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    Do you or any of your family members take medications? Do any of you take over-the-counter meds on a regular basis? Do you have any pre-existing conditions?

    Today, write down a list of medications that any of your family members are taking. Include the dosage, prescribing doctor, and pharmacy. As well, note any pre-existing conditions. Keep this list in a place that it’s easy to grab in the event of a medical emergency.

    Family members should also keep a list of their own medications and pre-existing conditions in their wallets so that if they are taken into the hospital and cannot speak for themselves, the emergency team is likely to find this list. This is very important, as some emergency medications can react very badly with prescription medications.

    Is this something you’ve already done?

    You may have done this already, but if not I suggest you take the time to do it today. Is there anything you’d add to this list?

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    Farm Girl

    No medications are taken here, and no pre-existing medical conditions.

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    Mama cando

    Yup DH and I carry a list of the meds we take in our wallets AND in the GHB. Plus I have a Medical Alert bracelet that I wear. It’s a child’s bracelet that has a small storage compartment in it  that you can list on a piece of paper, emergency #’s,the child’s name an area to list any medical problems and the med’s the child takes. It looks like a Spiedel watch band and it can be engraved with the child’s name on the front and a BRIEF note on any allergies on the back of the small  compartment. Mine says allergic to penicillin , sulfa, bee , wasp stings with my name on the front next to the med alert symbol. Collections ETC has had them for adults. I have very small wrists that’s why I have the child one.

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    Livingthe Dream

    I already keep a list of medications I take in my wallet.  I guess I need to list the pre-existing conditions on it.

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    On file at the local hospital already.

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    OldMt Woman

    Good one!  I know mine and DH knows mine but I don’t know his.  Ooops!

    Here’s the real scary part about modern medical records.  Springtime this year, I was in hospital for simple in/out surgery.  Previous to the procedure, at least 5 people came into the pre-op room to meet me and each one asked questions.  Two different nurses were making updates to my ELECTRONIC records.  Each one re-entered data I’d already told the previous one or should have been already in there.  The grand finale was that one of the docs was unaware of my major disease. He and RN raised eyebrows and RN checked the records…it wasn’t showing.  Next time I’m putting labels written on medical tape across my hospital gown!  Hmph!  {think I’m kidding?}

    Surgery was simple BUT I had an unexpected overnight stay cuz my system went wacko with anesthesia.  Just think…I’m not regaining consciousness to answer questions.  So they take data from the ELECTRONIC records that were apparently not saving any new data.  I’d given them data regarding my reaction to anesthesia, but did it really get recorded?  I don’t know – cuz I’m unconscious way too long after surgery.

    Finally got me stabilized….but with my heart now in AFib [which it has never done]…..and now do I have a heart condition????  The answer, thankfully, no.  Good Grief!  Even the next day, RN monitoring my condition was STILL asking those same questions….that I’d answered and watched them enter 3 times the day before.  Horrifying!  No more Dr Welby, yanno?

    So this is what I think:  Keep paper records of your own…and for your family.  Keep them updated.  If something happens, we can…..we MUST be an advocate for ourselves and our families.  We make SURE they have things straight.  Heaven knows they try…asking your name/birth date every time they turn around.  But things move tooooo fast these days.  And then computer systems glitch or go down.  Not bad if it’s merely lost luggage at the airport but in hospitals…..

    OK….I’ve got to get something into my “Back Pocket Packet” too.  I do wear a Medical I.D. permanently. Has name and major disease and inform them I do not have seizures …it’s hyperthermia!  That’s the major thing they would easily misdiagnose.

    Also have the FILE OF LIFE packet on the door of fridge.  That’s where First Responders look for medical data.  I got my magnetic thing from the fire dept.

    Sigh….and it occurs to me that our adult kids might need to have mom/dad’s packet of data too.  In case something would happen to both of us at once.

    OldMtWoman ….not trusting the ELECTRONIC records much…

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    Jessee Jones

    Have this done already. DH had several health issues so we always kept this update for him. Mine is a lot smaller but is done.

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    Basically have this done.  Will try to think of any gaps.

    Daisy this is a very good challenge.  We needed something new to keep us going.

    I just put a renewable candlewax source on the #17 lighting page.

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    DH and I both take medication and have medical conditions.  We have always kept a copy of our meds. and our conditions along with what we are allergic to in our wallets. I also keep my own medical records. So every blood test, MRI, CT scan, EKG, etc. I always get copies for my records. I keep folders with all that together in a water proof container.

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    Dala Barnes

    Great suggestion to add over the counter meds to the list. I always forget to add them. Off to write a new card for myself and DH.

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    I would add blood type to the info

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    I just want to ditto everything OldMTWoman says about electronic records! I won’t go into detail about my first hospital experience since childbirth 45 years ago, but I learned pretty quickly I better stay on top of what was going on around me. Fortunately, I was conscious and able to communicate, but now I am no longer so naive and I am not at all bashful to ask what are you doing, why are you doing it, what is that medication, etc. Made a few bossy nurses snappy with me, but hey, it’s my body and if I don’t know what is being done and why I’m the one to pay the price! I’m fortunate in that I only have to take two prescription meds. My medical info is located on the fridge and on my IPhone. I think I’m covered.

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    JD Darling

    Not a current issues, but people who have my location as a backup plan are encouraged to do this.

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    This has been already done, I keep it in my wallet as well

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    Pony Maroni

    We don’t take regular medications, but do have some that we take PRN.  We also maintain a list of the meds and conditions for which they’re taken.

    Our goal is to get away from the pharmaceutical industry. We know too much “insider” info on those companies, and really have very little confidence in them.

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    Mama T

    No scripts or pre-existing in my little family BUT I will share this with my parents who both have multiple scripts.

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    Loving Life

    Already done, including for my dogs. I try to keep at least 6 months of any prescriptions (flea and tick for the dogs) and otc needs. I have also been trying home remedies (herbs, etc) that seem to do a good alternative job.

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