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      Matt In Oklahoma

      I’ve met lots of folks over the years. Normally I’ll do a meet n greet at a neutral place like a restaurant. I’ve had everything from good folks to those looking for a life raft to militia to absolute nut jobs.
      Be very up front about who you are and what you believe and what isn’t tolerated. You’ll save a lot of time and headaches.
      It don’t mean these folks are bad it just means we ain’t compatible.
      As for me I don’t tolerate overthrow talk. We ain’t out to kill everybody who doesn’t look, dress and think like us. It doesn’t mean I’m gonna embrace them or their choices but I can just do my thing IF they leave me alone. If not I’ll deal with it myself.
      That clears out bout 1/2 the folks. The life raft grabbers that tried to reach out through websites just before the elections thinking they’d join in case of violence well let’s just say it backfired on them. You spent your money elsewhere so you were on your own.

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      Some good advice there.

      I don’t meet up with folks in person a whole lot. I’ve generally done so more at prepper events and classes.

      I’ll also add that a lot of people feel so much urgency about connecting with other preppers that they ignore the red flags and say stuff like, “Oh, I’m sure the person didn’t mean it like that.” I always assume they DID mean it (whatever “it” is) like that and I trust my instincts. I think you’re better off with just your family or your smaller group than you are with the wrong people, so don’t let your desperation for a big well-organized group cause you to use poor judgment.

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      I don’t share being a prepper with too many people. Only a handful of friends/family know. Fortunately, I have a co-worker that is too and we share info, swap ideas, etc. over the past 5 years. My husband isn’t a prepper and just goes along with my shenanigans. I don’t even think he knew I was a “prepper” until the other day. He has seen me stock our pantry over the past few months and sees me watch Youtube prepper videos. He walked it one day and says “Are you a prepper?” I thought he was joking. 🙂

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      So help me out. How do y’all come up with a medic, comms and specialized folks? Also how do you all train if not a private or semi private meetings? If your not meeting folks then how are you expanding your horizons? I’m hardly a social butterfly but even I know in order to expand my limits I gotta get out.
      If you got a different way then I’m all ears.

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      I have been working occasionally with my neighbor down the road, doing construction labor building pole barns for other homeowners around here. I’ve met a few good folks this way, and plan to invite them over in the coming months as health conditions permit. No talk of guns and butter yet, but everybody’s on more or less the same page with respect to living in the barrens. I don’t think Orwell’s children will come rolling down the lane any time soon (unless my daughter brings them, heh). For the time being this area seems shielded from the excesses of political hysteria I see in town and on the propaganda outfits blaring from the idiot box.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      I’ve had great experiences even to the point where one of the guys I deer hunt with every year. He’s real good people and the kind you want around when the chips are down.

      I’ve met folks who were great but as life goes they’ve moved on. No hard feelings or anything it’s just life. I’m better for having known them and would enjoy their company again if circumstances allowed.

      The flip side of the coin is where things seem great at first but then the guy hits you up for an AR part. I’ve got a few things here n there so yeah whatya need?
      He says I need a lower. Uh yeah that’s the actual gun.
      Shady Sam here wants to build a secret full auto with your name attached to it. True story

      Then there the middle ground that makes me sigh. I get to know members of a local preparedness group who are to the level of buying repeaters with shared money which is impressive. They ask me to teach a class at their next meeting. I said sure will and when I went I told them an XYZ event just happened and they were to go to their vehicles and bring in their go bags. 32 people and 3 go bags. Many tried to fake it by bringing in plastic sacks of stuff or a purse. I then stated we were going to secure the building and I needed all weapons presented and to form a line. 11 were able to produce. Yeah y’all ain’t real. You will only have what you have at the moment IT happens. Good folks with possibilities but still sheeple.

      I also know that I’m not the best bargain for many and they aren’t gonna feel like they win the big bear at the state fair with me. I’m a type A which that letter can also start a new word at times.

      The reason for meeting folks is enhancement. It’s a lot like dating in that your looking to fill a gap but with the ability to put up with that person as well.

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      Right now only way into our group is if you know and person will recomend you personally. Then you enter thier clan. 5 clans each headed by an elder.

      Elder group have strong ties from previous shft situations.


      Always room for new blood but has to be right fit with skills. Also have to be able to pull thier weight physically as well as have enough gear and resources to do several mandatory equipment and  residence  purchases.

      Have turned down people with skills but too much baggage or wrong personality types. The list is extensive for  the negatives and are assigned a point value if over a certain mark it’s a no.


      Right now easy to get leeches as most things are in place so easy to say sure I’ll join… we can afford to be picky and dont really have  any gaps in trained personnel left.


      I am called an a$$hole lots and return I tell them I am not I  am a hemorrhoid. Not gonna change I  old age to accommodate this “woke and PC soul cancer”

      If you can not talk plainly to those around you about a problem THAT IS A HUGE PROBLEM. We have one faith only politics outside we all lean one way. We have roe for now and later, there is a list and scale of locals and thier “score” as to how trustworthy. There are “laws” for living here on farm all have to abide with and agree to, and a way to address issues with other members.


      Many like in all life are looking for easy to join a group with everything done well because they are special… they are not.  We all start somewhere and again expensive experience and we a keep learning till we die.  Nothing in life worth having comes easy or free, that includes a good group that will.have your back.


      One of the first things that gets you a pass is asking how to change things withing the group….. you have not even been vetted and you are already thinking that you will need to change things to suit you…. pass.

      second is not keeping your word or keeping on time. We have had several prospects get mad that we did not wait till they arrived  when doing  activities…. 8 am means that  15 mins cause bs can happen and  most cases phone and text are available so use. Amazing people think their time is worth so much and others time is of no consequence.







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      OldMt Woman

      {sigh}  People keep getting old and moving away – a lot of them choosing to be nearer their next generations.  That’s quite legitimate.  But it means that having invested in a couple decades of friendship and trust-building….it goes away.  Friendships can remain at long distance but not going to be a physically available back-up if things go down.  🙁

      Mature, like-minded, serious folks aren’t exactly popping out of the trees in our area.  Most move in and LEAVE RIGHT QUICK after a bad winter.  🙁   We have one neighbor that may be like us….hopefully is.  We both grow things.  Maybe one day we’ll need to know.

      We tried once to check out a group.  Only one person showed at the restaurant.  We sat in the restaurant parking lot and listened to him.  He liked to talk and didn’t ask any questions.  I didn’t get really awful vibes from him but…he seemed to want to be “more than I could believe he really was”.

      He was speaking of others in harder times, who’d be hostile.  He said with a straight face, I don’t mind someone’s blood running down my arm.

      – – -Okay, I’m outta here!  – – –

      I understand…  That could be a reality in some harsh times.  But even if I was ever forced to experience that sensation or forfeit the life of me or mine – I would still most certainly MIND!  😮

      In my assessment, he was an odd ‘wanna be tough’.  No thanks.  Need more maturity, especially with such dire circumstances as we’re discussing.

      DH and I went in to get lunch and left later….in theory he was gone by then.

      OldMtWoman ….we just don’t get out much anymore

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      Crow Bar

      It was not exactly a meet and greet, but had a co-worker who was in the Marines, in comms, but never deployed. That struck me as funny. Based off the fact he was not a “morning” person (his dad was a supervisor, hence how he had a job) I dont think he ever got promoted past E-2.
      He claimed to have a custom built Rem 700, with a high priced Leupold. The way he talked, you would think he was a sniper. Smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and ate fast food at least twice a day. Got winded going up a flight of stairs.
      He would hint that he had a substantial stockpile of weapons and ammo. And despite being a world class jerk (he did not think much of women either), he had this idea he would be some kind of leader if SHTF.
      I was able to quit that job, thankfully.

      I heard a bout a year ago, his father had a heart attack and took early retirement.
      Without top cover from his dad, the kid was fired two weeks later.

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      OldMt Woman

      So…do we worry more about all the “big govt types of folks” or……these common strange ‘critters’ we’ve met?

      …rather not run into our parking lot guy again

      …or the other “tough guy” who wanted his pit dog to fight my dog….on MY land with me on the end of my dog’s leash!  I think he moved away.

      OldMtWoman  …got little patience with pretend babies

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        Crow Bar

        I am going to go with the strange “critters.”
        Some of them have serious wacky ideas.

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