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    Cinnamon Grammy…a quick shout out on the awesome news about your grandson!!! A National Merit Scholarship in that amount is something to crow about. IMO the engineering curriculum is generally pretty structured and tough no matter where it is earned. I’m with you on, follow the money so he doesn’t end up with tons of student loan debt. (The recent news about the corruption in higher education selection processes comes as no surprise to anyone who’s been around that environment. The 50 charged are just the tip of the iceberg and I want them to go after the other 800 they know about. So unfair to hardworking kids whose parents don’t have the money with which to bribe the insiders.) So, congratulations to your Grandson! He earned his place.


    Amy Dixon

    Molly Malone – Good to hear how you’re doing.  It’s great there are so many opera fans in your area that they had to hold a lottery for the tickets 🙂  I think you and Wagner are/were right, “tastefulness” would definitely have detracted from the power of “The Ride of the Valkyries”, lol!

    Cinnamon Grammy – Congratulations to your grandson on the great scholarship he was awarded!

    Today I watched 3 more of Jill Winger’s preview videos for her new online course.  Today’s excellent videos were on making a soft cheese (with an easier recipe than the one I usually use), making 30-minute Mozzarella without using a microwave, and water bath canning a yummy mixed-berries jam sweetened with honey.  I’m really enjoying her videos and was pleased to learn that she’s going to have an Encore day this weekend so folks can watch any of the earlier videos they might have missed.  I’ve been taking copious notes on the recipes and techniques and now have even more items to put on my prepping wish list (such as Prague Powder No. 1, and mild Lipase powder, etc.), lol!  . . . I’ve been doing more thinking about those hanging clothes drying racks/clothes airers.  I believe  that, with its wooden slats, one could also be used as a pasta drying rack for large batches of homemade pasta.  I definitely have to start saving up for one of those racks; they’re sounding more and more useful  🙂



    Cinnamon Grammy, that is great news about your grandson getting that scholarship. My grandson came over for dinner tonight and we talked a great deal about things he plans on doing when he gratulates in June from high school. He said things are getting bad in the school now and they have started up an LGBT club in there. But he cannot take his Bible to school. He also said they are talking about doing away with the pledge of allegiance and national anthem. So the public schools are really going down. He will be starting school for cyber security in the fall. And he starts his new job tomorrow. Hope it goes well for him. It is Burger king which he is not happy about but he will be a cook and not a cashier. I was surprised they will let him be a cook as he is 17 and other places you have to be 18 and some 21 years old. He said this will give him some much needed money to safe for school in fall. But he is looking still for something better. Age around here makes it hard for a teenager to get a job even with a work permit which he does have.

    OldMtWoman, glad you all did well through that storm. I know there was a lot of damage but hope no one was hurt.

    Molly, I know that homework and school keeps you busy. My daughter went back to college and still has about 2 years left to go. Seems I hardly hear from here anymore with all this being on line and working full time as well.

    Amy Dixon, I am going to check into those other places. I would have no problem getting the rods for it.  That would be great for drying herbs as well as clothes and things. I love the concept of it.

    Well on another note. Our doctor called this morning to tell us about our labs. Mine was great. Hubby not so much. His A1C was 7.4. It has never been that high. So I am taking away his waffles, bread and a lot of other things he has been eating and then finding out he was not taking his metforman. So changing up what he has been eating and putting my foot down to his sneaking fudge from the market he cooks collards for. He has been bringing fudge home to eat on for a snack. That is coming to a halt. I made him get his shoes on this morning and go walking as it was 80 degrees out today. I have to stay right with him in case he loses his balance. By the time we got back to house he was worn out. So we will be working on getting his strength  back. Grandson had dinner with us tonight and we talked a bit and then he went on home to get ready for school tomorrow. We had a great time. And yes we have rabbits running around the yard. Don’t know if they are tame ones or wild. They don’t seem to run if you walk up on them but if you get to close they run under the shed. I think they are living under it.



    Cinnamon Granny. 70K scholarship, thats wonderful Congrats

    Molly Malone. I saw Tristan and Isolde as well as Lohengrin at the MET. Both were fantastic. This is a well deserved treat.

    Preps. scoured the grocery store for sales and discontinued items.The occupational therapist says I will need the aggressive splint; which means a heck of a lot of pain. Between now and tuesday, I’ll be making freezer meals, cause I wont be in the mood and probs be “out of it” to cook.

    Re.Daisys article. Looked at my facemask. I only have 1 set P95 filter and its on the mask itself. I’ll pick up some P100 hopefully this weekend.



    There  are those tyes of n 100 with exhaust fans they work in -30 and make breathing less strenuous expecially when doing heavy work. They are made in Singapore,  used by WHO for ebola and other out breaks.  I knew someone on design team so got to stress test in cold for them here.


    One should really have 3 kinds of mask,dust, half and full. If only one a good cbrn full face mask with spare cartridges. Make sure to get removable plastic face plate see through covers to extend the plexiglass glass life by protection from scratches. Get kind with mesh net for back of head way more comfortable. Get silicone not rubber.


    Half face mask and full face should be fitted as one size does not fit all. If you  have them on shelf and need to access quickly mark with color ribbon so you get right size,wrong fit can be dangerous depending on contamination.

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    Amy Dixon

    Namelus – Thank you for posting this information about face masks.  Do you happen to know of any cbrn full face masks that can be worn by people who would need to wear prescription eyeglasses under them?


    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Thank you all for the kudos for my Grandson, Max. He is one special kid. He is open and ready to help anyone, and is generous with his hugs. (In addition to being smart as a whip, of course.) He and his brothers attend a charter school that is more minority than white. The students speak their native languages in addition to English. He is in 5<sup>th</sup> year Latin. The school is rigorous with their college prep classes and college credit! Students that have higher GPAs than he does are going to Ivy League schools. He is choosing to stay close to home.

    Molly Malone, (Little Sister): Good for you. I think your degree will be vital for our futures. And, keep up your necessary brain relaxing exercises with your operas.

    It is challenging but you can do it. My daughter is in grad school at the age of 46. Plus working, etc., I hardly see her. Then she intends to go on to a doctoral program. I, too, went back to college when I was 35. I was two classes and a thesis away from a master before I quit. My M.Ed. was no longer needed.

    Old Mt. Woman: I hope your property, and you, survived the ravages of this storm.

    Muffy1938: I am looking forward to hearing about your raised beds. I’d love to lift ours to make it easier for the older backs. Thinking of just adding boards to our already defined beds and filling them.

    Little Sister: I understand the carbs for the A1c. Cannot get Hubby to see that. He is still borderline.

    I hope your Grandson gets his Cyber-Security degree soon. We will need it.

    Columbia River: Love those books – education at your fingertips.

    Face Masks: How do the ones you chose work with glasses? I cannot see without my glasses, and wearing a facemask, my glasses fog up.

    Canned Turkey: I am constantly surprised at how “little” I get from a turkey. This 13-pound turkey gave us two dinners before I canned it. I have 7 pints of plain meat in broth. I made a turkey soup with a Chinese flare, from the bone pickings and, and after eating one serving, I canned 4 quarts, 1 pint, and one of leftover soup broth. Filled in canner space with canning of beans. One-half cup of dry beans, rinsed, filled with boiling water, then canned in pint jars. For the soup, I raided the freezer – zucchini, peas, pea pods, parsnips and bok choy from last year’s garden; frozen mushrooms and fresh onion, ginger, and garlic. Little-by-little the freezer contents are being used. No tetrazzini this time.

    Flooding: We were hoping to spend the weekend with our Hungarian Student, but cannot. First the driveway was sheer ice. Then with the rains and 40-degree weather the last few days, the snow is melting and flooding the basement. Our house was built in stages. The original basement, built 150 years ago from local stone, plus several additions, the most recent in ’88 with proper cinderblock. The old part which we do not use, has lost some of its chinking and it looks as if some stone blocks have moved, that is where the water is pouring in. This has happened before, but not to the extent that it flowed over the sill block (six inches high) into the new part of the basement that we actually use. Fortunately, with a shop vac (we did not realize how vital this shop vac would be for a prepper!)

    we can vacuum up the water and dump it in the sump pump in the new part. A friend, and also my sister-in-law, have flooded basements. Tough timing for my sister-in-law’s family right now, since her daughter, my Godchild, is getting married in two weeks. That morning, also, his car was hit on the side by someone running a red light and then smashed from the back. Totaled car and he is in pain. Insurance will not cover the flooding, and only partly cover the brand new car, so darling Godchild set up a GoFUndMe account for them. Ah, the vagaries of life. We just roll with it.  At least everyone is healthy.

    So, we are stuck here at home, due to the flooded basement and icy drive. No need to worry since we have plenty o flood and things to do. Now, I am going to talk to Hubby about Jose’s last article about no electricity in Venezuela. I think that should be our next step: solar, wind, batteries, etc.

    Take care, everyone. Be safe.





    grannyj smith

    March 15

    I put a 1/2 cup of buttermilk in a quart jar with lid and filled the rest of the quart jar with whole milk, shook it to mix, let it set out on the counter for twenty fours hours and it made buttermilk.



    Store bought butter milk and real butter milk are different, store read side panel it is made with yoghurt culture, farm butter milk is the left over stuff after making butter basically defatted milk (skim milk).  The pre butter  farm buttermilk milk is one spin separated cream we do this because trying to make butter from whole milk wastes space in churner. Milk even whole raw jerset milk is less than 20 percent by volume, when fist spin separation is done the  volume 4 gallons turns into about 1/2 quart of cream, the reason we only do one spin is other wise milk tastes like water and no one will drink it. We wait till we get about 1 gallon of cream for us that is one day of milking. Then cream, ice cold  goes into a mixing tube and whisked at high speed for 5-7 min the butter is then a solid and the liquid remains are poured into pail, then butter is washed with water also put into same pail. What’s in pail is butter milk. Use it to transition piglets at weaning to solid food or to big hogs as a treat. Not even the cat wiLl drink it, it likes suits directly from the teats (hand milk )


    As for best cbrn mask best thing is glasses with thin wire as that cam be bent in to create seal, it’s not perfect but it is better than no mask. To test get a scent oil at mask place  put it on tighten and then break capsule  (outside away from areas you use)

    If this does not work for you get a silicone half face mask and go to a scuba dive shop to try different goggles that can have prescibtions put in they don’t all fit the same so it is like shoes try and find best fit. Look online first to find best deal so you don’t get ripped off.


    Another trick is if you can see with magnify plastic leans like credit card is to put one onto cbrn mask on face plate, if so get used to walking as it throws perception off.  The already confined viewing area will be further reduced so keep your head on a swivel expecially up as more than one time I have found myself sitting on my butt after walking full speed into something that has hit the crown on my head that I didn’t see.





    12th: Spent the day 2 hours north of us. My mom needed an ultrasound to rule out cancer on a growth. The doctors didn’t find anything and want her to come back in 6 months. We spent the rest of the day hitting thrift shops and Costco to stock up on diapers and other necessities.

    13th: Made a large batch of taco meat. Froze 4 meals worth. Cleaned up some through the house. Started on putting my garden beds together.

    14th: Installed a new light fixture that was having problems, and a water efficient kitchen faucet. Finally got caught up on Mount Washmore and cleaned both kids bedrooms.




    This has been a busy day indeed. Hope everyone is well. Prepperfan hope all goes well with your mom. We have seen enough cancer for one year. Several friends have had it of some form or another.  Now my granddaughter’s real grandmother just pasted a few hours ago from cancer. What is going on that so many folks are getting this?

    But on another note. I am still trying to declutter and get rid of some things. Slow going process but I’m am working at it best I can. I am doing a bit of revamping on the food as I am checking on how much protein foods we have. As both hubby and I both have type 2 diabetics. So far I seem to be good on protein but need to can a lot more meat.  I still have plenty of beef canned but need to buy more chicken when it goes on sale again to can as well as fish.

    Also I am working on a list of non food items that we need. We live in the east coast area. So if war breaks out the east coast could more than likely be wiped out. Hate to say that but from what I have been reading on Russia, Turkey, China and a couple of other countries, we are in big trouble here. We will not win WW3. I just don’t see it happening. If I could afford a bunker, I would be building one in the country toward the mountains. But that’s not happening so will make do where I am. I have no plans to bug out but will be prepared to leave if we have to.   I have been looking at propane indoor heaters and the possibility of getting a 250lb tank buried in backyard somewhere. Need to check on this though. Also a cook stove using the propane as well for indoor cooking. As cooking outside could bring unwanted guest if they smell food cooking. Checking out the idea of a privacy  fence as we are on a corner lot and the garden can be seen by two many people. We already have had problems with neighbors coming over to get veggies when we plant. They put their name in but don’t contribute with helping. I don’t mind sharing but our garden is very small and just gets us from summer to summer. If things look like they could go south we might be expanding that garden by putting one on other side of the garden shed. Don’t know how long before a SHTF situation hits but for some reason I feel a need to step some things up. I need to get more grain for bread. I really don’t think I have enough to get us through 6 months and I want to bump that up to a year or more. There are other things I am looking at like trash bags. need to get a supply that is a lot more than what we have. Also water barrels. We have ways for storing water but really think I need to get some 55 gal barrels. We have plenty of flashlights and lots of batteries but need to get more batteries. Looking at going to buy a rifle soon as well. I want to look more into that Sheila maid aire clothes rack as well. I really like the concept of it. Lots of uses. Also looking to getting that baking rack for my sun oven. Need to get more lamp oil although I do have  a lot of it as we use the oil lamps if we loose lights and generator quits. But I also don’t know if you guys know that you can use olive oil in your oil lamps. It burns well. I have several bottles from when the stores would have a buy one get one free. We couldn’t use it up fast enough so I packed it up and put it with the rest of the lamp oil. It went out of date so now it will be lamp oil.

    Is anyone else looking at how fast things are moving in this world. War, rumors of war, our weather, famine in all sorts of places. Our corrupt government and what is coming in the next elections in 2020. Not even looking good in that respect.

    What are all you guys looking to get better prepared. We live in a neighborhood that the city is growing up faster and faster around us. We used to be more country and still have county roads that cannot handle the fast growing pace.

    Took hubby walking yesterday around block and it wore him out. Took him out today and his legs stiffened up on him and he couldn’t make it around the full block today. So got to work on that.

    I really do enjoy reading all the things that you guys are doing. I think most of you have homesteads in country where it is a bit easier to deal with. Living where I am is not easy and I know those of you that live in apartments are having a tough time with no yard of your own and a small living area. It does make for a challenge of finding storage and ways to deal with hard times.



    Cinnamon Grammy- woohoo- kudos to the grandson!!

    OldMtWoman- hope you are okay after the storm.

    Molly Malone- Glad to see you back and glad you’re enjoying some down time at the opera.  I still have to laugh whenever I think of the guy who wound up with the Crisco thnking it was a pie.

    It was still snowing here today or I should say snowing again.  We had a little respite from it but the banks are still high and in the news another roof caved in from weight of snow and ice.  Up here we need to shovel the roofs off.  IT got up above freezing and did some melting so it was slick outside the door, down the walk and in the drive.  I went out to clean up a little and fell down but landed against the snowbank so didn’t get hurt.  Still not time to even plant seeds in the house yet.

    I went out to the store and always buy a little extra for the pantry beyond what we need at the time.  Also have been working on morse code and reading articles on prepping and started genealogy scrapbooks for my grandkids.  Had to deal with some winter problems in the house too but the roof got shoveled off before snow load gat to be too much.   Will have a lot to catch up on in the spring.  I kind of feel like I’m still in hibernation mode.


    Mama cando

    little sister, I feel I’m in the same boat as you. Don’t know what it is exactly but I feel that “IT’S” coming soon. Don’t what “IT” is but I feel the need to really push to get ready.My hubby thinks I’m getting paranoid but I don’t know. Most of my ‘premonitions” have come true over the years, so I don’t ignore them.  We went to the Home Show this afternoon, primarily because we need to replace the windows on the house. Much to my surprise, there was 2 companies there that do Security film for windows. We’re going to have them do quotes once the new windows are in.

    Did you know you can freeze the olive oil?  From what information I have been able to find, the olive oil keeps for about 5 years in the freezer. I haven’t tried it, should put a small bottle in the freezer and see what happens. I have a few bottles in the “lower” pantry that got shoved back and are no longer good for food. DH wanted to toss them but I plan on using them for the oil lamps. According to what I was told I CAN use it for lamp oil if it’s rancid but not to use canola or vegetable oil either fresh or rancid due to the carcinogens they give off when burned. Supposedly olive oil doesn’t give them off. AND when we got home this afternoon I started the roast(cooked like prime roast) after it was time and I went to check temp, meat was still raw in the middle. Thought it was the thermometer but we believe its the heating unit in oven We tried to cook it using the convection button on the stove. Seemed to do it but DH went and got Chinese  for dinner tonight just in case, he was hungry LOL. Man I was so looking forward to roast beef, mashed pots and green beans for dinner tonight. DH believes it is both the thermometer AND the oven. So it’s off to the store tomorrow for an oven thermometer, and if things come in threes, wonder what else is going to go wonky.



    OldMt Woman

    I’ve posted X2…..usually get that the post in in moderation {or something like that}  But it’s not showing up???  NOTHING  is showing up.  I described how we survived the Ultra-Low Pressure pseudo-Cat 2 hurricane…. Problems but fine.  I’m giving up tonite since it’s now 2:30AM.

    OldMtWoman  For the third time:  G’nite all



    Hey! I’m not sure what on earth happened to your post! I only see this one. Sorry about the delay. I was off in dreamland when you were posting. 🙂 I’m still fielding about a hundred spam posts per day, unfortunately, so for now we have to leave the forum under moderation.

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