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    Old Goat

    Have spent the day researching Key hole gardens since we have basically granite for soil here and are in drought. Has anyone here actually tried them? Think this might be an excellent idea but don’t know how well they will do above 7,000 feet did see one mention of someone doing them in Colorado but no mention of where. They use them in Africa and they are becoming popular in Texas and California. Kept a bucket load of notes on them.

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    Will have to look that one up, being just shy of 7000′ ourselves, gardening is a challenge.

    Put in a greenhouse, looking at a modified hydroponic system for watering/fertilizing.

    Our biggest problem has been heat and soil. Heat, or the lack of heat most of the year at night especially.

    And our soil is severely lacking in nutrients. I’m worm farming to build up the soil and use the juice as fertilizer.

    Good luck.

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    OldMt Woman

    I’ve looked at them too.  We have similar conditions ….D.G.  [aka: decomposing granite] and even higher elevation.  …..then came the voles….  Really, we had good enough modified [SHORT season and cool loving crops]  gardens until the constant drought and then…voles.  We’re also in a valley between ridges that gives us late sunshine and early sunset.  I gardened with a friend who’s location and sun orientation was much better.  She’s had a better time but traps voles constantly [welcomes feral cats too] and puts horse, llama, etc manure in every year.  Truck loads of it.  “Soil” leaches out quite rapidly.  I’ve done gardening in many places….this is the most challenging.  Decided I should turn my old hot tub into hydroponics.  {roll eyes}  But…key hole has had luck in arid parts of Africa…right?

    OldMtWoman  …any voles?

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    Old Goat

    My brother is at over 8000 feet and we are at just over 7000 feet, with lots of pests. as the drought continues we are seeing animals that weren’t here before and black widow spiders (found in the wood pile) this year.

    Yes, the key holes have been very sucessful in sub Sahara Africa, Texas, Oklahoma, California and other drought areas here in the US. According to what I read three of them will usually feed a family, however as you and I know we have a very limited time of year we can garden with out a green house. I think they are using them with sucession planting which as you know won’t work here. But anything helps for us so….

    I read of one in Colorado but they didn’t say where or what altitude so could not gauge how sucessful it would be here. ahh dreaming of a more productive garden!

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    Susan LOVING

    Use caster oil for voles. It comes on a powder form and can be bought at garden centers, like southern states

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