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    It’s time to break in your water filter!

    Today I want you to drink from a puddle or a creek after running the water through your Sawyer Mini or Lifestraw.

    It’s important to trust your equipment and most folks have these filters but have never used them. What if you get right down to it and you don’t actually know how your filter works? Admittedly, they’re simple to use, but if you’ve never used them and you’re in a scary situation, even things that should be easy become more difficult.

    Drinking puddle water from my Sawyer Mini was one of the things I did when I took Selco’s course. It didn’t exactly taste like it came from a clear mountain spring but it also quenched my thirst without making me sick.

    How did it go?

    From what source did you filter water? Was your filter easy to use? Have you used your filter previously? How did you feel after drinking the water?

    PS: Be sure and rinse your filter out with tap water and let it dry completely after using it. You probably won’t be drinking from a puddle on a daily basis, so it’s best to clean it.

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    used a berkey go took from.puddle outside was fine did not even taste bad. I have used it many times before drinking from swamp water, beaver ponds, puddles, though we get a lot of rain here and if you really need a drink all you have to do is cut a sap drip and drink that. Best are in order for my taste birch(seasonal), alder, Aspen then pines stay away from cedar unless it’s old the bark gets into the Sap and is a pain in a$$ to get out. Pine taste shitty but has other properties it’s better to collect other sap and boil blue spruce needles to alleviate  hunger and get some vitaming c… better yet to find some  rose hips to add.


    I have taken water from a seasonal spring run off that goes through a pig pen and cattle  pasture so it definately has  poop in it and drank a bit after filtering. It’s a mental cringe but the water is clean to drink. The filters however need to be back flushed and cleaned after so save some of the water.



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    um, dont have a water filter.

    Yea I know, a big no, no

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    I use my Berkey a lot, so have that one down.  As for my mini sawyer filter, i tried it out at a retention pond just to see how well it worked and to make sure I was using it proper. It did very well. I always clean my filters after using them and making sure they are good and dry before putting away.  I had no ill effects from the retention pond but also have not tried it out in a puddle or ditch.  Will have to try it to see how it goes. Though it sounds gross, it is something we need to try because one day that might be what we have to do to get water to drink.

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    Dala Barnes

    A Lifestraw is on my birthday wish list.

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    3cats1dog Johnson

    Used my Lifestraw to filter water from a pond in the neighborhood. It looks clear, but there are a bunch of geese who call this home, so I really wanted to filter the water! Had no trouble operating the Lifestraw, and it had very little taste or smell. A neighbor seemed to think I was crazy, but it was a good trial.

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    Ah, Corsaire and Dala, you are not alone.  A lifestraw is on my ‘get it’ list.  I’ve drank from a nearby spring straight though.  We have a few of these around here.

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    I have a water bottle with a 3 micron filter. I drank some water from the village irrigation ditch. It was ok. No puddles here right now

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    Good daily challenge! I had bought a Lifestraw filter and thrown it into my BOB without trying it out. Fortunately, it was right on top so I didn’t have to dig to find it. I read and followed the directions and after several hard pulls was able to suck up the water. But to be honest, I just couldn’t bring myself to try any of the several water sources near my house, so I just sipped some regular tap water. It was awful tasting through the straw. Sort of medicinal tasting, maybe? Whatever, I’m glad I have the straw. I’m glad I’ve now tried it and know it works technically, but whether it really is keeping out 99.9999% of the bad guys I’m not willing to chance finding that out without dire circumstances dictating it. 🙂

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    Farm Girl

    Tried out our LifeStraw for first time, worked good, taste could have been better.  Since there are no puddles right now, used the cow water trough.  Yeah, drinking after cows isn’t my ideal, but close as I could get to a puddle without walking all the way down to the pond.

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    In addition to my Alexapure (much better than Berkey..research for yourself and you will see…I can even send you a link to a YouTube comparison video) that I use every day I have a portable large filter from the maker of lifestraw and a lifestraw in my car emergency supplies. Having said all that again just got home from another long day at work & did not actually do the dirty water test.  Honestly I am ready to do this if emergency situation is present & know how to do so but really not excited about the test.

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    JD Darling

    I’ve had worse water and been glad to have it, assuming I’m not sick and don’t expect to be.

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    OldMt Woman

    Ack…I TRIED!  I have a in-water-bottle filter.  And no…..I haven’t ever used it.  {roll eyes}  So I dug it out of it’s designated bag.  Read directions which include flushing it first time with city tap water….[for me, I added a touch of bleach to well water].  Then tried to squeeze that water thru the filter.  Good Grief!  Filter adds such strong resistance!   I kept having to rest my hands!  In between, I straightened out the Goin’ Into Town bag that filter “lives” in.  Change for season, update emergency bars, etc.  Had to run the bleachy water thru X2 and then rinsing it out.  By the time I did all that…yikes!  I’ll do that actual pond water test tomorrow.  Awfully glad I’m not trying to get home from “town” and rely on that filter today…  Sawyer Mini is looking very good right now.  [Its been on my list for a while now.]

    My second filter was in the real BOB which also badly needed to be reorganized and slimmed down.  I found some things inside had gotten WET.  AAACK!  HOW did that happen????   Threw out a moldy leather knife sheath  🙁  and worked for a while to clean up the good folder knife with steel wool and oil.  It was ok….maybe less pretty.  And the folding saw….worked quite a while to get the rust off that!  It wasn’t pretty to begin with….purchased used at a garage sale.  But RUST?  Cleaned up the whole bag and set out in the WIND/sun today.  Perfect day to dry that, thankfully.  In between I’m squeezing that other bottle.  Uff Ta!  Small house with things spread all over….and the big dog wanting to lay down in the middle of my ‘exploded’ project.  So I didn’t even BEGIN with my Katadyn filter yet.  It’s there on the floor….waiting for tomorrow….

    OldMtWoman….TIRED but know this project is so important!

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    Loving Life

    I used my Lifestraw. I have several and always carry one in my go bag and my hiking backpack. I used the one in my hiking backpack as I have used it several times on hikes. For this challenge, I used it on water in the rain barrel. The Lifestraw worked as advertised.

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    Crow Bar

    I use a Platypus Gravity Works filter.

    It can filter about a liter in little over a minute.  So 4 liters in about 5 minutes.

    I have a inline carbon filter too.  Tasted like good clean water.  Pulled the water out of the brook.

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    Mama cando

    Had to do Challenge 10 today as I was hit by something and was ill all day yesterday. DH took care of his friends while I crashed in bed. While DH and friends were out this afternoon, I used my Life straw in some rain water from the rain this afternoon. Had a bucket on back deck, used one of DH’s undershirts, strained the water and drank it with Life Straw. Worked okay. I have three more Life Straws and working on getting some bigger filters(Berkey, Hydro Blu)

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    Jessee Jones

    I used my Lifestraw with water from the rain barrel. Filtered it through an old T shirt and then drank it. It did have a metallic taste but was palatable. It would keep me alive. I have a Katadyne that I need to get out and figure out now. I am also looking at an Alexapure to use in the house so I can stop buying bottled water and don’t have to worry so much about the tap water that is coming into the house. Our water comes from the Ohio River……..YUM!

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    Use my straw om water from my water barrel since we didn’t have any puddles/. Had to read instructions first.

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    Mama T

    Didn’t actually use it but got familiar with my Sawyer muni.

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    Livingthe Dream

    I don’t have a Lifestraw or sawyer mini but I do have a filtered water bottle that I keep in the car.  There are no puddles around so I used tap water to try it out.  Water tasted okay.

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    Samantha Nichols

    I used Filtrete Whole House Carbon Wrap Water Filters for a few months and I very satisfied with it. It comes in 3 different styles to suit different needs. For example, there is the 30-micron carbon filter that effectively filters out and removes sand, silt, particles, debris, rust, and other sediments. There is also a filter that ais to improve the taste and smell of your water. As such, it will also target and filter out chemicals such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. Lastly, there is a 5-micron filter that will ensure extra protection against microscopic bacteria, viruses, and anything that’s left. Because of this, this water filtration system is extremely versatile and convenient to use.

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