got pretty much all … or slightly more…than I can reasonably carry in the fishing vest.  It distributes the weight so much better.  I guess the next step for that is to walk it down to road.

    First Aid:  DH and I now each have a good tourniquet, Israeli pressure bandage, EMT scissors, black marker pen, HyFin twin pack, and some quick clotting product.  I put his in the vehicle console.  These things are an upgrade that’s been lacking due to funds.  One that hopefully will never be needed…..  for us or anyone else.  But…it’s there.  Plan to update training too….Internet at first.  In-person class if ….those are ever allowed again.  [ COVID ]


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    I have my first aid kit already done finally. Though I do have a couple of things I need to fill in. I got a huge tote for all the first aid stuff and now it is all in one place.

    OldMtWoman, I have kept the quick clot handy for years as DH had been on blood thinners and I have had to use that a few times. Works great. I have a couple of the Israeli pressure bandages. But not sure I would get another one. I am thinking what I have is enough.

    I was able to cash out a CD today that came due and then closed out my savings account. So that is now in my emergency fund. That had gotten close to being depleted with all the stuff I was buying for DH. Walker, rollator, bedside toilet, the ramp and so much more. I see all tax deductions I hope on all that. Anything will help.

    After I left the bank, I went to Lidl’s. That place was packed. Never saw it like that before. I picked up a lot of chicken to can. They had no canned veggies nor fruit. I bought some noodles as well. so should be good for a while. Just filling in some empty spaces. It’s been hard to find things DH will eat now with his swallowing issue. He does well on the beef I canned as that just falls apart in tiny pieces. I cook it up on rice and gravy or will have it on mashed potatoes and he can eat the beef with no issues that way. Chicken is the same way. Got the barbeque done up the other day and DD came over and grabbed a jar. They are leaving for NC tomorrow as they now have everything packed and movers come tomorrow. She is going to have the barbeque tomorrow night. Easy dinner.

    DH has been doing a lot of sleeping these past couple of days. Getting a bit worried about it. He goes to skin doctor this Thursday. But not the heart doctor till March. Wondering if I need to move that up. He is eating better though and has put a little weight back on which is good. My back has been killing me today. So going to use heating pad tonight when I go to bed. Hoping it will feel better in morning.

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    Crow Bar

    My seeds should be here today.

    We save seeds, but I wanted some diversity and looked for veggies that are quick to produce or can be planted in a container.

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    In process of canning chicken this morning. Still not done. Ordered a Lumex stand assist. Thank you again namelus.  That will really help me more than it will DH. My neck is still hurting am thinking it might be out of aliment. Don’t want to keep taken Advil, but with trying to finish up the chicken and other things I need to do, I might have to take one.  I am not suppose to be pulling, nor lifting over 25 lbs. But I have had no choice. DH was not happy about me having to call the rescue sqad to get him up the other night. But I was not able to get him up with his legs giving totally out. He has lost a lot of weight and is down to about 140 lbs. That is way to much weight for me to try to hold on to him to get him to the bed. Once he is standing there is no problem getting to where he needs be with the rollator. It’s getting him to that standing position that’s hard.

    After I get the chicken out of canners. I am going to pull out my mylar bags and get the flour done and into the buckets. Going to start making bread more now instead of buying it in store. I have some skills I need to brush up on as well. Going to be a busy couple of months. Need to check my seed supply and get that organized better. Bought a photo case that will be perfect for oganizing my seeds. It has several drawers and I can use the label maker to mark what is what.

    DD, SIL and grandson has left for Rocky Mt. NC today. They were put up in an apt. for now till they can find a house. Hope it is in the Rocky Mt area and country. If so, I might move up that way one day myself. Will see how things go around here. This place is growing up fast and no longer country and way to much military. Nothing against military, I have 2 grandson’s in military. It is just well over a million people now live in this area of at least 5 counties and cities. And it is still growing like hotcakes.

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    The Aldi here is the same way. First aid kits, yep me too. I went through alot of gauze after a tooth extraction-( failed root canal) and I need to replenish.

    Coffee maker died and off to the thrift store. They had a Keurig pretty cheap. Not a fan of Keurig, but not going to pay retail for a new coffee maker. This works but the coffee isnt hot enough for my tastes, oh well.

    Could use another dresser for preps. Will make my thrift store rounds later this week.

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      Osito Arelano

      I love my stove top espresso maker.  Found a knockoff of bialetti at Burlington coat factory of all places several years ago. Upgraded to the bialetti when that one died after a year of daily use. I may never go back to another coffee maker.

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    Took DH to the doctor for a recheck from the skin cancer removal. Got him in the car just fine, but when we got there his legs gave out and I had to get a wheelchair and help to get him out of car and then back in the car after that. Got home and let him sit in car a bit and rest. He was then able to get to a standing position and get into house. But he was worn out. Can’t wait for that Lumax stand assist to get here.  I ordered a light weight wheel chair today. With this one it will be easy for him to slide from car seat to chair and back. It only weighs 19lbs. So will be easy on me to put in car. Folds up real easy. This chair isn’t a heavy duty and does not look like your typical wheelchair. Those are bulky and hard to work with for getting someone in and out of car. The plastic surgeon that removed the skin cancer said he needs a vascular doctor as he may only have about 5% blood flow in legs. Not good. So now I need to call family doctor about that and check to see who the good vascular doctors are. Just seems so much is happening all at once with DH. He has been through so much this past year. I know it is hard on him and frustrating as well that he can’t do anything for himself anymore. And it is hard to find things he can eat being salt restricted and a diabetic. He just doesn’t want to eat a meal nor does he eat much. He seems to be loosing weight again and I can’t stand him on the scale now to see what he weighs. No balance, and I can only hold on to him so much to keep from adding weight when he is on the scale. One thing is for sure. He will never go into a nursing home. If I have to use all my savings to hire a part time nurse then that is what I will do. As long as the nursing homes have corvid running through them like they have been here. There is no way he will be in one.

    Anyway, I am done ranting. Just had to get that off my chest I guess. Didn’t make me feel any better, but I guess talking about my worries helps.

    Hope everyone is having a better time of it. And staying safe.

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      Crow Bar

      No worries LittleSis, rant away.

      Thoughts to you and DH.

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    grannyj smith

    Littlesister, hope your dh gets well soon, just think positive thoughts and do something special for yourself often.

    Making meals out of what is in the freezer in order not to go out because of this virus, for such a small town it is really bad here, school is closed until the end of January.

    How many ways are there to cook chicken, well I’m about to find out since we have mostly chicken in the freezer. today it’s baked chicken in Italian dressing since dh didn’t want barbacue chicken.

    Last Sunday the piney woods of East Texas got record snow fall, the most ever recorded. My chickens have never seen snow and they would not come out of their pen for three days till the snow melted.

    The wind is picking up here with another cold front coming in, I’m tired of the cold weather, just wish it would stay warm during the day with cool nights year round, that would be perfect weather for me.

    That’s it for another day of same old thing on this homestead.



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