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    Marti Baker

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m Marti and new to the Forum. I have been following the Organic Prepper for some years now. I have a question that before I reinvent the wheel wonder if you guys have already come up with a solution.  Given the current toilet paper challenges we face today, I try to purchase some each time I go shopping. I have purchased the industrial sizes (Marathon) from the big box stores when available. While it is in my stockpile, does anyone have suggestions on how to use it without putting up one of those industrial size TP dispensers?  I was thinking about maybe using a 3 gallon bucket and cutting a hole in top of lid and pulling it thru or maybe doing something (not sure what) with a PVC pipe. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Depends on your to usage…. you can cut into pieces so a person who uses a roll a day has restrictions.


    Also if outide you need it to be in container or it risk animal shredding (squirrels or limb rats) or getting wet even if you have a roof and sides with a door heavy humidity can affect it.


    For dispensing I would use a bucket with a hole up top and flue a proper dispenser lid off a unused or finished wipe dispenser.

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      Marti Baker

      Hey Namelus,

      thanks for your ideas. It will be inside my home.  Think I will try the flue idea post haste.

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