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      Agin’ Cajun

      Greetings to all,

      So happy that several outlets are in pursuit of mechanisms of communication among the like minded that remove us from the FB, Twit, etc. conundrum.

      As a disaster relief HAM radio operator, my posts will tend to regard ability to act immediately once a “call to duty” has been issued; energy provision for off-grid living, avoiding injury and logistics.

      Best of luck and love to each of us as we brace for the coming storm.

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      I’m also a ham operator. I decided not to joint our local Amateur Emergency Services because I’m likely to be organizing our neighborhood instead. But knowing how ARES works is a helpful thing. And being able to use Ham Radio in cases of emergency is a good thing.

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      Welcome! I look forward to learning from you!

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      Cinnamon Grammy

      We are also Ham Operators.  Is there a separate page for us, yet?

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