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    Crow Bar

    I had a 100% US mil surplus wool sweater.  My dumb arse forgot it was in the wash and put it in the dryer with everything else . . . I will leave it at that.

    So, I saw this over on Midway-USA, for $39.99, I would give it a go.

    Arrived today.  They only had condition 2 or Good to Very Good condition, with minimal indications of use.  I would say it is brand new, never been used.  I got the large and it fits well.  I like when I am standing, the bottom edge is a good 4inches below my jeans waist line.  No cold draft when sitting!  Arm length comes down to my knuckles, if I pull them down when standing.  Typing at the keyboard they easily cover my wrists.

    The 1/4 zip is nice.

    I will use this as my around the house sweater, and keep the performance layer and fleece for outdoor use.


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    Crow Bar

    Been a few days now.  It is warm, comfortable, and I really like that it breaths quite well.  The 1/4 zip is really nice.

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    James Mitchner


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    Crow Bar

    @James Mitchner,


    But it looks like I bought the last one.

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      James Mitchner

      They look nice.  I think you got a good deal! Sorry they ran out.

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    I used this one for many many years, and even after that I gave it to friend as a gift, still in great condition.

    I can say i never used something that is so heavy duty but in same time not looking so heavy duty.

    Really good thing.

    It is old style German military sweater, not sure is it still in use.
    I just found link on Amazon, hopefully it is same quality.


    This one here looks more like real thing but it is out of stock


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      James Mitchner

      I’ve had several ‘Wooly Pulleys’ over the years.  My employer issued me my last one but it was acrylic and not wool.  Wasn’t hardly worn wearing, but it was FREE!

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