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    Angry Bovine

    Can anyone suggest an introduction to machine sewing on the level of a “__ for Dummies” book? I have a simple machine but have really struggled to get going. My past attempts ended in broken thread over & over again. (Using dollar store thread was probably not a good choice, but I didn’t know the difference.)

    I can do a basic (if ugly) job by hand, but do have a vision of trying out quilting with my daughter, which really would go better by machine, given our respective patience levels. 🙂


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    There are a lot of YouTube videos for basic and advanced sewing. If you go to the site used by the company you got the machine from you may even find videos there for your specific machine.

    Odds are if the thread keeps breaking it may be that it was placed in wrong, so it gets hung up. One of the first things I’d look at is if you have the thread on the spool in the right direction. One side has a slit to hold the thread when you are not using it and if you have that facing outwards it will snag your thread and pop it every time.

    Then you got tension and other fun stuff that you can learn about in the videos.

    I have gotten several books from the local library that did absolutely no good for me since they were written for people who know a lot more than I do. Videos however rock!

    Good luck 🙂

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    grammy em

    if you were close to portland, or, i would suggest you come on by. sewing is a skill that is easier to learn with a real human, tho there are good you

    tubes avail. i would suggest that you check with a) a local sewing machine sales shop that handles your brand. they probably have owners’ lessons. if you bought from them, those lessons are usually free. if you bought on line, not free. or 2) take a class from a fabric store. a beginner’s class should teach you to set up and use a machine, troubleshoot common problems and make a couple of projects, maybe something like a pillowcase or tote bag and a pair of pajama pants.

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