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      Valerie Stonecypher

      I hope your forum takes off with the prepper crowd and becomes a valuable ally to all of us who prepare and who, shall we say, have Luddite tendencies. (I’ve never done any social media and have no intention of starting.)

      I’m a “Cascadian” (western Washington state) and find that my focus centers on earthquake prep, for the biggest risk affecting my life and prepping. I’m constantly reading reports and assessing how I might make things better, from strapping down the house foundation and water heater to installing lath slats on shelving to shield canning jars from jiggling off when the shaking starts.

      I say “when” because the Cascadian Subduction Zone earthquake is a real possibility in this region (9.0 or higher) and would probably be the worst American disaster in history. Yet I would rather deal with this possibility than the annual hurricanes and tornadoes in other parts of the country. No place is perfectly safe from disaster.

      I’m happy to be here and share when I can contribute.

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      Hello and welcome!

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