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    Valerie Stonecypher

    This is just the coolest thing, finally a device that makes water from air on a large scale:

    “They settled on creating little rainstorms inside shipping containers by heating up wood chips to produce the temperature and humidity needed to draw water from the air and the wood itself.”

    Couple’s device that makes water from air wins $1.5 million prize

    What wonderful news for getting cost-effective water supplies to drought areas.

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    Not to be a party pooper but I have three machines at home that do the same thing. Two are dehumidifiers and one is a fridge. I don’t know how this is such a great innovation.

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    Even better is a passive water collection system. This method

    of capturing water in Peru.

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    Valerie Stonecypher

    It’s all good! I just thought there must be something beyond dehumidifiers and fog nets for their idea to have snagged a million-dollar prize.

    Makes me want to play around with the concept but I won’t put it on the To-Do List.

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    The real key is making this work off-grid 🙂 I love the ingenuity.

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