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      Dan the Old Guy started an interesting thread about what kind of government you would want to see post-SHTF.

      Here is an article from CHS that may offer some lessons learned about what kind of government we DONT WANT post-SHTF.


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      Dan the Old Guy

      I read an interesting bit about our founding fathers…  they equated representation and taxation.  Everyone has heard no taxation without representation, but the opposite seemed true as well:  no representation to those that did not pay taxes.

      Democracy would not work for a growing town.  People new to the town would simply come in and vote to get resources from those that had been their longer and worked for them.  You see this happening with immigrants to this country from the third world, they are twice as likely as native-born citizens to collect government welfare.

      I think a Bill of Rights is crucial for any constitution, governments tend to eat up rights over time and a clear list God given rights that the government needs to stay the hell away from is always a good idea, even though ours has been pretty much destroyed at this point.

      Perhaps we should focus on what a local government needs to accomplish and then figure out what type would be best for those needs and what powers it would need to accomplish those ends.

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      Crow Bar


      no representation to those that did not pay taxes.

      Great observation!

      And great post!

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      Dan the Old Guy

      For a group of families to transition to a local government is going to be difficult, IMO.  They are going to have survived that first year by banding together and keeping outsiders away, but eventually, they are going to have to resort to inbreeding if they can’t get new blood into the community.  So growth will happen.

      My suggestion would be for the families that survived to take account of all the land they control and then inventory the lands between and around their properties.  I would make this “common” land that is owned by the community as a whole.  If the government needs money, they can sell some of this land or rent it out to be farmed, etc.

      People tend to specialize.  If one family has dairy goats and the next has wheat, then they can trade and both will have milk and bread.  So one thing a community government will need to do is facilitate safe, free trade.  Perhaps the local government can charge a 10% sales tax on all transactions in order to pay for security at the trade market.

      Families and individuals that wander into the community that have skills or willingness to work, might be offered a deal by the local government to farm or ply a trade for a given amount of time, where they buy their land/home/workshop through their labor for a few years then own it outright.

      I am definitely against a local government taxing private property, that is simply theft.  So no income tax, no property tax, etc.  I can see paying for services, like setting up a table at a swap meet, but the government should be small and stick to security of the community as far as I am concerned.

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