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    Do you have the maps that you need in physical format? You might not always be able to rely on Google maps or Garmin. As well, some maps can be an absolute wealth of information if you are searching for specific resources after the SHTF.

    For today’s challenge, buy or print off local maps. As well, if you are planning to bug out, print off or purchase maps of that area too. Topography maps can help you locate things like bodies of water and can assist you in navigating if you’re on foot.

    This article will help you locate the maps that you need.

    This article will help you find resources near you.

    It’s a good idea to have more than one copy of these kinds of maps. I keep them at home, in my car, and in my backpack. The one in my backpack is in a waterproof folder. (These folders are good for all sorts of things. I use them for all my important documents even inside my safe.)

    Let’s talk about it.

    What maps do you keep on hand? Did you locate some maps that might be useful to you? Do you have any suggestions for other maps preppers might want to keep on hand in physical format? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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    Love those waterproof folders, off to my wish list they go

    Got the email and got to work.

    Detailed maps for Florida, not as easy as I thought.

    as most just have the major roads

    So I found the Floridas Official Transportation map. Looked great and you can download it, but the clarity would be sacrificed

    but the website said you can order a paper version for free at, which I did as well a guide to the campsites.

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    Mama cando

    DH collects old state maps. We have a copy paper box full of maps that he’s collected over the years. I think he has a few from the 30’s and 40’s in the box.  When we hit the garage and estate sales , he zeroes in on the maps and other things he likes to collect. Both our cars have paper maps in them and we both know how to read them. We taught the boys how to read maps when they were younger but both do rely, too much I fear, on the GPS in their phones. I keep reminding them to go “old school” once in a while to keep the skill sets up and teach the grands the skills too.Good idea about the campsite guide, corsaire, didn’t know they had such things, thought they only had state maps with camping sites on them. Put the waterproof folders on the list. I keep mine in a Ziploc gallon sized bag in the car, LOL.

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    JD Darling

    Have them all and have scouted the local area on the ground and through satellite photos.

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    Crow Bar

    I got a DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer of the state.
    It is 1:127,000 scale which is ok.
    1:50,000, or 1:25,000 (1:24,000 by USGS) would be better for fine detail.
    I see there are apps out there for free USGS maps.
    But operating under the assumption of no power situation, physical map is better.

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    Livingthe Dream

    I have an Atlas of the US and maps of my state and the ones next to me in my car.  They’re pretty old so I just ordered new ones.

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    Dala Barnes

    I have an road atlas and county maps of the surrounding counties. I need to get some from the places north of us. Off to accomplish that.

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    OldMt Woman

    When DH and I moved up here decades ago, we set out to explore on horses.  Welllll, we got up on a ridge [Rocky Mts] and could not find a road that went back down.  So frustrating to see where our new place was but all roads dead end.  Had to go all the way back, the way we came..nearly dark when we got home.  We are quite confusing out here where we live.  Even on horses or walking, there are impassible places w/o technical climbing.  So….we’ve got the maps!  I even hand them out to frustrated…confused…or even scared people in cars.  Then I print another one to carry.

    I gave out one recently and need to print another dozen…..if I can figure out DH’s [former] work computer that is now in living room.  He’s been doing part-time work lately and I haven’t had the chance to have him help me.  Okaaay, so today I make it happen anyway.  These challenges ARE cleaning up a lot on my TO DO LISTS.   {but they are making more/other lists at the same time.}

    We have very local …..just this neighborhood maps.  That’s the hard one to find…the one I hand out.  It has EVERY little road named.  The next is the neighborhoods near here.  Can’t keep the dozens of them straight cuz they’re all “Pine-this” and “Creek-that”.  Same with the roads.  Memory alone will not serve me well in a serious emergency.

    Of course the fire danger has led us to have copies of the Fire Service Rds… we can interpret announcements as to WHERE the fire is …in relationship to our house.  Plus regular highway maps, etc.  Maps of towns near us.

    Have some in the In-Town bag….in BOB….In vehicles….in my back pocket.  Some extra types are kept right by the door.  They just ‘live’ there and could be grabbed in an EVAC but probably wouldn’t need them.  They are of towns further away and other states.  But…who knows?

    I have also maps of OLD RAIL WAYS.  Often those right-of-ways are still there….without the tracks, if one needed to travel longer distances after StuffHitsFan.  I’ll see if I still have the link for that.  Each state has a map.

    Another thing to watch for, if on foot/horse/ATV… and if you aren’t deep into the wilderness areas:  power lines.  The route will be clear under them….Hmmm, somewhat.  But at least you would know you are not walking in circles.

    OldMtWoman  ….go wrestle with a printer  {roll eyes}

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    A couple of years ago, I went to our local chamber of commerce,  and got several county maps.  Whenever we travel, we stop at rest areas to get a state map. this way, we have maps of anywhere we might be traveling

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    Hmm…in my car a state map of Missouri and a city map of Memphis….in house, an atlas of every county in Arkansas. Hmmmp…Well, none of those would help me get to my family in this county where I would most likely go in an evacuation situation; so, I better get busy and find a county map that shows all the secondary and gravel roads that might help me go from here to there if traffic on the main highway is backed up or bridges out, etc. As I recently tried to find my way across the county using backroads, I got sooooo lost…no cell service either. Briefly pretty scary but I finally got where I wanted to go. Should have been about 20 minutes – took an hour and a half. 🙂 I think leaving home alone in my car is not going to happen without a handy map in the future. Thanks for making this one of our challenges.

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    Old Critter and I recently stopped at our state visitors center in a local area town and got free maps of the three state area for the purpose of IF we were away from home and had to walk home.  We would walk the back roads or go through rural land (Have fun climbing fences at our ages!!!).  We recently gave a class talk at our church on “Get Home Bags” and demonstrated the bag and its contents.

    FYI… MOST state visitors centers at rest stops have free state maps, the old fashioned kind!

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    We updated our Rand McNally road atlas the first of this year.  We have several maps of Virginia but need to get a new one as so much here has changed and still changing. need to get a new one of our city. So putting that on the to do list. We keep a couple of maps in car as well. The water proof bags would be great, so putting that on my list as well of things we need to get done.

    Muffy you are right about having a map with the gravel roads, and even the railroads that OldMtWoman mentioned. Those are great ideas. Will be checking into that for this area and beyond.  Need to get a map of the area of my grandparents old homestead as well. As that area has changed a great deal.

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    Jessee Jones

    I am so glad you gave this challenge! We meant to do this a while ago but forgot. I ordered the new 2019 map of my state on the transportation map website as well as the rail map. I am going to go to my public library and print off the county maps from the website in color so I can see the green on the map for the public land. There is a lot around where I live. I am also going to find the maps of the surrounding states and the closest county maps. I don’t mind this homework 🙂

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    Farm Girl

    Hi all!!  Was unable to look at this challenge yesterday, nor was I able to post anything.  I already have laminated maps of Oklahoma and Texas in each vehicle, but yes, a county map would be of enormous help!!  Off to get one now!!

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    Loving Life

    Done. I have physical maps in each car and local maps for the areas.

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    I have a good selection of local maps, but more is better and I’ll be grabbing some more.


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    Missed a couple of days because life interfered.

    About light-  have a lot of candles and know how to make them.  Should get more supplies.  Have oil lamps and should get more oil, many flashlights and quite a few batteries (s few that crank to charge), a coleman lantern and some outdoor solar lights.  Also solar panels so we are pretty good with light.

    About maps- I have a box of maps from different states and cities although I wouldn’t want to go to the cities if SHTF.  Have a map of the state with every road in the state no matter how small.  Don’t know if other states have that or not.  I have always liked maps.  Got some from the forest service about the local area.  Gave some away to a relative so need to get some more.

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    Pony Maroni

    We have local maps, as well as folding state maps for surrounding states.

    We also have topographical atlases, as well as national road atlases, in our vehicles. Probably should get a set into the house, store with the emergency supplies.

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    Mama T

    Thank you to Corsaire above, I was able to order some FL maps in the mail. I’ve lived in my area most of my life and know MY area like the back of my hand. Though I do see how maps can come in handy.

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    The map came in the mail today. Besides the roads, it has a list of visitor info centers, toll roads, and greenways and trails. Still waiting on the campground map though.

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