Masked moviegoers interrupt showing of ‘No Safe Spaces' documentary

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    Crow Bar

    Like to know what their justification was.

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    The left likes to threaten violence, and even practice it on occasion, then cry foul when it gets returned to ’em.  Those two poseurs deserved an escort out of the theater and a medium set of lumps for their efforts.

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    Just remember armed society is a polite society. If there true was no safe and everyone was armed and knew how to use weapon would those fools even try this stunt?  Why no robberies or gun play at gun show?

    Every shooting happens at places you can’t go armed because they are cowards and in no way want a fight just shoot fish in a barrel.

    Only  place I could see no weapons is court because all staff shold be armed and private locations as it is freedom of owners to chòose for themselves. I can also choose not to patronize those places.


    As for criminals and guns the laws don’t stop them from carrying. Look at London Bridge incident it was a convicted murderer who helped stop it


    What stops people from acting the fool? Only perceived or real consequences. What is more real than no jail but dead. Police coming to save you is a myth, they are like garbage men they clean up later after event. You want to be saved it’s on you and who in governmenthas the right to deny you the tools to do so?  This policy is expecially biased against women because in no way can most women go hand to hand with a male agressor they need a gun to stand a chance.





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    Actually the police will try and get there.
    And sometimes succeed in that.
    But until they arrive, that part is up to your moral sense.


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