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    Matt In Oklahoma

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I had some folks working with me who had asked me about leather work gloves. I figured I’d share some knowledge.
    Gloves are a very personal thing much like ones pistol. It’s a balance between comfort and usability and protection. Spend a reasonable amount on them and you’ll usually be happy.

    Tractor Supply, Amazon, Ross Seed etc are good suppliers. Our Atwood’s is coming along in Yukon too.

    Tillman’s are what we buy often at work and they are a very good brand. This is my preferred one.</p>

    I also have Tillman long wrist welding gloves.

    For winter usage I like these insulated ones

    The most comfortable set I’ve got is these deerskin from Tractor Supply. I dunno the brand name.

    That re-enforced palm is for roping, pulling winch cable etc and I recommend it because if your really working that’s where the most grip pressure is and it’ll stop blisters.

    You’ll also notice that stitching round the wrist on these. It’s pretty nice in keeping them in place.

    These are the most common mistake folks make when buying gloves. They buy these because of price. Terrible decision</div>
    They are bulky, thin and usually don’t fit correctly. Spend $15-30 and get a fitted set.

    When working allow a little oil n grease to get on them and work it in. It’ll make the leather supple and repeal water better. It won’t hurt them at all in fact the opposite.

    I’ve learned over the years leaving them on the dash of the truck ain’t good. It dries them out and it makes a film of crap on the window.

    So why do you have so many pairs Matt? Cause (A) I leave them where I work like in my carhart, truck and ridin mower and (B) cause if I don’t I can’t remember where I put them 😂
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    Atypical Sapien

    Thanks for the post. I’ll check out Tractor Supply. I have a plethora of gloves, (mostly mismatched) and keep at least two pair in my truck and a pair in my bike’s saddle bag. They are cheap insurance to eliminate the possibility of a hand injury when things get rough.

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    Crow Bar

    Guilty of buying the el-Chepo gloves.

    But I tend to make a big mess of mine, in short order.

    I will look into the Tillman brands.

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    OldMt Woman

    I grab up any time I can find the full leather ones in my hand size….small!!!  Short fingers!   A good fit makes a lot of difference when you need a whatever to move just right and not fumble out of your hand in an oversized glove!

    I like winter gloves that I can quickly shuck off to do something tedious and then slide chilled hands back inside them.  I’ve been known to snap my wrist and the glove is on the ground but my hand is free to deal with a livestock issue [like gate latch] quickly.  I’m also a dead aim to head off a hooligan goat from that gate by slinging a leather glove right in front of it’s nose!  Glove can get there before I can…save me chasing the sassy goat.  LOL  Just some other uses for gloves.  😉


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