Millions Of Californians Will "Plunge Into Darkness" As PG&E Commits To Cut Powe

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    Crow Bar

    Not just days, says the CA governor, but potentially up to a week.

    That is one place I would be fleeing.

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    OldMt Woman

    A year ago, before downed electric lines were blamed for the Camp fire, there was talk of simply shutting off the power on risky days.  There are many considerations:

    A.  It might have saved lives and certainly property, had they done it that day.  🙁

    B.  OTOH…at what point are they not delivering the product that folks are paying for?

    C.  And also, are the fees, taxes, etc adequate to provide safe means delivering power ….especially in crazy remote areas where people are carving out house developments.

    D.  Shut off power too much and ….there will be reason to give up on CA.

    E.  If people stay, best they find their own methods for power, especially if they are not set to ‘go Pioneer’ quickly.  Especially if they have special needs like Cpap machines, O2, etc.


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    James Mitchner

    On a regular basis now I read stories about California that causes me to think the state is on the fast-track to Third-World status and that the entire state apparatus is devoid of both wisdom and common sense.

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    Crow Bar

    My father has been to San Fran several times over the last 40 years.
    His last two trips (within the last 5 years) he says all you hear about the homeless, the filth, it is all true.

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    Should have used  tesla wireless power trans mission.



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    Casper Ship

    The State of Kali is completely to blame for forest mis-management, and wildfire debacles.

    California’s Government Solely Responsible

    So PG&E can cut off service almost all the time, but those poor Kali People are going to keep on getting the same kind of fires.

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