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    Osito Arelano

    Maybe pricier than a suture kit , but maybe good to have for people too young to know how to do proper stitches, or even just too squeamish.

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    Just learn to suture, those look nice but what about real life application not in hospital? Sweat, grime, saline, blood long deep wide multi lacerations (road rash extreme) burns?

    As good add on not a replacement. Suture kits are cheap get the vet ones the pre attached 3 bladed needle are a life saver if you need to go deep, and pull a drainage shunt for a deep would to let it not have fluid build up.


    3 sets of forcepts .30 silk and if you can close it it  will be…. in a pinch a sail cloth needle with dental floss, leave minty green dots after lol.


    If you really want to practice without screams and blood get a pork belly skin on and stitch. Then tasty bacon. A win all around.


    This is a after action item, notice there  is no hairy arms or body parts? No twisty parts  like a stomach or hands around fingers. And useless if you have to sew shut amputation .

    For a triage center when you have only one saw bones it will give you as advantage, but lots of time they get the nurse to close.


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    OldMt Woman

    I hadn’t seen these.  They kinda remind me of the bolt in Frankenstein’s head.  😮  As Namelus says, would seem to work best on a flat surface.  And thanks, Namelus – for the tip on Vet sutures.  We’ve been able to locate several suture kits but would like to acquire more.  We’ve got Vet other things but didn’t think of that.  Since we have livestock…….  we have the catalogs.

    I audited a class in suturing.  Front seat view of things.  At that time I was just getting over a life-long true phobia of needles.  I still have to remind myself that it’s gone now.  I’ve come extremely close to blacking out when my DOG got a shot at the vet’s.  But now, I could do it if I had to.

    OldMtWoman  …would hope for a numbing agent tho!  Would clove oil work?  Numbs the mouth.

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    I do have several stitch kits. I have put stitches in before and have removed many stitches. But this one seems to be a good idea. But my guess is it would be best used for a straight line cut and would have to be careful about where you needed it at. Areas that bend such as knee and elbow the zipstich might not work as well. But is a good thing to have on hand.I am a retired certified medical assistant so have a bit of medical knowlege. Only problem is if I don’t stay on top of things as the saying goes you loose what you don’t use.

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    Sutures have their place, but not in my hands.

    My sewing skills are best described as “fit for the morgue”.

    On the other hand, I can cut butterflies like no ones business. And if you need more than the butterflies, you need better medical care than I can provide. In other words, you don’t need the vet supplies, you need the Vet.

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    Osito Arelano

    I’m always on the lookout for options. So superglue is on my list. Butterflies too. These seemed maybe stronger than butterflies, and you won’t glue too many layers.

    I can sew a mean pillow and hem….not so much a human. I imagine I could get close if the need arose, but it wouldn’t be pretty. I won’t pass out. No fear of blood, no fear of needles. BUT a strong dislike of causing loved ones pain. And if I’m sewing you up, I must like you.


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    Osito. Super glue works great for cuts, Just not the really deep ones. I keep super glue in my first aid kit also. The ER’s use it but under a different medical name. I will try to find out what it is called and post it on here as soon as I get the chance.

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    Very cool ! I will also probably get some . I already have adhesive sutures as standard , but these look like they are up another level .

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    Renee Giles

    Practicing sutures on pigs’ feet is how most medical schools teach it.

    Not all wounds require or are safe to be sutured or otherwise closed. If there is a reasonable chance of infection being tapped beneath the closure, do not risk it.

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      Crow Bar

      That is a great idea!

      In the past I have taken a skin on chicken breast, put it in the freezer for about 30 mins, pull it out, slash it with a sharp knife and then practice sutures on it.

      Next year we are doing hogs. Will keep the feet as you suggest!

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