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    Can you give a sum up?

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    Not really , people have to watch it . It goes into facts and numbers , and confirms what a lot of people have been thinking in their gut . He gets his information from figures , but the interesting thing is about a source of the US governments ” red team ” findings . Things the left doesn’t want people to know .Its worth the watch .

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    John Park

    Very interesting, though I happen to disagree with a few points (which doesn’t mean I’m right).
    1) I don’t think it would be that easy to take the grid down – at least not by civilians. I did a quick search and the only thing I could find was:
    “Destroy nine interconnection substations and a transformer manufacturer and the entire United States grid would be down for at least 18 months, probably longer,” said the memo, which was reviewed by the Journal. That lengthy outage is possible for several reasons, including that only a handful of U.S. factories build transformers.

    Also, each of the three regional electric systems – the West, the East and Texas – have limited interconnections, making it hard for them to help each other in an emergency.

    In its modeling, FERC studied what would happen if various combinations of substations were crippled in the three electrical systems that serve the contiguous U.S. The agency concluded the systems could go dark if as few as nine locations were knocked out: four in the East, three in the West and two in Texas, people with knowledge of the analysis said.”

    I think only some very major players know which interconnection substations need to be hit. I’m also kind of thankful for that, because I don’t want some ISIS figure taking it out.

    2) I don’t think the left would have a moral issue or credibility issue if it suddenly armed its civilians so they could meet the right wing gun to gun. Yes, it would mean admitting that the conservatives and libertarians were correct about guns all along… but I doubt the left would care much, it would just be re-framed as “Guns are bad in general, but the unreasoning neo-Nazi right wing has forced us to issue arms to the people – so that the people can be protected from the evil generated by small minded, unenlightened racist conservatives”.
    I don’t think they will have a problem accepting arms if it is to engage in a heroic battle of right (them) vs wrong (conservatives).

    Despite those 2 personal exceptions, I thought the video was quite thought provoking.

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    I think for those that bother to view it , will definitely get something out of it . It is long because he lists the figures , they are important . It also will give many new insight , as to WHY we are being fed BS , and false flags .

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