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    susie fowler

    we started putting eggs away using mineral oil 3 weeks ago.about last 3 days i noticed a bad odor and it was coming from the container.i opened up the container and took out the eggs one egg at the had cracked.now i don’t know if all the eggs are and have to get rid of all the eggs.anyone advice would be helpful.

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    I would say get chickens but if you have freezer space crack eggs mix till all yellow strain and pour into ice cube trays freeze then put egg cubes in freezer container 4 eggs is about 6 cubes.


    Mineral oil works but eggs need to have un damaged shells and works best with clean but not chemically pour us commercial egg shell. The store stuff the natural coating has been removed.  Also use dip method if you don’t easy to miss some shell causing rotting. If one went bad no big deal you can use rest just crack in a bowl each one before use so if bad it does not wreck all the eggs.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hi Susie Fowler.  I’ve never used mineral oil for egg preservation.  It’s not one of the methods I’ve heard that works well.  Google a study done years ago by Mother Earth News.  They set up dozens of eggs in each preservation method and opened some each month.  According to their testing…..and understand, it’s not absolute evidence.  You’ll still have some go bad.  But they found the best success ratio with 1)  in the refrigerator  2) immersed in waterglass.  We only use those two methods so I don’t remember success for any other of the methods like oil or lard, etc.

    More than that…. eggs that float when put into water are suspect if they aren’t that old.  As eggs age, the fluids will evaporate but they’re still ok.  Not as fresh.  But we use them….breaking them first in separate bowl to test each one.  ‘Course, we do that for every ‘farm-fresh’ egg before using it.


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