Lost sense of smell could be a peculiar clue to coronavirus infection

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    Uv does not kill this virus… ozone will.

    There are idiots saying you can’t catch virus that it is left over protein I  your body from cell decay… they are WRONG if the body only needs to purge this and transmission  is not possible then why would viral load go up.as it invades host organism? A Isimple protein can’t replicate unless inside a cell In  the microchondria.and is part of the sequence produced normally.  If this where true prions would be of no danger and yet they wont talk about them and how you catch it and they is zero they can do to fix it.


    Prions are.missing folded protein cwd or chronic wasting  disease affects deer family and humans it creates jocob kerutzfeld (sp?) Brian turns to a sponge.  Nothing in man’s arsenal of disinfecting can hurt this and I lives in drooping urine and poop for.over 20 years as a guses.


    It affects many deer in USA so if you see a skinny sick one uncoordinated shoot it and get game warden to inspectacular it’s in the north mid of usa and Canada some deer farms has it. This is a guess they sold the bse contaminated fèed to them not think it would jump spieces (mad cow)





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