Many Americans are now planning to “bug out” ahead of Election Day as authoritie

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    Can’t blame them. We live on a federal installation and won’t be going out the gates starting 30 October – haven’t set an end date, but I’m figuring at LEAST until we see how things are going mid-November. We may just stay put until after Inauguration Day; we’ll see.

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    John Park

    Agreed, BOTH sides are saying they may challenge the result. Great, two teams both saying “If I don’t win, I’m going to throw a hissy fit until I DO win!”

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    Crow Bar

    I could see unrest in cities where unrest has been common, Portland, Seattle come to mind. Even more violent then previously.

    I wonder at will we see the same in cities where it unrest has not occurred.

    And how much will MSM cover it? Aside the “fiery, but mostly peaceful” bit they use.

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    Casper Ship

    If these people  are still in the “planning” stage, they’r almost too late already.

    One of the prime directives of bugging out is “Leave Early!”

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      Crow Bar

      Gotta agree with that!

      I have noted the mass exodus from major metro areas for the suburbs.
      While that may sound great, that influx of people into those areas might be a strain on those communities and cause shortages leading to a different kind of unrest.

      And, been seeing more of these protests showing up IN the suburbs!

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    Laura Trent

    While I have been following these topics for a long time (girl scout, retired military, former homesteader, now living on tiny island destroyed by Hurricaine Dorian). I currently find myself at a decision point where I can’t seem to decide and the clock is ticking. Just need someone like myself to talk over problem with.

    Issue: I live on an NC island reachable only by public ferry (safe, but….). My daughter is now going to college in Sarasota FL on a campus surrounded by city. I’m safe & have all my preps here. She lives in a dorm with a roommate & suite mates. She has her bug out bag & I’ve sent here meal replacement bars & fillable water jugs. Otherwise she can’t store much.

    Should I or should I not be there during the election (it would have to be in a hotel) Our meet up point is my sister’s farm in rural MO, but she does not have a car. I’ve already voted & she did her absentee ballot. She doesn’t want to miss school to come home prior in case nothing happens. I’m worried about lockdowns, food & fuel shortages, & chaos in a swing state.

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    John Park

    Laura, what a horrible dilemma. I would think that big questions are how quickly can she get anywhere (to either the island or the farm). Does she have a bicycle?
    Just some random thoughts.
    IF chaos erupts, hop on bike at 5am and get going. I would think the wee hours of the morning are going to be the calmest (but that is just my guess).
    Bike to either farm or shoreline near island.
    Pay local fisherman to take her to island if possible? Is there any extended family, friend of the family, church member, or even local govt person who could transport for cash?
    I do not think the type of long term madness will occur where she could requisition a boat without major legal consequence (as opposed to post-EMP, where getting to the island outweighs the legalities of borrowing a boat). As an FYI, remind her that USUALLY, the water is calmest in early morning.

    If no way to get to the island, then I am wondering about the biking distance to the farm. Could she get there?
    Also, does she have mace or pepper spray?
    My thought would be to bike to the farm, and be prepared to take on the appearance of any crowd she runs into.
    If it’s law enforcement, explain that she is bugging out, and can even show her BOB as proof of her lawful intentions.
    If she runs into rioting, have a bandana and make the angry fist salute, and then have a story about how she is going to meet up with friends over on the X side of the city for a demonstration there, and then get away.

    In that case, I think having a cheap bike and pepper spray might be a good investment.
    I don’t know if that’s any help, sorry I cannot think of anything else.

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    Hi Laura

    Floridian here. Sarasota “may” not be a problem. Nearby Tampa will probably be however.

    I also expect curfews in the major cities and/or lockdowns. Campuses also.

    Ideally as you said, she needs to get out of state. If not then, bugging in will probs be her best option; cause going out anywhere alone is a no-go.

    If she has room under her bed, canned pasta and meats; as well as boxed deluxe Mac and cheese. Also a stun gun,-( I have a vipertek) as they are legal here as well as pepper spray, door alarm.

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