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    Matt In Oklahoma

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Couple of Morning Stars I built.
    Yeah I know it’s nuts but like I tell the wife it keeps me outta the strip clubs 😂</p>
    I use pipe, hardened bolts and a tow ball cut in half

    I test them by smashing concrete block, with both ends, before welding the spikes on.

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    Crow Bar

    How is the balance?

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      It’s almost too equal. I think a weight forward might be a little better. I might cut off the shank portion that fits in the handle on the next one I try.
      ya definitely need the death clutch on it in full swing smashing pumpkins 🎃

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    Casper Ship

    For those who have totally renounced the “grey man” concept, this looks like a perfect EDC item. 🙂

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Bhshahaha then I’d have to mount a red dot and suppressor on it while rubbing beard oil and be all like “I appendage carry it”.

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    How long are spike’s? Have you tried hitting something like a live tree? How hard was it to remove the bolts when embedded into tree?


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    Matt In Oklahoma

    First one has hit a tree it buried it. The spikes are from Chevy truck door pins we replaced on a suburban.
    The second one has shorter pins made from hardened screws

    It was used during an edged weapon class I gave where I placed a heavy coat over a punching bag and had everyone try to cut and stab it so they KNEW the effects of things like zippers and thickness layers.
    It easily punched through the coat into the bag full depth.

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    Ouch!  Nice work, and it reminds me that I really need to learn welding!

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    Crow Bar

    I was at a gun/knife show a few years back and picked one of these up for $40.

    I like the length and the balance, but the screws they supply are some what lacking.

    Wrapped the grip with 550 cord.

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