Middle-class and poor kids are ditching youth sports

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    Can anyone comment on this?

    I played soccer. IIRC cleats, shin guards, socks, and the team tee-shirt.
    Wrestling, shoes.
    Football, shoes/cleats.

    Now, my daughter did do equestrian riding, hunter/jumper. That was a little pricey, but everyone chipped in for the saddle, clothing etc.

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    Josefina Arenas

    I don’t doubt it.  Disposable income is not so disposable any more.  High schools DEFINITELY have pay to play schemes.  Club leagues are very expensive.  There are very few stay at home parents any more who could transport kids to youth sports, let alone volunteer as coaches and refs.  Our kids did US Swimming and we paid to fly them to meets 5 states away….not cheap.

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    This is the first year that we don’t have three season athletes in the house.

    Our eldest, we just dropped off at a private college, with all but a free ride to run. Basically our investing in shoes and some hotel rooms just paid off to the tune of 90k a year for the next four years.

    The middle child just dropped one sport to focus on another. So he will be doing only two.

    We spend a lot between shoes, hotels, gas and more. But what is your kids future worth?

    We could have nicer cars, but we don’t. We could have nice clothes and such, but we choose to forgot those and make sure our kids have everything we didn’t get.

    Our eldest will go into grad school debt free, our gift to her, not just because she is brilliant.

    We put forth a lot of effort and time, supporting the teams, dinners, going to as many meets and games as we can. Supporting our kids and any others we can. And yes we have gone without to make sure another of these kids has the opportunity to play or just get a hot meal in a safe place.

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