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    Joe Bag_O_Donuts

    I would like to find an affordable and reliable pump to draw water up from 200 feet down.  I have been doing my own research but sometimes things are cost prohibitive.  Any suggestions or guidance is greatly appreciated.

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    OldMt Woman

    Awwwwww!  I got SO excited to see the name of this thread!  I thot someone had found something.  Our electric well pump hits water at around 185 feet.

    As far as I’ve ever found, the only thing that applies this deep is one of those “well bucket” things that Lehman’s sells.  Cuz there is no limit on how long your rope is.  How much energy it takes to haul up that water that far….would be the limit.  A structure with hand winch might be a good idea to supplement the well bucket.  That’s a lot of rope!

    I’m not great with the math but it might not even be feasible for our super-deep wells to draw up with some kind of suction.  Dunno.  Let me know if you find something, Joe.


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    Crow Bar

    I was looking up hand pumps awhile back and found these guys:

    Not exactly “affordable,” but they seem way better than the red cast iron ones on Amazon.

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    Joe Bag_O_Donuts

    Old Mt Woman; Thanks for the reply and the rope method has merit but figuring out the bang for buck, ie how much can be brought up each time a bucket is lowered,  will be difficult.  Crow Bar; Thanks, I have read and looked at the Bison Pumps and they are not cheap.  But, thanks for the reply.

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    OldMt Woman

    Joe…or anyone else……you know I’m not talking about the old fashioned wooden bucket down a wide, dug well, right?  These devices are a LONG thin aluminum tube that can fit into a modern well pipe.  They have a valve at the bottom to open as it’s lowered into the water to fill.  The valve automatically closes when it’s raised.  Listed at $80 currently.  Obviously not for normal use but …..if it was your only water source….  I’d be afraid of easily contaminating the well tho.

    From their site:

    • Galvanized steel with watertight, crimped seams
    • Reinforced with 16-gauge crossbar and extra-strong bottom
    • You may have to remove any installed submersible pump before using a well bucket
    • Holds 1.9 gallons
    • Fits wells down to 4″ID
    • 2″ welded ring for rope
    • 3-1/2″ODx52″L
    • 4 lb
    • Locally made by the Amish
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    • OldMtWoman ….stupid auto dot thing!  Hmph
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    I recall something about this from a specialist.

    Do a YouTube search for engineer775 well pump.

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    John Park


    I’ve had a Bison Pump for half a handful of years, it works great. It is pricey, but was worth it. We have water under all conditions. It will draw from 300 ft.
    The other issue is that while they drill company had to go very deep to hit water, the water then rises inside the well pipe so that the “resting level” may only be 100′, or even 25′ below the surface.


    The Simple Pump is an almost identical hand pump. We spent weeks trying to decide which to go with. I doubt you could go wrong with either.


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    We have both simple pump and bison… simple pumps are better made but cost  as much as an electric  i think it was 2000 for a set up for cold weather at 200 ft and it can be used while other electrical one is in place.

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