Man, 63, Repeatedly stabbed in doughnut shop

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    James Mitchner

    Check this out.  Does the assailant look Mid-Eastern?  Does to me, but it may not be the case and more information is required.  Still, is it possible the stabbing incidents occurring in the UK and the EU making their way to our shores?  Situational awareness, had it been practiced by the victim, may have averted his injury.  Personally, I never stand at a counter like that with my backside unprotected.  At the very least I would have been standing sideways.  More likely I would have backed away from the counter and up against the outer wall so others would be in front, not behind.  Things have changed in this country.  There truly is no place safe once we leave out homes.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Here’s another instance…


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    Is this going to become the norm.  Alerts USA sent a message they are montering multi-agency response to active shooter situation on United Drive in Huger, SC NE of Charleston. haven’t heard anymore on that one yet.

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    OldMt Woman

    I agree with JamesM…..never turn your back for long.  Know where exits are….even ones you’d reach by going thru the kitchen or back room.  {tho be careful of that!}  I’d just get ‘itchy’ with my back turned to the room.  Run scenarios thru your head….IF this would happen, my first move would be….

    LOL ….it could be said that I get easily bored waiting in a line or whatever.  But I really do think of such things and it passes the time profitably.

    OldMtWoman ….not that I actually get out and about much anymore.

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    The reason why in the Wild West , people preferred to sit with their backs to the wall .

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    Casper Ship

    On the cop provided video, it looked like it was only two quick stabs. Then the attacker just walks away. Although the victim could have been killed by those two strikes, didn’t look like the attacker was really trying to kill him. Appeared to be more of a “pay back” incident, and not random. I suspect that some kind of interaction had already occurred between those two. If that was the case, the victim was a fool to take his eyes off that guy, for even a moment.

    Expect lots more of this kind of thing in Kali, where the only people that are armed are cops, and the tiny class of “special people” who can get concealed carry permits………and of course, criminals. (Forgive me if those group descriptions overlapped a bit, and were thus “redundant.” 😉

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