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    Matt In Oklahoma

    This is my Shelter inventory:

    Earplugs (because it’s noisy and the air horn you might use to be found is too)Air horn (in case the shelter is covered in debris)

    Heavy duty tote you can sit on
    2 good chairs
    8 AA
    4 AAA
    Radio (wind up and solar)
    2pr gloves
    Homemade candles (homemade “just because” we did some as a group from animal fat but be careful if there’s gas leaks)
    Hand sanitizer
    Chemlights (Gets dark in that hole)
    Extension cord (cause power doesn’t shut off immediately. Get the last charge in the phone)
    Extension cord splitter
    15gl water
    Towels (It wet and you sweat afterwards)
    Stocking cap (early spring it’s still cool and folks go into shock from mental or physical injuries)
    Fan (circulation of air till the power goes out)
    Small tote bag (to carry valuables afterwards)
    Rubber gloves
    Trash bags (to put recovered items in)
    Toilet (Cause mine is now gone but I gotta stay n work)
    1 roll TP
    3 MREs

    Just some ideas. Make it yours. The go bags we bring in compliment it. I rotate water and replace perishables in Feb/Mar annually. I’m interested in seeing or hearing y’all’s stuff too.
    Y’all stay safe.


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    Might consider some granola / fruit bars and salted peanuts to add to the supplies, the added salt won’t hurt and the mental boost of a “treat”  of normal stuff helps.
    Shovel, saw crowbar and small axe, hard to say what may be on top of the shelter doors. A friend and her kids were stuck inside the shelter when a tree limb fell on the doors.
    Entertainment? Some kind of distraction until morning.

    Spent more than one night in tornado shelters over the years. And the one thing that you have to have is a positive attitude. It’s just another thing that you are going to survive.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Good suggestions. We have several additional items in our go bags that I take in that will cover some of that as well as extra meds. On high risk days I’ll even move several working guns and my kit down there ahead of time too.
      I preposition our helmets by the Backdoor too because it’s usually hailing.
      I’m hoping my team will arrive and cut us out sooner than later lol. Also I highly recommend registering these if your city/county has one. It’s a real help for responders. There are things you want found like your storm shelter despite our leaning towards OPSEC.

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    Also, let someone know where you will be in that shelter as if something does fall on the entrance and people are out and about after the storm, they can check on you. Same for you to know about a neighbor just in case. The tools help, need that added protection to let someone know you will be in a shelter on your land.

    I don’t buy MRE’s to much salt, I make my own. We have a plan to leave if something happens as we don’t have a shelter here. And we will not stay in a public shelter. We would be leaving before the need to have to go to a shelter, one because of grid lock around here. Happens more now that this area has grown up so much. One reason I really want to move out of here. It was once a nice quiet country area. But you wouldn’t know it was ever country now. Farm land is all but gone.

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    Whirli is right with the distraction…. kinda creepy but we have conflicted card games… and can use for regular cards.

    Carbon monoxide and dioxide monitor.

    Some self heats for hands and for warming food/water.

    Extra blanket / mylar tarp. For grab and go we use older style stuff duffel bags that have been waxed they are quiet a d tear resistant and can hold.more then garbage bag

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