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    What’s everyone up to this month for prepping? Let’s check in and keep each other accountable. It’s easy to get off-track in the summer.

    Tis the season for so many fruits and vegetables to be ripening I bet you know what I’m going to be doing!

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    grannyj smith

    I am waiting for figs to ripen on my tree and hope I can get to them before the coons do, for the last two years  a coon brings her babies over to eat the figs, this year I am out of homemade figs preserves so I will be trying to beat her to them.

    It is turning out to be a short summer for us because the kids got out of school the first week of June and now the school announced kids will go back the first week of August.  So no back to school sales or tax free shopping days for us this year.

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    Atypical Sapien

    June was busy, I finished painting my house, re-plumbed, re-wired the well house so that I can have our older well as a backup.  July will be spent working on the greenhouse utilizing the salvaged double pane class that I recycled from a church renovation.

    Sometime in the latter half of July, I am planning on a week long backpacking trip.

    On a  more  domestic note, Aldi’s has cherries for 1.69 a pound. I’ll be making cherry preserves soon. Perhaps some cherry roll-ups for the backpacking trip.

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    OldMt Woman

    Have been making progress on micro-decluttering.  Like…one drawer at a time.  But it it’s progress, I’m happier. DH is de-cluttering the basement….not so micro.  And I hate to think how much he’s sneaking out in the trash bags.  I doesn’t know all my plans for certain items but….sigh.  I can’t physically sort it so…whatever.  He does prepping so no danger there but I’m a bit more “creative” in my use of recycled things.  lol

    Received 2 Doans brand magnesium blocks and will see if I can get THEM to work better than my originals.  ….pending.

    Still working on knots.  Hard to log things into memory these days…you know?  My hands know many knots already but it’s kind of interesting to see some new ones.

    I am still studying language over at Duolingo every day.  I’ve found that fascinating.  Always like languages…. studied Spanish several years during school.  Long ago!  A different language in college, tho only  a year.  Now I’m trying a different one.  Had just an introduction to it…before settling down a few months ago and beginning in earnest.  I don’t spend a lot of time there but I do go over every day.  🙂   Thanks so much for the tip for that free site, @daisy  We all need intellectual stimulation too.

    SIGH…..the MICE are completely back.  Had a “hatch” of babies.  My bucket-spinning-bottle-with-PeanutButter trap has been catching the tiny offspring.  Hmph!  Since losing beloved cat months ago, we’ve been using poison in those green blocks.  This morning early….way tooo early….I FINALLY figured out why I keep waking up.  DH and dog were not guilty of noise at that hour.  Scuttle and clunk under the bed…..MICE trying to remove the green block was the culprit.  NOISY varmints!  So this is war.  DH brought home more of the plastic cases to secure the blocks.  Previously he’d constructed a cardboard box with just a mouse sized hole to put them into.  They do keep running off with the blocks once they’re gnawed down small enough to fit it out of the box.  OK…eat anywhere they like.  Their mission this morning was successful.  BUT I want a less noisy means of delivery!!!  Hmph.

    OldMtWoman  ….THIRD TRY to post this.  Hmph!

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    Nw Prepr015

    Ahh summer, I just finished nursing school and are gearing up to reenter the workforce after being out of it for 3 years. I find it disturbing how much very personal information they are requiring of me but I need the job and that is how they get what they want I guess.My garden is being destroyed by pests because I live in Florida and the bugs go nuts this time of year. But my good ole rosemary is never bothered by the weather. It just keeps spreading out. I have planned out my fall garden and I am so excited to get it going but I still have  a lot of prep work to do. I just can’t get out there and work it because the heat index has it feeling like the triple digits. Just pray that there are no hurricanes or storm scares for us this year. The weather patterns when I was a kid were so predictable but these storms just behave differently now. Wetter, larger, faster and unpredictable up until the last hours which makes gettin out a dodge really difficult.

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, I have this weird fascination with knots too.
    I have a few books, and will sit on the back deck, use a chair and practice different knots.

    The war on mice is ongoing for me. As we have dogs, I use physical traps.

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    Crow Bar

    @Nw Prepr,
    Congrats on graduating Nursing school!
    I gave nursing school a go . . . didnt make it. I sometimes think about going back, but that would mean giving up the farm. So, I think not.

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    Mama cando

    Just got back from grand nephews service in VT. My niece and nephew want to thank all of you for the prayers and support during their time. We haven’t done anything other than putting up some “icicles” to keep the woodpecker off the shed. He had been knocking a hole in our chimney so we had CB put metal flashing on the wood corners. DH went out to mow just before we left and hollered at me to come out, That ratafrakin bird has started on the shed. So DH went on line and looked for something to repel the birds, Plastic owl and tin plates haven’t done the job plus township/HOA considers the plates an eyesore so we’re trying the icicles as DH still works for township and don’t want to get him in trouble. So far so good the bird has stayed away from the shed. Ya’d think with ALL the trees in my yard that bird would nest in the trees but Nooo, he finds the house more to his liking. Drives the cat nuts as she can hear him but can’t see him.She’s an INSIDE kitty only so there’s no chance she’d be able to get him.

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    grannyj smith

    Happy July 4th.

    God Bless Texas and America and all who gave their life and still fight today to keep her free.

    Doing some online shopping looking for July 4th sales and found some good buys at Belk and Academy on school shoes (no Nike) went with Sketchers and Under Amour.   Will go Saturday to Tractor Supply for cowboys boots and belts that are on sale.  Here in Texas the older the cowboy boots are the better they wear, but it’s time to put their old boots out to pasture.

    One time I took an old pair of their cowboy boots and hung them on the front door and used them for seasonal decorations instead of buying a wreath or something else, them boots are still hanging on the front door.

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    Crow Bar

    Happy 4th everyone!

    Daisy posted a great article over on TOP.
    I get her point, but I do have to point out at least here in America, she can post something like that. There are a few countries posting something like that and you get arrested, jail, or sent to a re-education camp.
    Or worse.

    Regardless, my organic vinegar, salt and water anti-slug/snail solution appears to be working. But something is still eating my bean plants.
    I have 6 spaghetti plants coming up. If they are anything like last years I should have a good crop.
    Looks like my thyme may have taken.
    Gonna have to re-plant the cukes. The evenings here in most of June just got too cool, and it was a rainy month for the seeds to sprout.

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    Crowbar you can try beer as bait for slugs near you plants a glass 1/4 beer stale beer 1/4 water burry glass so about 1 inch above ground near plants and watch the slugs drown.

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    Crow Bar

    The dogs would like that too much to be effective.

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    Mama cando

    Forgot When we went to the Celebration , we stayed overnight with my cousin in NY. I had lent her my One Second after book. We stayed up half the night talking . She lives in a small town and has been canning, growing their own fruits and veggies since 09. She said that book just hit her, ACTUALLY, she said it scared her silly because it was if the author was describing her town to a T. Her DH has expanded their garden this year and they are stepping up their preps. They moved there due to his parents needing help back in 09. The ‘rents are now in an assisted living facility due to mom’s dementia and dad’s failing health but doing as good as can be. My Uncle, her dad on the other hand, is still going strong mentally AND physically at 92. Most of her sibs are right around Dad and have been helping him out regularly. She and I discussed her not being surprised if all of them show up at their place one day. In fact she told me that she had (in the back of her mind) been planning on them getting to her place should something happen. The book just spurred her to talk to them sooner.  She said she’s discussed a few things with her brothers in the last few months about getting up there.Told her she was a prepper, she just didn’t know it LOL.

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    OldMt Woman

    Mice!  Either the dratted chew-monster is immune to the poison block it’s been chewing for a week…..OR…..it’s got siblings.  Sigh  Lots of sibs.   Cuz I keep getting woken by their noise.

    Thankful to have a good soaking rain….during this week of 4th holiday with amateur fireworks and campfires.  So far, no out-of-control fires.  \0/

    Glad you have a prepping partner in the family, MamaCando!

    OldMtWoman  spent 4th with elderlies



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    Mama cando

    Thanks OMW. I have one sibling that’s prepping too. Funny story, I had been looking at FB posts and SIL had posted a pix of the cart my Brother had made her for her dehydrator. Having just  purchased mine, I called her up and started to talk to her about it. Few minutes into the conversation, I blunt out asked if they were prepping. Few minutes of silence, she said yes they were. Told her I’m glad I’m not the only nut in the family. She’s glad I’m  getting prepped as well.. We talked for awhile, can’t go into why but my Brother has done a complete 180  about “prepping”. Now we just have to get the rest of the family “on board”.

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    Trying to catch up on reading all the post.  Seems everyone has been busy.  My grandson has moved in with us for a few months. He will be a great help once he is over that cold of his. I hate summer colds. He is starting to feel a bit better though, so I think he is starting to get rid of it. That airborne really does the trick.

    DH has fallen twice now. So really having to keep a closer eye on him.  I am looking at doing raised beds for next year as I think it would be easier on both of us. I can get my grandson to help with getting it set up. Our garden is a flop this year. We are getting cucumbers, but lost most of our tomatoes. Though the roma tomatoes are doing great. We replanted the green beans so now we will have plenty of them in a few weeks. As for the butter beans, seems something ate a lot of those seeds. But we will have enough to freeze. We have had more rain over the past 3 days and more to come. Bad storm today and lost current for a few hours. We have a whole house generator so we were good to go. But it has been so hot here as well. Will have some weeding to do as soon as it dries out enough to get in garden without sinking. Never had this problem before, but past 2 years it has been really bad for rain. So next year we might wait till near end of June to plant. Going to head to the farms very shortly to buy some veggies to can. Still working on decluttering. Just having a hard time deciding what we should keep and what to let go. And yes, where does all the paperwork come from. I am still going through that as I can get the chance to do so.

    I really wish my kids would get involved with prepping. They seem to think nothing will ever happen. Just in their own little world trying to keep up with the jones. They are again working on house to get it sold so they can move for the 5th or 6th time. I really  think they will be making house payments in their retirement. I have seen to many people here doing that and it has been really hard on them to make house payments on a fixed income. They won’t lesson when I say they need to get all their bills paid off. I really don’t know how I will be able to help them if things go south. So can only do so much. Not going to worry about it and not talking to them about it any longer. I feel at this point in time, I need to take care of mine and DH’s needs first. I really feel I am on my own with prepping for hard times and now with hurricane season here as well. I really hope and pray that no state gets hit by a hurricane this year.

    With my grandson here, I may have to move all my preps into my office and I don’t yet know how I am going to get that done. No room for anything and he needs a bedroom. I do have a bed in the small room but closet is full of food and 2 bookcases that I use for my canning. I really have my work cut out for me and no energy to get it all done. Not as fast as I used to be.

    Hope everyone’s 4th of July was a great one. We had a cookout with family. It was really nice. We all had a great time.


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    So my central a/c is out. Now in South florida not having ac isnt really an option ( long term anyway). So its being replaced. Cha ching.

    Good news is that I had purchased a portable one a month earlier, so I have been getting some sleep.

    Also gives me an idea of life without power in the summer. Its hurricane season so its a realistic scenario. My food preps have been adjusted; adding more fruit in juice.

    Otherwise just reading blogs, articles ect

    Hope everyone is well.

    For those in NOLA, and the surrounding areas,stay safe and keep us posted

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    Grandson and I went shopping for a few things I needed today. wanted an external DVD player for my apple computer so grandson could watch his dvd’s in office. Also had to buy a new dvd player for den as the old one would not work. So I have a monitor that I was not using so took old dvd player that we could still use to get Netflex on that screen and put in living room. Works out great. Now everyone can watch whatever they want when they want. bought some planters to grow some lettuce and other herbs that I use a lot of in winter months in house. Going to buy a grow light also when I find what I want. Got some shelving and grandson put that together for me. So will be working to move furniture around to make better use of the office. With him here it helps me to get things more organized and declutter a lot more stuff that I haven’t used in over a year. went to food lion today and they seemed to have plenty of canned goods on the shelves. They were not full but not empty either. Just watching the stores right now on how well they are staying stocked. Looking like my canning from the garden will be in late July or early August. But will have plenty of meat and other produce from farms to can till then. Seems like so much to do and so little time. My grandson will be a big help this summer as DH just isn’t really trying to do to much these days. His shortness of breath and balance just isn’t helping. Will be seeing doc on 20th to see if there is anything we can do.

    Well off to bed shortly as I am really getting tired tonight.  Later folks.

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    Crow Bar

    I was coming back from moving the goats, when I saw this little guy in the small drainage ditch.
    His tail was as big as my thumb! Overall length was as long as my index finger.  If you have ever been to a Crayfish/crawfish/mudbug boil in New Orleans, you know that would be good eating! After putting it in the bucket, I took it down to the pond.


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    I haven’t been posting much lately but am reading everyone else’s posts.  Trying to get the yard in shape and have been very busy moving stuff as we have a house to sell.

    It looks like it might be a good year for wild blueberries- at least it looks like it so far.  We are so far north and everything is late this year.  I have cherries on the tree but they are nowhere near ready.  I didn’t get much planted- too busy doing other things but each time I go to the store I add a little to preps.  Also have been reading articles I come across on the internet.

    Today I made some Balm off Gilead salve.  The buds had soaked for weeks so it was time to make it.  Also picked some comfrey to dry and make salve with and picked some peppermint to dry for tea yesterday.  Today it was rainy and damp.  I’m still bailing buckets from the garage because the roofing was torn off in the wind and can’t get it fixed till September.  There was so much damage from the winter that the contractors are all so busy.

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    Hey all! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here although I’ve checked in almost everyday to see what folks were doing.
    When I left I was still looking for a medicine that would hold the line against my glaucoma. Well, I found one. I’ve been taking pilocarpine drops for several months now and they’ve worked well with only slight side effects. I have to eat something before I put the drop in in the morning. Weird, but at least it’s working. So with that and Lumigan at  night, things are holding steady with the eyes,
    I’ve been working on building up the inventory still. DH is kind of on board but not all the way so I’m pussyfooting around, getting things done. I have a good friend in another state who has Usher Syndrome, and we’ve been looking at ways to communicate once her hearing goes. We think HAM radio Morse code will fit the bill. She could feel the dots and sashes against her skin if she used a key, and that way we could communicate. So we both are looking into that. Fingers are crossed that it works!
    Garden was odd. So much promise and so little to show for it. I may need a hive just to pollinate everything. We had lots of bees in early spring but I haven’t seen one in the last month– and the squash and watermelon show it. They bloom but don’t produce. Oh well…

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    I have not read the previous posts, so I hope everyone is well, and keeping cool.  Did you see the map of northern Europe and Scandinavia?  Freezing temperatures!

    July is hot this month in MN.  With temperatures and humidity in the high 80s, I am losing a pound every day from sweat.  But, it comes right back after drinking cold water.  Sigh.

    We have been harvesting our first fruits:  snow peas, green beans, lettuces, and fruits.  I think the original strawberries have died and it is time to start a new bed from the runners. We had enough this year to freeze some.  I used the internet to research how to have a continual strawberry harvest and one site suggests a three year bed-rotation.  Knowing that, we will dig and enrich a new bed each year for the next three years.  We have the space, and certainly the runners.  Our black-capped raspberries are very late this year, probably will not get many at all.  After looking at the wild berry patches, there will be a bumper crop next year if the new canes have their say.  We have done four batches of currant jelly.

    Peas:  After trying to raise the “English Shell Peas” for several years I stopped. All of that plant, and pod, for just 3 – 6 peas.  So I doubled the number of snow peas instead.  The plants are prolific,  pods are huge, easily chewable even if not cooked. My intention is to have a lot of snow peas in the freezer for stir fries this winter.  There are still some coming, but I am going to plant another row for fall harvest.

    I planted one bed, on the same day, with two kinds of green beans.  One half is the traditional Blue Lake bush bean, and the other half is Provider Bush Green Bean.  The Providers, with their purple flower, are two weeks ahead of the Blue Lake with their white flower. I can tell which is which because I planted flowers between the two types.  I am weighing what I get from each kind so I know which will be a better green bean for us.  We usually get too many green beans for what we can eat, anyway.

    Gave some fresh green beans and peas to some relatives that just love them.

    The cabbages are looking good as is the Pak CHoy, and one bed of broccoli.  I planted three of broccoli to see which is the better variety for us.  I know I planted Brussel’s Sprouts and Cauliflower, but I don’t know which bed they are in or what they look like.  New type for me.  We’ll see how they work out. So far no Cabbage moths.

    A pocket gopher has dug into the garden and working its way through.  I hope it just keeps going.  So far all the plats are safe.

    We are looking forward to visiting with a former colleague.  He was a student under my husband professorship.  He lives in Brazil.  His wife, and daughter were exchange students and the daughter ended up marrying a classmate here.  It is always nice to get a perspective from another part of the world. It also humbles me because they all speak multiple languages and we do not.

    We went to my G-Son #3’s summer orchestra concert.  It was in a park under a pavilion and despite the day’s rain and humidity, it was very pleasant.

    Some old friends met us there, too.  He has had two bouts of esophageal cancer, had part of a lung removed and is on oxygen and seems very frail.  She has lost several teeth and had two knees replaced.  We may be getting older, but we are still moving.  I had not seen they in twenty years, and although our bodies have aged, the comaraderie, friendship, and sharpness have not.

    “Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold.”

    Take care friends.  Her is hoping that the temperature, summer weather, blackouts, heated rhetoric, etc., balances out so we can keep on prepping. Stay safe and cool.

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    Ac is in, and it passed inspection. Techs did a good job. Picked up a few things during prime day. Lights that can attach to stuff, cooling towels and purell alcohol packets. The alcohol jell packets I got during the last prime day and they have come in handy; especially when you are in and out of doctors offices.

    Still picking foodstuffs for Hurricane season.Gosh some of these canned goods are pricey.

    Family members are looking at me as if I have two heads with all the prep work.

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    Corsaire, glad you got your air conditioner in. It has been really hot here. 98 degrees with heat index of 106. Our air conditioner has run almost not stop. We are keeping the ceiling fans running as well. We just put a new air conditioner in back in April.

    Checked out the well yesterday and that old pump is still going. Will be looking into a new pump as well as a non electric one.

    Garden is not doing well this year. Only thing so far is cucumbers. Tomatoes will be late this year. Daughter and I are going to be heading up to N. Carolina to hit some veggie stands. They used to have a couple of organic places that I am hoping will still be there. I can’t believe I have had nothing to can and I am suppose to be teaching a couple of people how to can. Told them to hang in there. Things will just be late happening.

    Been getting ready for hurricane season. Getting all my water containers together to fill up by the weekend. Had to make room to store them. With everything happening now, I am going to start keeping them filled and add to them. I have enough containers with adding the tub for about 200 gals. of water and I know it is not near enough.  Looking into a rain catchment system.

    I have totally torn out my office and redid everything. This gives me a bit more storage room for my canned meats and things that I hope to be canning within the next month.

    I had been going through clothes, books and loads of papers. Got that all sorted and got rid of a lot of stuff. But everything got put on hold for a bit as grandson was here and got a sinus infection which he gave to DH and me. He has gone home now so trying to finish everything up that I started.  Have been washing curtains and windows. Wanted to get that done before anything happens as if we loose electric for any amount of time, curtains will not be on the need to get washed list.

    Got food ministry tomorrow. So will be back at it when I get back home. My old computer is working better since I cleaned it up. Still have some keys that stick but it is better than it was but then it is a good 8 or 10 years old. Still learning the apple computer. But it is getting there.

    Stay safe in this heat wave everyone. It’s going to get even hotter here over the next couple of days with heat index climbing to 110 or maybe 115. Never had it this hot before.

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    Littlesister, if your keyboard is giving you problems, you can get an auxiliary keyboard and use it with your computer/laptop. I’ve been using an auxiliary keyboard for years with my laptop. When it goes bad, I’ll get another cheap keyboard (unless the laptop goes too. It’s ten years old or more so it might…)

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    Crow Bar

    My garden, the only thing doing really well is the spaghetti squash. I have planted and replanted the cukes twice and neither time they have taken. I might give it one more shot as the lows are only in the upper 60s. I think the cool mid 50 nights lead to the seeds rotting.
    The two tomato plants from nowhere (I did not plant them) are now flowering out.
    The dill is doing fantastic, and seeing out. Going to save some and give some to my neighbors.
    I did not know this, but we have horseradish! Always thought it was a weed.
    Yesterday we had what was left of Hurricane Barry come though. LOTS of rain! But today was hot! Restating what LittleSis said, be careful out there if you are working in the heat. I took extra water to the livestock, and will again tomorrow. I take rest breaks inbetween each run out to the fields, and drink lots of water!

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings everyone.

    My #1 Grandson has our truck for the summer, and we are missing not having it, but not as much as he needs it. The Silverado is 20 years old, but still runs great. He is working at a camp ten miles from our house and uses the truck to go home, and to run errands. Two days ago, his other grandfather put some cement blocks in the truck from his house to send to us. Grandson questioned why we were putting blocks into his truck without talking to him first. “My truck…” Possessive all of a sudden. Well, at 18, and off to college in August, it is about time he had some independence. I got a kick out of the “my” truck comment. He has no idea how to get anywhere because he has always been sleeping or looking at his phone while in the car as a passenger. He needs Waze to find anything. He got lost the first time he drove home.

    Congratulations, Nw Prepr on finishing nursing school. A very honorable and demanding profession. In the words of Tony the Tiger, ‘They’re GRRRRRRReat!

    Congratulations, Mama Cando, you have TWO prepping partners in the family! I don’t think many of us can say that.

    OMW: Thank you for the link to Duolingo. I think it will come in handy.

    Next May, the first International High School Student that my daughter had, graduates from Dental School at Columbia in NYC. He is from VietNam. We are wondering if his parents will come for this graduation as they did for his undergraduate degree. They do NOT speak English. With Duolingo, perhaps I can learn some basic Vietnamese so we can communicate. Tuan is very happy that we care enough to attend his graduation; we are his American Family.

    He is coming “home” to Minnesota to work as a dentist. Apparently, the dentists in VN are not regulated/licensed. So, he is going to work here, and go back and use his masters in Public Health to help his homeland that way. It is important to send the international students home. No brain drain. The last student they have is from Afghanistan. He wants to become an MD. DH asked him over the 4<sup>th</sup> if he intended to go home after he got his training. He said, “if there is still a war – no.” Sad.

    Little Sister: Good luck with your DH. Perhaps your grandson will be a big help, there, too. And congratulations on getting your room organized. That is a major accomplishment.

    After I remarried we purchased our 19 acres. My hubby cannot handle being in the city with all of its noise. He did his scientific research in rural areas like Nebraska, Peru, New Guinea. The calm of the country is for him. However, as Little Sister said, we have a mortgage on a fixed income. Fortunately, we have 50% equity. Right. There is money there as long as there is real money and no financial or housing crash. The truck and car are paid off. If we need any type of regular payment, we lose our comfort zone.

    Hubby does not really have the get-up-and-go that I need for him to have here in the country, though. Yes, it is hot, 90 degrees and humidity every day, but we still need the wood put up for winter heating. There are still garden beds to weed and fences to fix. It seems that he will not get outside unless I am outside getting things done. Then he wants to be near me so he comes out, too. So, we go out earlier in the day and I Can the produce in the afternoon. No tomatoes, yet.

    Corsaire: I spent one year in Georgia, Valdosta, and could not believe the humidity and heat. In-laws thought about retiring to Florida, but after spending a week with us they wisely said no.

    I don’t know how you do it. Is an AC better than a Swamp Cooler?

    Rufusj: glad you found some medication that works for you.

    Anti-depressant – Paroxetine. I wanted a stronger one because I was not as patient with my DH as I could have been. (I think there are other reasons for that, such as he really needs hearing aids so I don’t have to repeat and shout, and HE is the one that always jumps to the worst scenario. It is not me, right? Right. Lol.) Anyway, it took months, and finally a blood test to get a better one. Med, not husband. It works well. However, DH found an article that said it was not a good one. Apparently is can cause cognitive decline. Considering my age, almost 70, I need to talk to the doctor and change. I have many years to go. Besides, I can tell that there are some problems, already. I cannot remember what I did or ate yesterday. Did I eat yesterday? If I can notice the gaps, something must change. At least now I also know that it is the anti-depressants that are causing my extra inches. The article said so!

    CrowBar: I am glad you are taking care of yourself in the heat.

    That is it. Pretty much caught up. Out into the heat to pick peas and beans and check on the black-capped raspberries tomorrow and clean house for our guest from Brazil. Just enough activity to keep life interesting.

    Way up here in the frozen Nort-land, Minnesota, it is no longer frozen and we are reaching 90 degrees each day. I know that does not compare to what you all are experiencing in the south. So, take care of yourselves. Watch those heat indexes and find the shade. Work in short spurts. Lots of water. You are all Preppers and know all that.

    Take care of yourselves dear friends.

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    Cinnamon Granny, yes the climate in Florida during the summer is inhospitable. People move down here for the politics ( or lack of). Very strong anti eminent domain laws, no income tax, estate or inheritance taxes and breaks on property taxes. Gun laws are decent, though they have become stricter after the Parkland shooting.

    Cato institute ranks it #1 on personal and economic freedoms.New Hampshire, Indiana round up the top 3.

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    Cinnamon Grammy


    Florida is #1 on personal freedom?  Not so sure about that.  Mosquitos, snakes, extreme heat, hurricanes, skin cancer from the sun…  I think I’ll stay here in MN.  Fewer mosquitos, far away from the poisonous snakes,  heat for maybe a month, tornados miss us, and not much sun…

    Lovely to visit though.  Loved St. Augustine.

  • #21050

    Crow Bar

    Woke up this morning and it was 73 degrees, 99% humidity. That was at 0600.
    I just finished watering all the livestock and moved the cows.
    While I am soaking wet in sweat, the good news is I took 3 5gal buckets out to the cows, they just looked at them and then glared at me like,
    “Where are the treats, dang it?”
    On moving days I bring them alfalfa/oat cubes. They love them.
    So, the girls are well hydrated.

  • #21064

    Mama cando

    We’re back from visiting the grands, had a blast. Picked up a book on small space vegetable gardens. Can’t wait to get to it.  Almost lost the maters, no rain but we must have brought it with us, cause it’s been raining the past 2 days now. Peppers are doing great as are the salad greens. DH is bummed his one plant didn’t make it.  My 2 year old poinsettia (aka Fred) is doing so good. Miss Chloe Cat is still sulking because we left her for so long but now that we’re home she can spend her days on the enclosed 3 season room for as long as she want,so she’s happy. Hope you all are having a great summer and stay safe.

  • #21104

    grannyj smith

    My summer is almost gone and haven’t had a chance to get much done in the way of preparing with so many distractions occurring and farmer’s markets here being so expensive because of all the storms and rains that hit in the Spring.  Our garden flooded and the things we were able to save and put in buckets did not produce but a few little tomatoes, so no vegetables from it.  My fig tree produced very few figs this year and the figs on it were so small,  this fig tree would usually have an abundance of figs every year, but not this year.

    Been working on getting this house down to a minimalist house and it is so nice to have things gone that were in the house for decoration only and was not useful. I am not sure if we will stay in this house or go back to our farmhouse.

    Since we are not living in the farmhouse and if we do decide to stay in this house  I have thought about tuning the farmhouse kitchen into a place to get a Sunday only take out meal since there is no place to eat at in this community on Sunday and if someone wants fast food or a prepared meal it’s thirty miles to the other town.  I only know how to cook food that would be considered old deep southern what some call country food.    Maybe in a few months I will know for sure if I should try doing take out food.


  • #21106


    We got past the 100 degree weather.  Heat index was like 110.  Our garden is toast. We might get some green beans, getting very few tomatoes. and just a few green peppers. Though we were watering during the really hot days, it just didn’t help. Another thing I have noticed is that I have not seen any bees around the garden. So that might be a problem.

    Took advantage of prime day and got a couple of life straws and some other things I needed. Found some good prices.

    Still have a lot to get done around here. Seems every time I go to get another room started, something comes up to stop me and it takes forever to get it done. But the office that I have been working on for the past 3 months if finished.

    Daughter and I are heading to Nags head this Sat. and going to hit the farms. I have had nothing to can this year, so going to see what I can buy from the farms in North Carolina. Guess if we do have a SHTF situation it would not be good for our gardens to fail like it has the past 2 years with this year being the worst.  So I am just glad I have some 25 year back up freeze dried foods for that purpose. I have used some of that to make sure of how it taste and how easy it would be to rehydrate it. Trial and era but I figured it all out and it works good but so expensive. What I have now is from a company that went out of business about 5 years ago. But at the prices now, It would be to expensive unless I could find some good deals.

    granny smith, that sounds like a great idea to have Sunday meals to go.

  • #21110

    Crow Bar

    We survived the heatwave ok. Just had to do everything outdoors early in the morning. Water the garden extra.

    The dear wife is due back to the states sometime tomorrow! She has been on deployment for the past 6mos.

  • #21152


    Thats great news Crow Bar

    The tropical depression that was supposed to bring rain,didnt.

    Got a propur water filter pitcher. I needed something, and this looked like it would work. Fire extinguisher is on order. I have a small canned one “Tundra”, but this has a hose with a decent reach; enough to get to the roof where my neighbors fireworks may land. One already landed in my roof gutter.

    Been reading Daisys book “Be ready for anything” and patching up holes in my preps

    I use terry cloth mop pads for my usual floor cleaning, but in a nasty bacterial /viral situation, they probably wont cut it. I have DSV and with shop towels or something similar that can be disposed of, I can attached to a swiffer type mop base.

    Will do some experimenting soon.

  • #21161

    Mama cando

    Thank you Cinnamon Granny. My only problem is brother is out west and cuz is out east. Both would be too far to get to if we needed to “bug out” . Brother is taking care of our other two brothers (& families,ex military) out there. Been talking to my sisters but I swear it’s like talking to a barn door with those two. They live in the present, really don’t think anything THAT bad will happen. “They’ve been through Hurricanes and flooding and came out okay”  Direct quote from baby sis. Hopefully I can get her daughter and SIL to continue to grow and put up stuff. They have a gorgeous garden that came with the house they bought. When we were down there last June I was talking to SIL about how to put up the stuff they were already growing. I just hope he followed thru this year and will continue to do so.  Enough about them or this will turn into a nasty rant.(if it hasn’t already LOL)

    It looks like we’ve lost the tomatoes this year but the peppers and salad greens are still going strong.DH forgot to have Son 2 come over and water the plants. We’ve also added to our home. Second cat, Chip. Miss Chloe was not too happy we were gone so long and vet said she should have a buddy as we have always had 2 cats. She licked herself bald in a couple of spots and then threw up all over the basement because she was alone, cat sitter wasn’t there 24/7(she’s our vet tech). We brought him home today and  WEEELLL, so far she has hissed at him AND me (I smelled like him) and won’t go near him. Yes he’s isolated behind a fence in our bathroom, she can see and smell him but can’t get near him to hurt him  . Hopefully she’ll settle down and make nice with him soon. IF she won’t accept him we’ll have to return him. It will be the first time in my 65 years, that I couldn’t get cats to get along with each other. So if you all would send a few prayers upstairs that she’ll come around soon, I really would appreciate it. Thanks

  • #21170


    Mama cando, it’ll probably take a few days for things to settle down. You know how cats are– mortal enemies for a few days, then studied indifference, and finally all is well. It might take a week or two.

  • #21177


    Sometimes I have trouble posting- especially to the comment section of the daily articles so I will just put what I was going to say here.  I did some googleing and found the site”

    Learning Bundle – Female Smarts

    There are some of us who cannot go to the women’s self defense course so this will be a good read if you are interested in it.  I think Teja Van Wicklen’s four part “the self defense continuum” was probably the nearest thing.  Hope that helps someone.

  • #21206


    Hi, all….no time for newsy check-in BUT I really need help in deciding on the best N95 face masks to purchase….There are just so many choices my head starts to spin so if anyone of you can point me to what you feel is the best I’ll be ever so grateful….thanking in advance….

    quick update on my gardening efforts: not so very good this first time out but talking with my neighbor helper about giving up on non-producing plants and planting some fall crops in that space instead…

    I’m reading all your posts….so thanks so much for checking in!!
    More later…

  • #21227

    Crow Bar

    Hi ya Muffy!
    What will you be using the mask for?
    I got a 3M from Lowes for when I clean out the chicken coop. IIRC it was about $40.
    It does get a little humid inside the area that goes over your mouth and nose.

  • #21235


    Hi, Crow Bar and others considering my question concerning face masks. I think I am most concerned for a mask that might provide some semblance of safety in regard to pandemic type viruses, or bad things in the air we are breathing….that seems to be a very real possibility. Ebola, perhaps? I want to purchase enough for my family members who are close at hand, not just for myself. I guess that is what I am most thinking about. But, I don’t want to go overboard on this matter….it just seems there is such a possibility for airborne pandemic diseases. Am I being paranoid?

  • #21238

    Crow Bar

    I dont think you are being paranoid.
    I have been looking at a full face like mask off and on for the past few months.
    Daisy had an article on it a few months ago.
    Let me see if I can find it again.

  • #21239


    I have a 3M 7502 half mask. with a P100 filter on it now. Its working well.

    • This reply was modified 11 months, 1 week ago by  corsaire.
    • #21254


      Thanks Corsaire and Crowbar for helping me sort through the face mask issue. Somehow I don’t feel preparing for an air-borne disease/worldwide pandemic is all that much of a stretch to believe it could happen more quickly than we can even imagine. So, I’m going to keep this matter right at the top of my prepping to-do list.

      Thanks for your comment Crowbar as It seems from reading your posts for many months now, you are well informed so I pay attention to what you say. Also, thanks Corsaire for giving me a specific unit to look at. The more i research it seems the N100 mask may be the best for air-borne bad things although these do get a bit pricier than the N95.

      I’ll soon be 81 years old with a long and interesting life behind me, so protecting my life is secondary to those of my children and grandchildren; but if I could perhaps gift all my immediate family with one of these things, praying that they will never need to use them, I think my concern can be alleviated somewhat. Who cares if we have tons of food, toilet paper, ammo and/or “fill in the blank” stored up, if the life threatening possibility of an uncontrollable pandemic covers our little planet? Okay, I’m just thinking out loud here but maybe we should take these threats more seriously. Who would have thought/dreamed/ever conceived that 19 crazy men would have successfully carried out their 9/11 diabolical plan? But they did. Just sayin’.

      So grateful for all you who post and share your lives with us….I read them all….Some of my big news: Hannah, the recent graduate from Univ of MO, has landed a full time job she’s excited about!!! Yeah.

  • #21241

    Mama cando

    Thanks Rufusj I certainly hope so.Chip REALLY wants to play with her.  Miss Chloe is still licking herself bald, DH found another spot on her today. Taking the Chipster to vet for his well cat check in a few minutes , will talk with her about Miss Chloe’s de-furring herself. I don’t know, maybe she needs a little something something  to help her get over Miss Zephyrs death, we have the Felaway stuff to keep them calm. I think that’s keeping the both of them calm but who knows, may have to get a few more of those plug in things thru out the house.  Just keep praying that she settles down. Thanks again Will post again when I get home Stay cool everyone


  • #21255



    After having to handle dead animals and partially decayed ones a paper mask n95 is  ok for light things even for pandemic a n100 is more peace of mind 5 percent permeability still makes me cringe when dealing with some things, and it’s not like you get to choose which will hit you.  We have 3 brands of face mask from 3m and north. The third is those new neoprene washable masks more about these later.


    I am with crowbar getting a full face mask when dealing with really nasty stuff is a must as it splatters and your eyes are easy acess point wearing eye protection with mask is not really doable as the fog and slip.

    A full face mask works but few things one is make sure you get the silicone ones a few more dollars and they are way more comfortable if you have to wear days on end.

    Get a net Web kind easier to fit and more comfortable, the big rubber patch on back of head rips out hair.

    You need to be clean shaven or they don’t work.

    Get cheapo film lens protectors for full face mask saves the real lenses that cost 60 percent or more of mask cost.

    Putting rainx watershed same as on windshield helps if you are out in rain with mask. It’s does not work on the film as rain gets between the film and the face plate

    The cartridges for mask for regular stuff the n 100 type are good for days but for things like bird poop or nasty rotting stuff get a few sets of organic filters . To test seal  get a cotton ball put few droPs of essential oil you like smell of and put on mask wave around yoy should smell nothing. Put in mask after test some things make you mentally gag even though you cant smell it. Usually smell getting through means you mask is not sealed


    For the face shield not fogging get no fog rainx treat inside of the mask. If you don’t have any a light coat of veg oil helps, just miss a corner on bottom so condensate gathers there. Using spit like in divers mask does not work on longer times as it dries out then you are up the creek without a paddle.

    Getting silicone half face mask is a mid way thing they use same filters as a full face but leave your eyes exposed they fit better and last for decades of use you just wash with hot water and change filters.


    Ok neoprene masks we all carry as part of edc kit. Being allergic to certain pollen makes my life way easier when out doors during grass and cottonwood season. Also when pitch forking hay. They are washable and way more comfortable than paper disposables. I also wear in town if I have to go to wal mart as it messes with facial Id and health reason makes it something they can’t ask you to take off. Many immune compromised and allergic people.wear it along with people in big city on transit expecially cold/flu season. Comes in nice non threatening designs. Advantages over paper mask they are mean to last for 100 of hour use. Neoprene is water resistant and does not rub much , it is best for form fit. It will last till you reach bol. Dis advantages  it’s not cheap,  if you are using short term it can be a bio hazard till sanitized. Right now you are in a minority wearing unless you have a big asian population who wears breating masks all the time for pollution.


    The disposables have thier place as a one and done mask or to trade but having all in stock is a good idea. If I only had one choice on budget it would.be neoprene.  The full face are awe some but they hurt the neck and face after days of use… Yeah we did training simulations with full gear those full mask suck when you need alot of air.. the neoprenes most forgot they where wearing them more than one canteen or bite block from camel pack put into mask front.






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