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    I say almost, cause all we got were some tropical force winds. But there were some things that went wrong even with that. So lets begin

    1. A house with hurricane shutters is dark, very dark. The lights that were purchased were generally ok, but for anything that needed a bright light, like for the finger I cut…forget it.

    Note to self. Get a small, high powered emergency light for first aid. Have it set up and make sure, it can be turned on with one hand. ideally with magnification, cause if there is debris, ya need to see it

    2. First aid kit with zippers and a bleeding finger makes things difficult. Oh gosh, this is one of those.”I should have done a dry run ahead of time moments” . Yes my left thumb was bleeding and I had to unzip the kit, find the bandages that were in zip lock bags, open zip lock bags, open gauze, apply pressure, open more gauze, ect.

    Note to self: have a staging area with wound care items out in the open.( thinking of wound care packs now, where all the materials for a wound would be in packets; eg gauze, bandages, antibiotic ointment in one place.

    3. Crap is crap when it comes to equipment, and Amazon may not be your friend. So after Hurricane Matthew, I bought a Running Snail emergency radio. Thinking gosh with all the “great” reviews on Amazon it must be decent……wrong. When Irma hit I was unable to get the NOAA stations. An FM station came in and the weather reporters were great, so I was ok. Told everyone about it in a review, company sent me another. Turned it on and off ok. Now with Dorian, turned it on and now it wont turn off. In the meantime, I didnt trust the manufacturer and bought a different brand. My midland ER310 did just fine during Dorian.

    Note to self. See what the camping/rec sites are selling for equipment.Look at the reviews who used the equipment at the Matterhorn ect. Again always have a backup.

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    Hurricane was not much for us either.  Rain and wind but that was it. No flooding, no loss of electricity. Nothing.   But as for preps, we were good to go.  I already keep a first aid kit on the ready as DH is on blood thinners and his skin is so thin it is nothing for him to scratch his arms or something and bleed like he really cut his self. Radios and such I have already.  I have a small NOAA radio that you can put on like an alarm that comes on when something is going to happen.  I keep that by the bed. It will wake you up if an alarm goes off like for tornadoes and such.

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    OldMt Woman

    Thanks for sharing your personal experiences, both of you!  Best learning.

    RE: First Aid kits.  I’ve got several….2 will go with us [1 each].  I have a big resupply tote.  But I also developed a large RED…they are all red….satchel.  Yes, all have zippers.  Hey….maybe put larger tabs or even loops on those zipper tongues for one-hand use??  Anyway, this large satchel holds a lot of bandage options which I had to use after a recent tumble into the gravel with my knee.  Much easier than having one hand injured.  Ziplocks….must be opened with teeth and other hand, right?  Same with the nice sterile wrappings on the gauze pads….uh huh.  BTDT too.

    In our arid SW region, we keep any rubber-type things in one ‘crisper drawer’ of fridge.  Keeps them hydrated and last longer than a few months.  Like rubber bands, Bandaids, some types of tape…..  Odd to run to fridge for a Bandaid.  Didn’t have 1stAid tape in there.  I was lucky that the cloth medical tape still held the gauze well on my knee.  Very well….had to pry it off.  Better too gooey than the sticky part all dehydrated and useless.

    Good advice on backups….two is one and one is none, of course.

    With my memory, I think I need to look over each of my First Aid kits every few months….to refresh memory as to what is where!  I know me….if I need something in a hurry for a bad injury, I’m gonna be dumping the whole thing out to get to what I need.  In a BO…that would be unwise.  In darkness….something to avoid.

    Darkness….might try placing at least one cheap flashlite on the floor.  Cuz it gets real dark at that level w/o modern lights.  Trip over a cat.

    OldMtWoman ….glad y’all are fine.  Except finger …and toe?…ouch!

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    You got it @oldmtwoman zippers were not my friend. I did some experimenting this morning with boxes that had latches…and bingo. I was able to open them with one hand. Now to do some measuring and research to find one which will hold wound essentials

    My first aid bag is a soft sided cooler, cause of the heat and humidity here.

    Edit: hmmm perhaps use a toolbox instead of a cooler??

    Time for some experimentation and practice.

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    Crow Bar

    Thank you Corsaire for sharing your experiences/lessons learned.

    Do you have a camping head lamp?  I find those very useful, hands free, direct the light where you want it.  The one I have, Petzel, has three different brightness settings, and a wide angle lense.

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    yes I do. I purchased a 2 set of Coast at HD during the blackfriday sales. In order to put it on with one hand, I had to loosen it up a bit, and it was sliding. To say nothing about being uncomfortable and awkward to use. So not a big fan…


    Perhaps have one on a hat and just put on that?, or find a more comfortable/user friendly one

    hmmm more experimentation and practice

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    OldMt Woman

    I love headlamps but…..if I’m outside I wear hair in ponytail.  That secures my baseball cap…[hair poked thru the hole in back] …which secures my headlamp.  Indoors, I’ve tried to use bright headlamp to get a splinter out.  Our house has poooor lighting.  Well, it slips too much, so I just did the ponytail/baseball cap indoors.  Be kinda hot in humid weather tho.  In a pinch, it might be held in one’s mouth to direct the light?  I have also worn it around my neck for general lighting….not the splinter removal.

    Nothing like real experience to poke holes in all of our ways and means, huh?

    Also,  I keep the batteries OUT of my main headlamp that is in my BOB.  Don’t want them draining and ruining the headlamp.  In plastic baggie and secured to the headlamp.

    ….gonna experiment with small zip-ties on the zipper tongues…tho hate to have them catching on things.


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    Crow Bar

    @corsaire, ah!  I have seen those little lights that attach to the bill on a hat for night fisherman.

    Good idea!

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    For first aid I use magnifying glasses With lights the magnifiers flip up if you don’t need and have several different magnification lenses you can put in.


    For the  emergancy bag I use a piece of sturdy rolling luggage and the closet roll up organizer for toiletries. Each pouch is marked and each type of stuff is marked with a color of duct tape is all gauze is grey all suture stuff is blue. The pouches make for quick find and use.


    For instant use everyone carries a ifak so first field treatment is on  them at all times. Basically pressure bandages, air way , duct tape ,pen, tornequet, a cpr mask and some H bandaid and nitrile gloves. There is plastic bags  incase of a sucking chest wound.5

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