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    Jade Jasmine

    Jelly is made from fruit juice.
    Jam is made from pieces of fruit cooked soft.
    Marmalade is made from the peel and pulp.
    Preserves are chunks of fruit surrounded by jelly.
    Fruit butters are smooth creamy spread made by slow cooking fruit.
    Conserves are made from cooked dried fruit and nuts.
    Fruit honey/syrup are made from juice cooked down to a thicker consistency.
    Chutney is similar to salsa but made with fruit and other vegetables.
    Extracts are made by putting a material in a solvent such as alcohol or water.
    Fruit juices are extracted by heating fruit and then straining out the pulp.
    Salsa is usually made of raw ingredients.
    Relish is made with finer cut ingredients than salsa and cooked.
    Fruit Curd is a dessert spread usually made from citrus.
    Confit is a preservation technique where goose, duck, or other meats where the meat is cooked in its own fat, then stored.
    Fruit nectars are made by heating fruit, pureeing it, then straining out the skin and seeds.
    Cider is made by cold pressing fruit for juice extraction and is not usually pasteurized.
    Nut milks are made by soaking the nuts, pulverizing them in a blender, and using the resulting liquid.

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    I love it! Very interesting 🙂

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    Waste not, want not. Isn’t that how the saying goes? Use everything til you have used it all.

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