Meet the Americans 'standing by' for possible election violence

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    My comment to most people is to stand back, stay home.

    This year turns violent, you do not want to get involved unless it comes to you.
    Too many people and organizations, official and not are trying to get everyone at each other’s throats so they can advance their agendas.

    You step up and you may become the example rather than the exception. The PTB may make it a point to come down on you to get everyone else to stay in line.

    If you act, act on your terms not someone else’s.

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    OldMt Woman

    Definitely, Whirlibird.  I’m staying home….which is far away from any population density.  My place is the sidelines, praying.  After DH delivers our votes to the courthouse of course.  Even that is a tiny mountain town and it will be well before 11/3.

    OldMtWoman …that is my part in this …..

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