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    Crow Bar

    It is March!

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    This is my name

    Hi!  I’m new here and also new to prepping.  I have a bit of gardening experience but that is about it.  My husband is in the process of building some new shelves in our garage to become our canning and excess food storage area.  I also planted my first seeds of the year: radishes.  Peas and fava beans will go in soon.  I really love gardening and watching food grow in my backyard! 🙂  I would love to hear what others are doing!

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    Crow Bar

    Well, I saw Canadian geese flying north yesterday.

    I am going to start some seedlings indoors today. Cabbage for sure. Skipping my attempt at broccoli this year. Never has done well for me.

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    Susan Jeanes

    Took care of monthly medical appointments yesterday aand topped off supplies.  Can hunker down for a month…….stay away from crowds.  Going to try to get a few seeds started.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Welcome to March.

    Well, like all of you, we’ve been doing a bit of shopping. I made of list of the best items for treating this flu and we were able to get most of them last week. I’d like to get more. One thing we don’t really have or use is wipes. Could not find any that really qualify for serious health cleaning use. Did find a recipe to make hand sanitizer and wipes, but have no local lead on essential oils. I will need to work on that.

    We did learn that our son and his family are prepared. Good for them. I have not talked to my daughter about any of this. I hope to do that at the end of this week. She has her big exam tomorrow and I do not want to bother her. They are not good at advance planning. She is the planner but he does the shopping and most of the cooking and is impetuous and scattered and probably could not plan a menu for two weeks, let along three or longer. Not much storage room in that house. With big teenagers they would need an entire room just for the food.

    Hubby does not want to go to our Ham Radio club meeting this Saturday. We have no Covid-19 cases in our state, but he is very concerned about exposure.

    Our pantry is fine. I hope. Working on better organization and inventory. I have been working on menus and cross-checking to make sure we have those ingredients stored. I am also going to check on the pantry supply for dessert ingredients for my Sweetie’s Sweet tooth so I can keep him happy. I don’t go after cupcakes or candy; it is some chocolate, but mostly savory stuff for me. Tomorrow is grocery 10% discount for old folks day, so I want to have a good list. Definitely getting more flour and yeast, Zinc tablets and looking for multi-vitamins (found no back-up) and elderberry. Have been experimenting with more vegetarian/vegan meals. Some are tasty and others not so much. I have been developing a recipe file for the ones that we really like. Things like guacamole are going into the freezer.

    Meanwhile, I continue to find “stuff” things that we do not need to keep and add them to boxes for a garage sale. I will soon run out of places to put the boxes.

    The silver maples are tapped. The sweets are his job – jelly and syrup.

    I just read about someone who grows all of her own food on 8/10 of an acre – in England. Cannot do that here in zone 4 without a heated green house. I can at least try a hoop house to get some things in early; that is a goal for this spring. Our garden does expand and improve each year. If the family helped we might be able to grow enough.

    It is time to start seeds – inside. I am thinking of starting some lettuces for indoor use in case we cannot get to the store. I miss the fresh greens and tomatoes in the winter. I don’t know of any patio type tomatoes that would be good indoors; I’ll need to look for those. No outdoor gardening here yet. There is still a foot of snow on the ground. It will be a challenge to get to the shed for the soil and pots for lettuce.

    I mentioned that last summer our propane driver dropped off two pairs of work jeans for me to repair the knees. He picked them up and brought MORE farm fresh eggs; I took those in lieu of payment. I asked if “his” eggs were fertile and if I could hatch them. Lol We just put the unwashed eggs in the basement in the cool and dark.

    Went to our caucus last week and met some close “as the crow flies” neighbors. They also have chickens and sell eggs. If we can make a connection with them, I will have a source for fresh eggs even if we cannot get to the store. Perhaps I can get hubby to “like” chickens and be willing to build a henhouse for our own. I’m sure he’d change his mind if the world collapsed.

    Stay healthy everyone. I hope the Virus just “miraculously” goes away but I know you are all prepared if it doesn’t.

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    Wipes… one thing we use is a bottle of 99 percent is propal alcohol and a micro fibre cloth…. for non dirty sanitizing it works as the alcohol self disinfects the cloth from virus and bacteria. If it gets dirty just use another clean cloth and bottle of isopropyl


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    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone.  I’m finally getting back to strength after a plain-ole flu virus hit in January. LOTS of snow removal and snow melt management in these steep ridges….builds up strength/stamina again.  Been a looong haul!

    ….and now comes COVID-19.  Hmph!  DH and I have already done our late-night Walmart run….restock the medicine/OTC/sanitation/EZ fix food/paper products/etc we used up recently.  Also some mega vitamins like C and D.  Make inhospitable environment in the body for the dratted lil’ beasties.

    DH made a big run to the grocery too.  Continuing to eat a LOT of fresh veggies/fruits…while we still can.  No COVID-19 in this area ….yet.  Can lock down tight in our mountain area when it gets anywhere near here.  Until then, we’ll dart out and get more veggies.  Going into public on off-hours helps reduce human contact.  Then…make sure to wash hands and what we purchase.  I’ve worn masks while ill….protection of me and others.  Can use better masks if need be.

    MtRider ….just waiting for this ‘critter’ to breach the perimeter…then SIP.

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    Here is a recipe for DIY wipes using 99.9% alcohol

    The 91% alcohol can be found in grocery stores, pharmacies ect. 99% not so much as I have only seen it online.

    Pharmacy tech I spoke to thinks that this bug was cooked up in a lab and from talking to people here in FL, that seems to be the sentiment.

    HD has plenty of bleach-clorox with a price reduction. Other supplies-wipes, single gallon bottles of zep disinfectant-online are gone.

    Supply wise I am fine, though some family members insist that its just the flu. So tomorrow I am off to get more food and supplies to help them.

    Glad you are on the mend OldMtWoman.

    Family members purchased a property with a veggie garden. Picked some Romaine and tomatoes. Other lettuces are coming up nicely also.

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    grannyj smith

    Winds from a storm this morning loosen some tin on the roof of the farmhouse, have to get the storm shelter ready for it will not be long before we will have to use it due to storms.

    Trying to come with casserole recipes that uses canned food so I can stock and not worry about loosing food when we have no electric and now have to worry about that virus and how it will effect food supplies.

    Ordered some extra water filters for the water pitcher just in case we are unable to get bottled water and if one can live off beans, rice, mashed potatoes, and pancakes we have enough for a month or so.  I do need to picked up a few things when I go out Thursday and then again on Saturday, not looking to going out, but have to go.



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    For bleach go to chemical place like univar or clear tech you can buy calcium hypochlorite powdered bleach.

    You can also buy at pool places just MAKE SURE ONLY CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE some comes with algaecide which you don’t want.


    Mixing the powdered bleach

    Disinfection with Calcium Hypochlorite


    Don’t make pails of liquid bleach it just mix as needed as it decays fast in sunlight. I just use direct into our bleach bowl on counter it holds 4 L or about a gallon of water use a plastic fast food spoon we use the equivalent of a Wendy’s spoon half full for the solution

    Keep it for max 2 days and then toss.


    When you come in from farm work gloves or not you wash hands then disinfect  before you start kitchen work and every time you change  what you are doing. We bleach all utensils and have a  water disinfect at 69c at each knife station  just like at our meat processing building.


    We also black light check our  home once a week to make sure no buildup.  Yeah I know germa phobe but we have elderly with weakened immune systems… I drink from creek water no treatment.



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    Hello everyone, been awhile since I have been on here. It kept knocking me off again.

    Looks like everyone is getting ready for this coronavirus. We are ready and staying home now other than to doctor visits or picking up RX’s which we still have about 2 1/2 months before they are due to be filled again.

    I noticed you guys are buying the 99% alcohol. That dries to fast and the 50% is not enough. The 70% is the one that is recommended for this virus as it must stay on surface wet for no less than 1 minute. The 99% dries much faster. I did a lot of research on this.

    Also from the United states environmental protection agency there is a list of what will kill this virus.  Here is a list of some of the things:

    Professional Lysol disinfectant spray  company is Reckitt Benckiser

    Purell professional surface disinfectant wipes from GOJO Industries.

    Sani-prime disinfectant wipes from North Am. infection control, LDT.

    Oxivir wipes, cleaner and spray from Diersey Inc. which is the ones that I have also.

    Lysol brand cling & fresh toilet bowl cleaner from reckitt benckiser

    These are just some of the things but I think the toilet bowl cleaner is in stores as well.

    These are just some of the things from EPA’s registered Antimicrobial products for use against Novel coronavirus, SAR’s CoV2 the cause of COVID-19.

    Hope this helps with your prepping items.

    And of course lots of hand washing and hand sanitizer Purell is 70% alcohol. This is why they say it is the best one to use.

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    South Florida checking in again

    Neighbor went to Walmart this afternoon and saw 2 people fighting over a bottle of Clorox. Said the people were walking around in a daze, and according to an employee, people are taking the cart wipes and stuffing them in their pockets.

    This morning when i went pickings were slim for TP and paper towels. Plenty of food available though. Some of the The Great Value canned veggies were out. but there was of pasta, sauce and other food items.We’ll see what happens this weekend.

    Walmart is also out of alcohol. 70% has been gone for a awhile. 91% is gone now also. At the Winn-Dixie the 99 cent bottles of hand soap was going for $2.50.

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    Mama cando

    Hi all, Still alive and kicking LOL. Haven’t been on in awhile(family stuff) but have to check in with you all. Got a new electric pressure cooker(free) and am in process of learning how to use it. Have had couple of friends help me locate recipes I can try out.Right now there is no Covid here(yet) but DH and I are going to GA to see the grands(son1 and dil1 too, lol)at the end of month so I’m a bit leery right now. Have been taking Elderberry syrup and washing hands more frequently, I take bleach wipes and wipe down the whole cart when in the stores. Lady was watching me the other day and asked why I did the whole cart, I asked her Did she ever grabbed the sides or back of the cart to move it. Bingo, light went off. She said she’d never thought of that, just did the handle. So far most of the stores around here are pretty well stocked but did see that the elderberry stuff and hand sanitizers were almost out. in fact I got the last two bottles of the brand I buy last Sunday. Usually I have no problems getting them. No runs at Costco as of last month but I am going to do my monthly run this next week and will see what’s up there.DH said township sup is trying to locate hand sanitizers for the workers for next Tuesday but is having trouble finding enough.Suggested getting like the Clorox or Lysol wipes to wipe down the booths, couldn’t hurt, right? DH thinks it will be a small people turn out anyway as there are a LOT(and I mean A LOT) of absentee ballots that have been sent in already to be counted. I will be going to Costco,(no people, right?) as our ballots went in Friday, DH had his election mtg so he just dropped them off. Sometimes it’s good to be old HA HA HA.

    Oh I think DIL’s mom and sis got into the Senior Apartments, at least Son2 was setting up the bed they went and got last week for her mom. Haven’t done much other than fill in what we’ve been using. We have to shift beds around in the house. So DH decided we should get a new bed, so we found a place to take the practically new double mattress and box springs (check Furniture-bank, they take GENTLY used CLEAN, used furniture,mattresses, box springs. No bed frames though) and will be moving our old bed into the guest room for Son& DIL 1 when they come in this summer. Unless we’re all under quarantine by then. Haven’t heard from baby brother in WA yet, praying he, his BFF and BFF’s family are okay. He’s an electrician refitting the Navy’s ships. He was an electrician in the Navy, liked it so he found a company that handles the Navy’s refitting and just continued to fix the ships after he mustered out after 20 yrs. Sisters in VA are doing okay as are my other 2 brothers&families in NV. Hope all your families are okay and staying safe.Will let you all know how I find the Costco next week. Stay safe and warsh yer mitts as my grandpa used to say to us grands.

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    Good morning, ya’ll…it’s been a while since I checked in but I have been reading other forum items to sort of keep up. When all this coronovirus business got started, I checked my supplies and thought “I’m in pretty good shape for whatever might come down the road.” All thanks to joining the Organic Prepper over a year ago. Once I decided my prepper efforts should cover most needs, I’ve done my research and concluded to take a measured approach, that is, “stay calm and carry on.” Somehow, I just feel there’s a bit more to the hyping of this particular virus than is actually warranted by the facts. Whatever, time will tell…

    We had a pretty severe tornado issue here in Tennessee earlier this week. Our county was under warning that night but fortunately it passed over us and hit in the next county. Of course, my heart goes out to those who were affected – loss of life and property – and though I am not able to physical assist with cleanup and help, I have two granddaughters who traveled to Nashville yesterday to help in the effort to supply local churches in the Nashville area that suffered severe damage. Another son who lives just East of Nashville reports they are fine but lots of devastation around them. One just never knows what each day may bring.

    I’ve started seeds inside on March 1 and they are coming up nicely. Lettuce, tomatoes, chives, kale….should be able to move them under lights in a couple of weeks for transplanting in mid-April. Out of spinach seeds but have ordered so will start them this weekend. Strawberry plants my neighbor shared with me last Fall seem to have made it through the winter months so I’m hoping for a crop in late May…got my fingers crossed. I’ve decided gardening is a great hobby at any age and particularly for me at this stage in my life. It gives me a living thing I need to get up and see about everyday! 🙂

    Oh, yes, still LOVING my Apple watch! When one lives alone a device such as this continual reminder that I need to get up and move about is great. I’m also doing Tai Chi exercises for seniors everyday for 30 minutes and it absolutely does make a difference. I watch youtube channels for guidance. This type of exercise can even be done from a seated position if necessary. My balance is getting so much better!

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. I love reading all about what you are doing.

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    Crow Bar

    After over a decade of faithful service, the Cuisinart blender finally bit the dust.

    Please donate to your local SPCA rather then sending flowers (that is a joke).

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    Mama cando

    My condolences, CB.  Donation in it’s name sent,  LOL

    Actually we are taking  2-3 boxes of cat food over to our local shelter this next week. Seems they get a lot of dog food but not a lot of kitty food.We donate dog food too but mostly cat food.

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      Crow Bar

      That is great Mama cando!
      Good for you!

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All

    Muffy – good luck with the tornado clean-up. Glad no one you know was seriously harmed

    CrowBar – I hope you can live your life without your essential blender. There will be a hole in your heart, er, kitchen until you figure it out.

    Thanks for the recipe for the wipes. I will make some. I bought the 90% alcohol for the hand sanitizer to make sure it was strong enough. I still need to print the directions and put them in my “Flu Bucket” with the ingredients. As Little Sister said, the 90% dries too fast for surface use, I need to rethink a bit.

    I have spent a lot at the stores the last two weeks – just rounding out the pantry. I don’t normally purchase prepared foods, such as boxed mac and cheese, but I did this time in case we get visits from the grand kids. I think one lives on it.   Hubby was with on all of those excursions. I explained what it was all for and he agreed. The only balking was when he saw the total $ amount.

    We can afford the extra supplies this month, could not have last month since we finally paid off a long-standing bill. Being prepared is not just pantry or meds- it is also financial. We have NO credit cars, just the ATM/debit card for our checking account. Vehicles are paid for; no outstanding loans anywhere except the mortgage. There is a good overdraft/savings attached to the checking account just in case. I do keep cash in the house, more than Hubby knows, in case of emergency. Plus, we have our home equity line of credit for things like better insulation. As long as Social Security and my retirement income are stable – we will be fine. If the government faulters, then we would be in trouble with utility payments. We could do a reverse mortgage on the house if necessary since we have a huge equity.

    But, all of that is NOT going to happen!!

    I am noticing how often I touch my face. My glasses are sort of “stuck” too near my eyes, and they need constant fiddling to be comfortable. I am trying to touch just the glasses themselves and be aware of them only.

    It is gorgeous here today, the snow has melted away from the shed and I can get into it to get my potting soil. It is time to start some seeds in the new seed trays that we just got. Dealing with the soil is always messy so it is an outside task. If I can keep them warm enough inside, with enough light, I hope to have better sized plants this year that will have a head start.

    One grandson is graduating from dental school around May 20<sup>th</sup> in NYC. We need to have our garden ready and the cole crops and tomatoes in before we drive out there. While I am working toward this event, but we are very aware of the virus in NYC and I doubt we will actually go. Since Hubby will be 81 then we will take no chances with an infected city and crowds.  A decision is still two months away. The hotel/house is booked and I am sure my daughter’s family will attend.

    Minnesota has its first case of Covid-19; it is two counties away from us in St. Paul. I have no worries for the two of us. Just staying aware on behalf of our family.

    May you stay “under the radar” but over the “weather” and avoid any flu junk. I am praying that predictions are wrong and our loved ones stay safe.

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      Crow Bar

      @Cinnamon Grammy,
      After many a reviews, we decided on a, surprisingly, Made in America blender. Comes with a 8-year warranty too. Was not cheap, but we felt better that it was made in the USA and the warranty.

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    OldMt Woman

    So nice to catch up with you all.  We’re all on the same page….prepping for what may come…praying it will not be as bad as it might be.

    We’re in the last stages of SIP.  DH will go to work for a couple of days a week.  But will be ready to leave it …if COVID comes too close.  Wretched thing, with that asymptomatic aspect being SO long!!  Neither us or our elderlies are good candidates for going thru this unscathed.  🙁  Too many comorbidity factors.  Age being one, of course.

    Have been building up my health again after a flu attack in Jan.  Hmph…tell me that was good timing this year.  We go years w/o being sick.  But we’ve replaced used ‘sick’ items.  Call it a refresher course?

    Thanks for the links for water, Namelus!

    Glad you are okay after TN tornadoes, Muffy.  A horror, that!  You already get to play with the garden plants….and we’re just appreciating the sun melting the TON of snow/ICE we got this year.  Uff ta!

    I can’t park my vehicle up by house….snow closed in the parking area and there isn’t enough room…yet.  Told snowplow guy it won’t melt til May…push it into the trees in Nov/Dec to make rooooom!  He’s new.

    Not having my vehicle up here is preventing me from walking dog too.  MUST start that again but have been shoveling snow and chipping ice and slinging wet sand/grit [what we call ‘ground’ here] across the ice to keep us from slipping.  Also the dark color helps the ice to melt on steep part of driveway.  That’s a LOT of muscle power to keep driveway and walking areas ice free.  Heart-pumping work-out!  That and the stairs!  We’ll have more snow before this winter is done with us.

    Hate the time change….will take me days to shift my sleep schedule.  It takes so little to throw me off.  Hmph!

    OldMtWoman  ….take great care, all of you!  G’nite

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    Didnt like the time change either. Florida passed legislation to make daylight savings time permanent, but it requires congressional approval.

    Pup got her nails clipped cause they were gosh darn long. Kidney beans still a bit tough with the red beans and rice, so more cooking. ( used dried ones ) When prepping, I opted for the canned Kidney beans cause I wont have to boil them for 10 minutes. And its something Floridians dont seem to eat, as there were plenty on the shelves.

    Tomorrow its split pea soup

    Another FL update. Shelves of paper products are bare. I think there were a few rolls of Walmart brand paper towels left, that was it

    Canned goods-pasta-and especially rice are really thinning out. Dried beans also, thought the key is to look in other sections. Found some nice red beans but at a price. The price of everything has sky rocketed.

    Ordered more neosporin. I think I can hold off on getting more vitamin d. I have a months worth. And looking at the web there seems to be enough vendors and stock.

    Take Care all

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    Mama cando

    Hey all Just updating my progress. Went to local Costco today, should have gone last week. They had 2 pallets of sanitizers, my friend(works there) said they sold out in an hour. Toilet paper and Wipes are gone as well but they should be back in soon.  I’m down to my last packet of the Clorox to go wipes (for the plane)  No one(regular stores) has aloe vera gel but I have a local source that has a fairly good supply so tomorrow after the bed is delivered I’m off to collect a couple of bottles. Will have to make my own hand sanitizer IF this addlepated old lady can remember where the recipe is.I kept the packets the to go wipes came in, so I’m going to see if I can fit the wipes from the big container I have and fill up the packets so I’ll have some for the trips I will be taking. I don’t think the airlines will let me on the plane with a large container of wipes, they will confiscate them as they are more than the 3 oz’s they allow LOL.

    We may have one case of the virus here in MI but I haven’t seen anything to corroborate it yet. DH got home early from the polls and said as they expected a small turn out of actual people,  most around here went the absentee ballot route.I’m sure those that did are glad they did.

    Muffy so glad you’re alright, hope there wasn’t too much damage near you. The grands are in TN but they didn’t get hit so I’m thankful. I hope anyone in the danger zone is okay and haven’t been hit too bad.

    Talked to Son1 last night, he’s still having trouble trying to get work. He’s in the movie /TV business. A lot of productions are “pushing” back starts so please if you can,  pray for him. We also got some good news from him, can’t go into it right now but my stress level is starting to go down but we won’t have any more info til next month. Praying all will go well next month.

    Well looks like I’ve done written a book. Stay safe and have a good St. Patrick’s day .

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    grannyj smith

    I ordered vitamins and Elderberry syrup for dh and myself to try and get our immune system up for they say older folks are more at risk for this virus.   We have kids in school so isolating ourselves during this virus is not an option unless the school closes, wish they could find a way to stop it from spreading.

    Been wearing gloves when I have to go out to the store trying to avoid getting sick from germs on the grocery carts for there are no wipes for the carts, but I remember from first aid class how to remove the gloves as not to contaminate hands when taking them off.   I ran out of antibacterial wipes we always kept in the truck and there are no more of them available at our Walmart and don’t think they will get any in soon.

    I may start ordering groceries instead of going out to the store if this virus gets any closer to us it would be over an hour drive there to pick groceries up but at least I would not have to go in the store.  Mixed up some powdered milk and let dh try it and he said it taste like whole milk which is the only milk he will drink, so we are good on that.



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    Delivered the pandemic box to family members all but one item ( handsoap) is sold out now. They were thrilled

    Shout out to Daisy, Selco and Cat for all the timely info, as it wouldnt have been possible without the posts, and I would be stuck.

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    I can’t find the comment I was looking for so I will just put this comment here.

    My grandson just got back from Walmart and Kroger and he said lots and lots of people were in the stores and lots of shelves were empty. Not unruly though. This is in a deep south state with only 2 confirmed cases. Must be worse elsewhere.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All. I hope you are all physically well and well stocked.

    CrowBar, how is life with your new blender. It is like getting a new pet – new quirks.  Is it fitting in?

    Hubby went to the grocery store on discount day. Just one of us so the other does not get sick, and he went late in the evening. He wore gloves and there were not many people in the only grocery in our small town of 3,000. Reports from the big city say that there is no TP in Costco and lines are very long.

    His son is doing fine and is now working from home. He is lucky that he can. His wife’s part-time, contract job has stopped because the vendors’ business has slowed down and they are longer needed.

    No school closings in our state because the local experts do not see a specific benefit or improvement in having children isolated at home and parents unable to take care of them. Particularly in Rochester, MN which is home to the headquarters of the Mayo Clinic. If that Mayor stated that the schools would close then the staff would need to stay home, too. Not good.

    I said I was trying to empty my freezers this winter. Not going too well since I restocked due to the C. Virus. I am still trying to get rid of the small containers that contain only one serving of food. Some interesting concoctions are emerging, not many are worth writing down for future use.

    Winter project: I put all of my vegetarian-type recipes in one document. I have a bad habit of copying/downloading dozens/hundreds of recipes, and cook books. that sound good. So, I found the ones we like – AND I HAVE actually MADE- and am putting them in one folder. I will need several documents because I am now at 70 pages of Veggie recipes and I think that will be too long and too large to open. My goal is to also have a “menu” of what we like to eat and I have recipes for. In other words, if I make a ham – what can I do with the leftover ham. If I have chicken left over – what are my choices. One file for each type of food we like to eat, special breakfasts, and what I Can. This is all two fold – 1) The menu is to remind myself of what I can make (I get bored or brain freeze when I cannot come up with an idea for supper.) 2) Put the favorite recipes in one location for easy access. 3) Create a recipe book for the grandchildren of their favorite dishes. 4) Hopefully print all of this and get rid of the little scraps of paper that I use to write the recipes on from the computer. Organization is one of my downfalls. With this and cooking from the freezer this winter, my life is centered around food this winter.

    We have birthdays next week, plus daughter completed her master’s oral exam and we need to celebrate. Hubby called her restaurant of choice and found out that they do not have any private party rooms for a dozen people. They are doing extra cleaning and not allowing servers/workers with colds to come to work. Good deal. We all thought that we would be ahead of the curve by going out to dinner now before the virus ramps up here in Minnesota. We have just a few cases.  Then we will stay apart for awhile.

    I sent her oldest son a text during the week, ”Your school may do what many other colleges are doing and extend Spring Break to reduce Corona Virus transmission. I know there are no cases in ND or northern MN at this time. I am just suggesting that when you come home for break, be prepared to “tele-learn”. Bring all of your books.”

    His response, “You know, I was going to laugh it off, and then my Calc Prof brought it up.”

    He then checked in with his mom and she told him that colleges were taking long breaks and he should be prepared. When she told me about that conversation today, she said, “I told him, you know, Grammy can be a bit emotional.” I took umbrage at that. Emotional would be “Come home now!!” I told her, “No, I was just relating facts that schools were closing and he should be prepared.”     I am Not E M O T I O N A L! Harumph.

    That said, he has an extended break – three weeks. So THERE!  No more talk about me being emotional.  Grammy is always right.

    Take care everyone.



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      Crow Bar

      @Cinnamon Grammy,
      As luck would have it, I have not had anything to BLEND!
      Even ask the wife if we could blend a steak, she said no.
      Go figure.

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    Mama cando

    Corsaire, ROFLMAO. Blending steak???? LOL Hope you’re all doing good. Went to the grocery store this morning and picked up DH & my scripts. Ran into a couple of ladies that regularly shop there,  one said  ya want a fist bump or an elbow bump?  We were looking for the 15 oz cans of veggie broth for cooking and there was NONE to be had. Other than the TP, wipes and hand sanitizers being gone, this is the first time in the 30+ years I’ve been shopping there , the shelves were totally empty of some basic food stuffs. It’s getting ridiculous.  The schools are shut down for the next 2-3 weeks. Can’t go to the theater as productions have been put on hold. There is very little bar soap or liquid soap left on the shelves. They are even rationing diapers, 5 packages per person. Even the cloth diapers are gone, so I showed my friend and her daughter(has 8mth old twins) how to use a hand towel for diapers. We had to do that in 68-69 when we got snowed in, my brother was 8-9 mths old at the time. Mom had won a year of diaper service and two months in, we got snowed in so no diapers and we were running out of dry diapers, no electricity to run the washer and dryer . SO we were washing them in the sink and hanging them to dry in the basement, took forever but one of the neighbors had a snowmobile and was doing runs to the store for the neighbors and Mom went to the disposables after that. Talked to my brother in NV , they are ok but he’s a bit ticked off, there’s no SHAMPOO, he said he went to 5 different stores and ALL the shampoo is gone even the fru-fru stuff as he calls it. Told him I’d be glad to send him a couple of bottles in exchange for some bar soap,  LOL. Also talked to sister in VA she’s okay for right now but the AC company she works for and cleans the office( for extra pay) is out of TP . She said when she left Friday, there were two large 8 pks in the stock room and several bottles of sanitizer for the office, got there this am to clean and TP is gone along with the sanitizers and she can’t get anymore. As the supply mgr, she has to send out an EM tomorrow , thanking the thief and telling every one to bring a roll in from home.  Baby bro (in WA) says he’s down with a cold, sounded horrible, so big sister got het up and told him to get his arse to the doctor. I am praying he is okay and of course I will HOUND him. That’s my job as the big sister lol. DH and I are doing ok and we’re still planning on driving down to GA for baby’s birthday unless we get shut down for the next two weeks. Son 1 has his two older kids that week end for their sisters party and we haven’t seen them since the summer. So we’ll see how it goes over the next two weeks. Stay safe everybody.

  • #26853

    Mama cando

    Well the locusts have discovered the “organic” store here. I get my wheat berries from there and that is gone along with most of the flour. My friend works there told me they won’t be carrying it anymore,bummer.. SO it’s off to a place couple of towns over that grows non GMO wheat, I hope they have some as Amazon is only shipping “essentials” if I understand what I read today. My friend also said over the last week she has seen a LOT of new faces in the store. So now they are getting wiped out. I did get DH’s low carb bread they make there, she saved me a couple of loaves LOL.

    DH and I are not going down for the little ones birthday as it is iffy we’d be able to find gas or “potty” stops along the way. Son1 is getting his 2 older kids as the ex doesn’t want to deal with them. Guess they are getting on each others nerves now that school is out. They live in an isolated area without any friends around and there is “NOTHING TO DO” as the kids complain. I personally think they just wanted to go to Dad’s for the duration anyways LOL. There’s still nothing to do but Son1 has a lot of board games, movies to watch and their baby sister’s birthday is next week end. They’ll be disappointed we’re won’t be there but we can face time and Skype with them.I still have plans to go in May, tickets were bought before all this stuff happened so I’m hoping this will get better sooner than later and the dance recital will be able to go on. We’ll see, may have to reschedule the flight as the tickets are non refundable. Hope the airline won’t charge me an arm and leg to reschedule by then.DH’s BFF does not have the virus, seems his BP meds needed to be readjusted so we’re thankful he’s ok. They’ve closed the little park by us so DH will have to walk around the neighborhood doing his “social distancing” but we understand why.It’s going to be hard on the kids in the “hood” as they go and play on the swings and stuff. So for now we’re good and just hunkering down. DH’s Census training has been put on hold for now. Stay safe

  • #26876


    So been running errands for the elderlies and picking up things that I see and that may not be there tomorrow, eg rice and beans.

    And while I dont mind helping neighbors out, it now getting a bit old. One needs paper towels. Well ok, not an essential item especially when there are a gazillion alternatives. Gonna have to have a talk. She and some others are still rigid in their mindset and not adapting to the new reality.

    Organized cupboard, still need to do the freezer.

  • #26902

    Crow Bar

    Well, the governor declared all non-essiental biz closed by Sunday.
    So we went out to stock up on wine! LOL!
    We also went to a local farm supply store. They usually carry ducks and turkey chicks, but not this year. Wanted to get 10 ducklings.

  • #26916

    OldMt Woman

    Hi everyone!  Well, we’ve been firmly in place for a week.  I’ve been “in” for 2 wks now.  DH is no longer working so he’s “in”.  Our elderlies have been “in” for 2 wks.  We’d replaced sick room supplies and other odds/ends a month ago or more.  GLAD to have done that early.  Have plenty of soap and such.  Just hoping to keep electric on!!!  We’re still COLD up here!  And snowing!!

    MamaCando….Re: airline tickets.  My friend had tickets for next month and obviously does not want to fly then.  Her airline is allowing over-60 yrs old to change dates with no charge…if that helps you.

    Other than unwelcome snow, I don’t have much news.  DH and I are getting a chance to reorganize things….neeeeded that!  And we’re both trying to cook things from freezer/shelves that are getting old.  Being home now, he’s baking and all sorts of things.  🙂   Don’t hear me complainin’.  We don’t want anything to waste these days.

    I know what you mean about elderlies, Corsaire.  We told ours to STOCK UP.  Well, they did but “we might have to go out and get milk”.  {roll eyes}  Tho DH and I are ‘at risk’ too, not as much as those two.  So likely DH will slip into store and pick up several half-gallons for them.  If he can find enough….is allowed to purchase enough.  Drop it off at their door and chat from a distance.  For their sake.  We’ll see how that goes.  Other things we probably already have enough.  Had sharing with them in mind all these years.  Even TP.  😉  Probably not their brand….

    OldMtWoman  ….take all precautions, friends!

    • #26986

      Mama cando

      Hi all, We’re still staying in place. The Governor has shut every thing down till after Easter so DH and I called his sibs and said don’t come. Son2’s kids are not happy that they can’t come to the house and hunt eggs but we’re staying safe. DH said we could fill the plastic eggs and put them out on front lawn and watch them “hunt’ for them from the front door, LOL.  Posted elsewhere that Son2 is at risk but he says he’s taking precautions as an “essential” worker. DIL2 has to take her mom to the store Thursday during senior time, she’ll wait in the car for her to finish getting what mom can get. It’s going to be really tough now that the bus company has shut down. Both Mom and sis do not drive and can’t get out to the store or to doctors. So my DIL has to take them around. It’s too far for them to walk.  At least the place they live still has meals on wheels delivering (to the lobby) so they aren’t without food but that may change this week.

      OMT, my tickets are for mid May so I’m hopeful I’ll still be able to go and I may not be able to switch if it will be business as usual by then. We’ll have to see but with the news that its getting worse out there I’m not so sure.

      I was able to pick up some milk and produce today but couldn’t get but a couple of onions and a quart of milk. It’s being rationed now too. Talked to my friend at the natural store, she told me to come at 8am for the senior time, they do have a good bit of fresh produce and fruit. DH told me our farmers market has closed down so if I want fresh veggies,  will have to truck out tomorrow to the natural store.Want to pick up squash, celery, toms, etc. I will be careful and take my precautions. Stay safe all and pray this gets better soon.

  • #26917


    milk yes. I found some shelf stable milk -Parmalat on the shelves. I purchased that as well as more tissues for them.

    Pup just got out of the hospital.Had a nasty stomach bug, but she requires a bland diet of chicken breasts. Well I managed to find some, with a 2 per person limit, and others with a ridiculous price tag. Still 2 wasnt going to cut it. Alas in the frozen section turkeys were being stocked at $1.50 per pound.

    Stocking up is something which they didnt do,( didnt do for any of the hurricanes either ) so I am the designated shopper. One is extremely fragile, and this would kill her.

  • #26923

    grannyj smith

    Hello everyone, looks like we’re in for a long ride with this virus.  Here we are able to get out of the house since we have no close neighbors, so we can do things outside and get fresh air.

    Today I am making hamburger goulash, black eyed peas and pineapple peach cobbler, it’s making do with what I have and learning to make things work when I don’t have what I need, like using egg noodles in the goulash instead of macaroni for I am running out of macaroni.

    Blessings and happy thoughts sent to all you.


    • #26935

      Crow Bar

      Good on you Granny J Smith for making do with what you have.

  • #26936

    Crow Bar

    Yesterday was another bright sunny day.
    Wife and I spent another few hours doing yard work.

    Then woke up this morning to what looks like about half an inch of snow!
    Dang it!

  • #26980

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Hope you are safe and well and far away from any indiscriminate viruses.

    We did go out to dinner. It was Sunday evening, 15 of us at Red Lobster. On Tuesday the restaurants in our state were closed to dine-in customers. We had a great time. Probably knowing that it would be the last time for all of us for quite a while. Dear daughter needed to celebrate the completion of her Master’s Degree. She was about four months behind her cohort due to a variety of problems, so she needed to celebrate.

    Grandsons are home. Took last week off for a break and are supposed to be studying this week. With their dad working from home they will have company. I asked the middle one if they had made dinner yet? He wondered why? Well, if both of his parents are working and the boys are home doing nothing, it should be their turn to cook. I’ll call in a couple days to check it out. This would also be a good time for the youngest to work on merit badges so he can earn his Eagle Rank. We’ll see how motivated his dad is.

    We are doing what we do everyday – nothing has changed. When you are retired, and living on your pension out in the country, nothing really changes except the seasons. I filled the freezer with new food, but am still trying to find the old stuff to cook up. I just found chicken wings, in a vacuum sealed package that are 4 years old. I wonder how they will taste. Clearly I need to clean my freezer more often. That said, when I take something out of the freezer to cook, I end up putting twice the volume back in. I usually get three meals from a recipe, so two meals go back into the freezer. There is space forming so that is encouraging.

    I started lettuce seeds; well, spinach, corn salad, black seeded simpson, arugula, and parsley. I hope they survive. I have not been successful with winter crops in the house. We had a very nice warm day and took a walk last week. Checked the fences around the garden. We need new fence posts since the fencing is flopping. A big task. With all of the talk about poor conditions for farming, truck farming, I will try to make a larger garden this year. No green beans though. We still have 120 bottles.

    On the other hand, Hubby said, “This is what you have been preparing for.” We don’t really need to go to the grocery. I have milk frozen. I could use some fresh parsnips and celery, and I did run out of onions. So, those veggies are my weak spot. I cannot help purchasing what I just used up, too. I know, I don’t need a new package of chocolate chips when I have a 3-gallon bucket full of them. I did run out of SeasonAll Salt, though. My favorite kind for popcorn. Speaking of popcorn, I thought I burnt out my air popper. Not a good thing. Hubby kindly cleaned up the Dutch Oven I used to make the popcorn. That is one appliance I probably should get a back-up for.

    Dear Daughter’s training in another state was cancelled, and they are no longer flying to see his parents in another state. We were planning on going to NYC for a college graduation in May, and I think we all know that is not going to happen. Well, at least these two oldsters are not going.

    I hope all of you are healthy and safe and avoid this Thing.  I am very grateful for the Prep Club and all that I learn and we share.  Thank you.

    • #26988

      Crow Bar

      Congrats on your daughter getting her Master’s degree!
      And the celebration at Red Lobster sounded like it was a good time!

  • #27049

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Thanks, Crow Bar.

    I am excited – my lettuce sprouted.  I had soaked the seeds in a wet paper towel for nearly a week, then transplanted them to the soil.

    I have Lettuce!  Well, just the seed leaves, but it is start.

    I am organizing my seed starting trays and trying to decide which plants need a head start for the garden, in addition to tomatoes and peppers, that it.

    Beautiful here today.  We went for a walk on our property, amidst the muddy, wet ground and fallen twigs.  The spring birds should be here, soon.




  • #27086

    grannyj smith

    It is almost impossible to find fresh meat here in our area, so what I have I have to be careful in how it gets prepared in order to feed everyone.  Today I have two chicken breast that I will make chicken & dressing out of one breast and chicken spaghetti from the other breast and have left overs for supper and maybe lunch Sunday.

    Finding that having this stay home order is getting many chores done and the farmhouse more organized, just praying that this virus ends soon before more lives are lost.  School is out and don’t know if they will end school for the rest of this term, rather have my kids at home and safe than in school with this virus.


  • #27104

    Crow Bar

    Good on ya for getting creative on how to make food last.

    I vaguely recall one of the presidential election campaign slogans being “A chicken in every pot!” As back then (sorry, I cannot recall it was pre or post WWII) the only day they had meat, was on Sunday. The rest of the days, it was root veggies and the like.

    I was born in the early 70s, recall the early 80s when leftovers and casseroles were the mainstay. Ordering out, or getting a pizza from Dominos, that was a special treat.

  • #27107


    Yesterday cooked a turkey and froze individual portions, also made caramelized cabbage. Tried dehydrating on and in the car, but it didnt work due to the high humidity level. Gonna have to get a dehydrator. One of the box stores is out, both in store and online of food grade buckets. The other had lots in stock.Ordered anyway cause ya never know when there will be a run.

    Looking ahead to hurricane season and need to pick up AA batteries. Ok on propane and butane which is good cause prices are through the roof.

  • #27109


    @corsaire cheap rechargeable. … get a solar recharge station we have used one for years. They don’t last as long as stated but way cheaper than one use.


    They also sell weird sizes you don’t think of rechargeable like button batteries2032, cr123 and some of the high energy lithium.


    Just look at milliamps it tells you how much charge a battery will hold higher the better.


    Don’t cheap out on charger a good digital charger will keep batteries running longer and fix ones other chargers say are dead. Also high speed charging is a must.



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  • #27111

    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone.  We’re still “in” tho DH slipped into the store early one morning.  Was successful for milk, eggs, and fresh veggies.  Bread for our elderlies.  They are content, so far, to stay put and let DH deliver to their doorstep.  They really stocked up way ahead of time and have a lot left.  Back in their day, they went thru Great Depression so they know life can get rough.  For some folks experiencing ‘rough’ for the first time, it kinda leaves them immobilized.

    Do wish it would quit snowing.  Hard to accomplish things around here.  Greenhouse to put up; seeds to start; etc.  ALSO I’ve finally recovered from whatever whacked us at the first of the year…..then evolved into other medical issues for me.  I’m STILL quite vulnerable.  So I’ll just try to walk my dog on the empty road in front of the house.  If I can get up and down steep SNOWY driveway.  Fresh air and breathing will help what still plagues me.  We get one sunny day and four cloudy ones.  Hmph!  This too, shall pass.

    Certainly clearing out our freezers too!  And the back cupboards.  Trying to turn all of it into something to eat before using newer items.


  • #27112

    Mama cando

    Hi all, still here. You get a kick out of this, last Friday I got a Jury duty summons, guess the wheels of justice are still turning. Then today got an email stating don’t report 04/14 but call.  Can’t wait to tell them I’m high risk and see what they do. Talked to baby bro tonight, he sounded like death warmed over last week. He said “I told you it was just a COLD” but still he’s my baby brother and I still feel a bit responsible as I raised him after Mom died when he was 2. But he says he’s okay and he sounded so much better. Very glad about that. Costco sent me an email , they are closing at 6:30 pm Mon-Sat. and the gas station will close at 7pm. Tue-Thursday they are opening at 8am for us elderlies. My friend told me that things are starting to get a little better on stock. I am going to go there Tuesday and see if I can pick up some dairy products and make sure I have full tank of gas. The stores around here are pretty sparse and are limiting milk, eggs, etc to two containers per person.Did go last week and picked up some paper towels and water for DIL2 Son2 says things are starting to be shipped in to the store  and he only heard of one fight in the store(he was off that day) between two gimme dat women.  Talked to Son1 and the family , they are okay. It’s getting warm down there and they are able to walk around the neighborhood. He’s still being told it may not be till June before he’ll be able to get back to work. Grand daughter 1(14) HAS to read Pride and Prejudice for school. She said It’s boring but she’s only just started it.  Grandpa and Grandma told her to keep at it as it will get better further into the book.  Baby sister is just ecstatic that her sibs are there. The other 2 here are having the time of their lives. they can stay in their jammies for school on line.  DIL2  and her fellow teachers are collecting crayons and art supplies for the parents to come and pick up when they come for the food. She stays the required 6 feet away. Knock wood she and Son 2 are still okay. Son 1 did tell me unless the psycho ex pulls any crap, I won’t have to come down to testify. That’s a worry off my mind as I would have to fly down and back for it. Wasn’t too keen on flying during this time.

    If anyone is interested I have a few Depression recipes I grew up on Will be glad to post them.

    Till next time stay safe and I pray this is over soon.

  • #27179


    Been a while since I have been on here. Though today is April 1st that page has not been set up so am posting here in March.  We have been busy with trying to get garden going. Bought a new tiller that we are still waiting for. Ordered on line and will be spraying box down before opening it up and let sit in sun for a while due to not knowing who might be carrying the COVID-19.  Also decided to use this time while being told to stay at home to do some spring cleaning. Though there are some things I can’t do yet due to weather, I still have a lot I can do. Washing curtains and blinds, washing windows and cleaning the scatter rugs. Cleaning the hardwood floors as well.  Canned 10 lbs. of potatoes a few days ago, so should give us enough till we can get some planted.  Still have quite a few I canned a few months ago but decided to get more anyway.

    Just staying busy as best I can. Wanting to catch up on reading and sewing as soon as I finish cleaning and getting the garden going. Working on those plans now as we were not going to do a garden this year because of DH not feeling well. But with things like they are now we feel we must do one. Don’t know what is in store for the future at this time.

    Hope everyone is doing ok from this virus and staying safe.

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