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      James Mitchner

      Anyone watch that stupid series?  I had to just turn the new program off last night due to the overall stupidity.

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      Crow Bar

      Till now, I thought it was a state slogan.  Didnt know it was a tv show.

      Can you give a brief overview of what it is and why you switched it off?

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      James Mitchner

      There are three or four individuals/couples featured who have returned to the primitive lifestyle. The other night the couple, who live on one acre in N.C., drove all the way to the Outer Banks of N.C. to boil ocean water down to salt so they could preserve a deer.  Now, how much salt could they have purchased for the cost of gas for the drive?

      One guy who lives in a swamp in Georgia was out deer hunting wearing a coon skin cap, a kapote, bare foot, toting an M1A pointing to deer rubs and calling them scraps.

      Its just too stupid!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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