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    Pony Maroni

    Well, not lazy. Just old.

    Sadly, I did not tag any of the birds when I bought them. The result is that, out of 20 birds, I am getting only 6-9 eggs a day.

    Any suggestions on how to identify the freeloaders so we can cull them?


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    Crow Bar

    And here I was thinking about layering for winter . . . sometimes I am as bright as a burnt out lightbulb.

    How old are the birds?

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    You can use a dog cage and separate  from group one at a time for a few days to see who lays.  If true free range they might be laying someplace else.

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    Pony Maroni

    Thanks for the responses. 🙂

    The birds are 8 months to maybe 3 years old. I haven’t been keeping good track of the older girls.

    They are true free range. I turn them loose in the morning, they come back at dusk for more grub and to roost in the chicken house.

    They were laying under the milking stand in the barn, but got wise to the fact that I was swiping the eggs once I was done with milking the goats. The duck hen still lays in the barn. I can find her because the drake stands by, waiting patiently for her. 🙂

    I’ll give the dog crate a try. Every girl who gives me an egg gets a tag on her leg, and a stay of execution.

    No egg? A one-way trip to Camp Kenmore or Camp Ball Jar.


    Thanks again!


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