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    Crow Bar

    Good read.

    And I think a far more accurate depiction of how Americans really see MSM.

    When I read and see MSM journalist decrying how they are under attack, the victims they are in losing the public’s trust due to this WH admin, my first thought is, “You did it to yourself. You gave up your journalistic integrity, journalistic objectivity, and credibility to push your or your organizations narrative.”

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    Crow Bar

    I have to only agree to a degree with Mr. Frank Sesno, head of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University.
    He gives kudos to NPR for getting out and talking to diverse view points outside the beltway, outside urban areas, into the “fly over states.”
    Yes, NPR has done that (I listen to a lot of NPR).
    But they also seem to go out of their way to find the least educated, least informed person to interview.
    Occasionally they do find someone who is well informed. Usually a non-college educated, but well informed, well connected (to their community) farmer.

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    I only believe half of what I hear and none of what I see in news. I take it all with a grain of salt. I have to dig to find the truth, and then I have to dig to be sure it is right.

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