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    If you don’t have yesterday’s coffee grounds and some cow manure, then a Lifestraw will do a very good job. I mean, school kids drink water filtered by Lifestraw.

    See here: LifeStraw

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    This is not a good idea for an actual water filter, a prefilter maybe, but not an effective pathogen filter.

    It is an attempt at making a ceramic filter from gathered materials in the field. There is no way to determine the pore size, some could be tiny, others large. A ceramic filter must have consistent pore size, such that it can filter out pathogens with at least a 99.99 % accuracy, as tested in a lab. The doulton ceramic filters are an example of ceramic filters that are tested to work consistently.

    Attempting to replicate this technology with a handful of clay and cow crap is a very good way to get sick.

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    Ephermal and The Terrible Triplet! Thank you both for you advice! Can you please inform us how o obtain these excellent products in the middle of the countryside when you find yourself lost? Perhaps dig a hole to find them or ask a passing dear for directions to the nearest store?

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    Rainmaker, why are you in the middle of the countryside unprepared for such an eventuality? Why are you so lacking in skills that you find yourself lost? Why do you phrase your reply to us as to employ passive aggressive mockery?

    You would expend a good bit of time and energy to build a cow dung and mud joke of a filter, and in would be completely ineffective in protecting you from possible pathogens. You must enjoy deluding yourself with such worthless endeavors.

    Alright enough.

    If you had access to clay, and you really wanted to go to the trouble, why not build a large pot, fire it, (you have practiced this skill beforehand right?) then fill it with contaminated water. Then place non sedimentary rock (you do know how to recognize such, right?) in the fire until they get extremely hot, then pick them up with wooden tongs, (you have made such things, right?) then place them in the clay pot of water. keep heating rocks, putting them into the water, removing  and reheating them, putting them back in the water, until the water reaches boiling. This really works, it’s called, appropriately, stone boiling. The American Indians did this.

    By the time you do this, or the joke in the video, you will have passed out from thirst and heat, then the ants and other insects will come and eat your eyes out. Then when, or if you come to your senses, you will experience staggering about in confusion until some other disastrous thing befalls you to end your suffering ……sort of like I imagine how you are going through life now.

    Look, don’t be rude when you want people to help you with this sort of thing. I can be rude also, and it doesn’t help things does it? Rather it just gets you irritated, but isn’t the point of being here to learn useful prepping and survival strategies rather then irritate and be irritated in return?


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    Thank god I don’t have your imagination!

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    Rainmaker sez, “Thank god I don’t have your imagination!”

    Imagination is what differentiates us from other animals to a large degree. Without it we would not be stimulated to accomplish the vast numbers of things that we do.

    The bovine and porcine animals have little to no imagination, therefore they are not stimulated to desire more than basic biological needs. We utilize them for food, among other things.

    So, you are overjoyed to live with a paucity of imagination, how interesting, perhaps you should rethink that.

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    Crow Bar

    @rainmaker and Ephemeral,

    Knock it off or I will do it for you.

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    Yes, I will “knock it off”, if I want to avoid you doing something, that in my estimation, would be rash.

    Yes, I do realize that my opinion most likely means little to nothing to you as you make decisions concerning keeping peace as you see it on this board.

    Did you really take notice of what was being communicated in the interplay of communications you are shutting down, or did you simply perceive disharmony, and then act to prevent it?

    A growing trend now days is for those in power positions, no matter how minuscule, to be evermore proactive in order to attempt to head off discord. Both those on the left and those on the right are moving in this direction. People are being openly accused of thought crime for their points of view, as such thoughts are perceived to be precursors to discord. An untoward word or phrase, an inappropriate expression at the wrong time, and the heavy hand of authority comes down to head off what is perceived to be growing disharmony.

    This type of exercise of power teaches, and ensures a low level of moral development in the subject population. It prevents them from developing the skills necessary to self-regulate in the absence of the power figure. It only teaches them to obey, under threat of force. Great stuff for authoritarian, totalitarian systems of governance.

    Now, I feel sure that you think I am taking this way too far, and you should dismiss everything I say as some sort of raving, but realize this; everything starts as something small, then eventually grows into something big. How we deport ourselves on this little forum adds to the totality of what will be accepted as the social structure of America.

    I find it ironic that people who regulate conservative forums ofttimes act as horrific authoritarians, little dictators of their tiny kingdoms, saying it is absolutely necessary in the interests of keeping order, all the while extolling the virtues of freedom, self-determination, and the moral superiority of the American form of governance. They never see the hypocrisy of their actions, and will ban anyone who dares to point it out.

    I think this, in my opinion, this sort of misuse of the exercise of power, is the result of lack of time, skill and often just laziness, it being much quicker and easier to simply smack down dissent, unapproved behavior, or thought, than to communicate to reach understanding and accord.


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    Crow Bar

    I thought you and RainMakers posts were non-relevant to the conversation. It added nothing. It was anti-productive.

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    “I thought you and RainMakers posts were non-relevant to the conversation.”

    In a strict sense, I would agree with you. So you are saying the threat of action was predicated by simple thread drift? I do not think that is the totality of the situation.

    “It added nothing. It was anti-productive.”

    In my opinion, this is inaccurate. The most obvious inaccuracy is that I did explain stone boiling to Rain Maker. That was germane to his original subject matter. Preceding that I explained why the concept in the video was a poor idea. Doing so was to the point.

    But you aren’t referring to all that I think. I think you are referring to the mildly caustic poking back and forth that followed, the mildly insulting attempts at humor. I think you feared that sort of thing could easily lead to far worse, and so you headed it off in your own way. I do understand why you did this, I simply do not agree with that tactic being employed in lieu of other forms of communication to solve the problem.

    When I have been in charge of others, both in the military and in civilian life, I at times resorted to authoritarian methods of governance out of perceived necessity.. Afterwards I would try to talk to those involved to explain the why of it, in the hopes that they would take it to heart and learn enough to perform as was necessary without my supervision. There were times when I was thanked for making the effort, and the overall results were better than just yelling at people to do this, do that with no explanation, just threat of force.

    As to the conversation in question here being “anti-productive”, I again disagree. I believe that anytime two people can come to understand one another through contending, short of all out war, a more productive relationship can result. People need to come to these things, these understandings of one another, on their own, through their own efforts, with little outside supervision, for it to be meaningful enough to become the basis for becoming friends, or just simply getting along without fighting. It takes time, and it isn’t perfect, just as people aren’t perfect, but it works better than authority figures hovering over everybody with club in hand, ready to strike down the transgressor for most anything. Like I said before, authoritarianism teaches only fear and resentment in most people, to obey only under threat of some level of violence, with little to no practice or understanding of how to perform without the authoritarian figure being present.

    Remember when Moses took a vacation, and when he came back nearly everybody was going berserk, going total retard in his estimation. They were operating at the law and order level of moral development, and it all broke down into rampant egotism, and moral anarchy soon after the enforcing authority figure stepped out for a minute.

    This is a little discussed, but critical aspect of prepping/survivalism that people really should contemplate, as it has very serious implications for the governance of any group, post shtf.

    Given all that, the interplay of communication between me and Rain Maker was ultimately germane to what this forum is supposed to be about.

    It’s just the way I see things Crow Bar, really pisses some people off that I see these connections, but I cannot do that much about the way I think given my life experiences and level of knowledge.


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    If you need water filter that bad find a junk plastic bottle rinse out. Poke a single small hole in bottom.

    Find some hardwood (best) or other dried wood make a fire and then burn to charcoal. Powder the charcoal fill 3/4 bottle with powder then put in water the drips out the pinhole will be best you can do unless you find two bottles then you can either use evaporation technique from sas survival guide or use the second to catch the drips from charcoal and boil it in plastic bottle on fire. If you don’t know how you tube it.


    ephemeral you have been on here less than 10 days and two verbal confrontations, look inside yourself and ask why the hostility? no solution just rage this place is not a manpon for you to bleed vitriol. We try to help each othrr and put forth alternate ideas in a constructive way, I know you have it in you to share without the barbs, are you man enough or will you be a petulant teenager about it?



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    Namelus ……. your words….. hostility …..rage ….. bleed vitriol ……. barbs ……. are you man enough ……. petulant teenager ……. all directed at me, all intended to insult , all patronizing, who is doing what here?

    Can you begin again and state your case more politely? If so, then perhaps something positive could result. The manner in which you address me nearly guarantees a caustic response, although I choose to not take the bait.

    What happened when I posted my first thread? Who immediately responded in such a manner as to plainly imply that I knew nothing of what I was addressing? Who was it that never addressed the logical arguments that I made to support my case? Who was it that lectured endlessly without ever addressing what the post was essentially about?

    As I said, try again if you actually are trying to reach some sort of an amicable understanding with me, rather than simply attempting to dominate.


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    Hey Rainmaker, do you know of this, the tree branch water filter?

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