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    These days, many of us rely too much on our phones’ memories instead of our own.

    Back when I was a kid I had dozens of phone numbers memorized. Now, that number is about three.

    Today’s task is very easy. Write down all important phone numbers and put them in your wallet.

    What numbers should you write down?

    • Family members’ homes
    • Family members workplaces
    • Family and friends’ cell phone numbers
    • Your children’s schools and daycares
    • Close friends
    • Utility companies
    • Neighbors
    • Clergy
    • Doctor’s office

    My wallet is big enough to hold an index card, so that’s what I use for my numbers. It’s sturdier than a piece of paper. You might even consider laminating the list of phone numbers.

    Did you get this done?

    Maybe you’ve already done this. Are there phone numbers that I missed on the list above? Share them below.


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    Added poison control 800-222-1222
    vets office,
    pet poison control hotlines:
    ASPCA, fee not specified 888-426-4435
    Pet poison hotline 855-764-7661 $59.00 fee

    and the
    off hours pet emergency hospital

    Gotta take care of the fur babies

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    OldMt Woman

    Since we are infrequent cell users…having no cell service in our Mts…I have a phone #s card in my back pocket with drivers license, etc.  Always-On-Me packet.  But I will be checking to make sure all is updated.  Have utilities written on hanging chalkboard.  Being rural, we call those often enough! Pet Vet #s in packet and also hanging up near phone.  Definitely.

    Within my BO stuff, I have a whole old-time paper address/phone/Bdays book.  Came in real handy on our wildfire Evac.  Church folks, friends, family, docs, DENTAL, and vets, …..

    ADD to your list:  lawyer, insurance agents – home/auto/health in case your house burns OR you get in vehicle collision while everyone is CRAZY during an EVAC.  If you rent:  Property manager or home owners.

    OldMtWoman  …weirdest stuff happens during EVAC!

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    Farm Girl

    I have a list like this in a document folder in my bug out book.  Also made a copy and put it in a ziploc bag along with copies of all our other important docs, like DL’s. marriage certificate, birth certificates, social security cards, etc.  Put the ziploc in a PVC pipe, buried it, making it look like a drain clean out.  Showed our son where it was so he could get to it if he needs to, in case something happened to us.  But, I will make another copy to put in my purse, since I never go anywhere without it.

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    Would add to that bank and credit card never know when you will have to deal with that on top.of emergancy. Pharmacy is you have one that gets your regular prescribtion.

    Specific for us is a few local Truckers incase of live stock move fuel refill guys.

    Each meet up area for regroup has a number looks like phoNE number but is not.


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    <p>have the entire list written down including my bank phone with debit card and checking number with it. My family, Church friends, neighbors, medical providers, auto club. Call and membership number…if the number was on my phone I wrote it down. Then I added my banking info on the line with that nunber. I keep the note book in a drawer where its handy. The card with that info is in my purse. Since my wallet is a card case the numbers don’t fit in it. </p><p> </p>

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    Loving Life

    Done. I always keep a list.

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    Oh, my. I really had not given this a thought but clearly this is something I must do as others have noted above. I won’t get this done today, but I pledge to do it over the weekend for sure.

    Speaking of memorizing numbers reminded me that back when I was a girl growing up in a small Southern town, we still had operators who asked, “Number please” when we picked up the receiver. All the numbers were really short, three or four digits. I clearly remember my Father’s business phone number, one-one-one, though I can’t recall any others. And, of course I remember the party lines we had out in the county. Wow. Now the party line snoops are hiding in my computer and I can’t tell when they’re listening in. 🙂

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    I have a small phone book that has all of my important numbers listed. Mainly all of the above. I keep it in my purse. I also have another one I keep in my car as well. One thing on above list I did not see was the non emergency police number. That is also something that has come in handy for me when a major street light was out and I called them to direct traffic as it was heavy and people were flying through the light without stopping for cars already under the light. Saw a couple of cars almost collide head on. I also keep the state police emerg. number in my little phone book. You never know when you might need it.

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    Dala Barnes

    I carry a small phone book in my purse. I also include my insurance companies phone number with the policy numbers.

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    IThis one is a good one and easy too.  I carry an address book in my purse (my edc) with that stuff in it- also emails and addresses.  I keep a local phone book and also a phone book from nearby city in my car.  I keep a cell phone charger in the car too.  I just made a list to refresh what I want in the car at all times too.

    I just typed and lost it all. so here goes again.  I also carry a small address book in my purse which is my edc.  I will check it and make sure I haven’t overlooked anything.  I carry a local phone book in the car and a phone book from a nearby city that we might need a number or address from as well as a few maps and a cell phone charger.


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    Livingthe Dream

    I used to carry an address book in my purse but took it out when I got my smartphone.  Now I need to find and update it.

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    Jessee Jones

    Got it done. Although I can remember numbers right now, that can change in a minute!

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    JD Darling

    I have several master lists of numbers like that, and I have continued to memorize all the family numbers.

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    Thanks! Never considered having the list with me, such as in the car.  Also, numbers like poison control.  Def. doing this now, printing them out, and laminating them.  I want to put a copy in each glove box.

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    Mama T

    I have memorized our most important ones. There are only a few calls I ever make so it isn’t hard. I do have a hard copy in a safe box and in my email.

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    Have most of these written down and available, but you lovely people have given me more numbers to find and add to the list!

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