Millennial men are more accepting than ever, but they still won't do laundry

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    It is not just millennials.
    We have a friend who’s boyfriend does not do laundry, or cooking, or even the dishes. He lets her do all the work. He is a real winner!(heavy sarc)

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    Interesting, as I do the laundry and dishes.

    My son does his laundry as needed. But he ain’t a millennial either.

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    We change up chores each month do everyone gets a chance at doing them with exception of dealing with one boar and 2 bulls as they are good with only certain people. Some chores require certain size before you can do safely. Those are few limits.


    Only women only job is child birth rest is unisex. In days of equality there is no excuse for either sex not to know how to do all household chores well plus now so easy with wHite goods not like laundry is getting water from river covered in ice and washing on rocks in winter.

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    Gender roles are fine , if both people keep their end of the bargain . One big problem I see every day , is that young men are not men . Young women are frustrated . I’m not talking brainwashed leftist women , I’m talking normal women . Why ? Because too many young women are having to wear both sets of pants in the relationship . Its more like a parent child relationship , than a partnership . Women today also have their fur balls . As a society , we lost , and forgot many thing our past generations knew very well . Men and women just understood each other better in the past . That is one reason why some men are now looking for a foreign wife . Trying to keep it short , but in my own experience , dating an eastern european woman for many years . One of the appeals , is the fact that they have a lot of core values that we lost . There is womans work , and mens work , its just understood . Other things as well , that we have forgotten , like politeness , gentlemanly behavior towards women , etc . At her family gatherings , it went like clockwork . At the end of the dinner , ALL the women , cleared the table , and were like a well oiled machine , the women were back in less than 10 min . At the same token , any nasty , heavy , unpleasant , or repair work in and out of the house , was the mans job . They puled the chair our for their wives , opened the door for them , etc . all done out of mutual respect . Its when we try to blend each other into something we are naturally not , both sides become unhappy . Thats what the west has become now , Soy boys , and macho women .

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    Had a co-worker who’s wife threatened divorce if he didnt stop playing World of Warcraft.

    Had a roommate, playing World of Warcraft was all he did over the weekends. I think I talked more to his girlfriend than he did.

    The wife and I generally split the chores. But sometimes she insists on doing all the house cleaning. She says it makes her feel like she is contributing. I do 98% of the cooking. I have spent years not just following a recipe, but learning cooking techniques. Before she met me, she would of been happy eating a bowl of cold cereal for dinner every evening.
    Laundry is generally done on the weekends, but if the baskets are full, I am not above putting a load in. And I fold too!

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    Sophia when we were first dating , would look at me and say ” get out of MY kitchen ” lol . Took a year to convince her that it was ok i, f I helped wash the dishes .  Later she started letting me help with preparation .

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