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    A saying in the prepper world is “knowledge weighs nothing.”  We all know that our skills are the one thing we can’t lose. Many of us live pretty pampered lives compared to those who raise their own food or build structures or spend their time in the wilderness.

    Since it’s a weekend, we have a bit more time. So, today, practice a skill like marksmanship, archery, or self-defense. If you aren’t into these kinds of things, choose a different skill like food preservation. Better yet, if there are any around, teach a young person to learn this skill and pass it on to the next generation. Make it something you don’t do every day and polish your skill.

    What skill did you practice?

    Share what skill you practiced in the comments below. I bet we’ll have a very wide range of skills!

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    Jessee Jones

    Pressure canned 7 quarts of chicken today. Also, spoke with DD and she found out the schedule for the local state park’s activities. They have an archery class weekly and provide the equipment – all I have to do it show up and want to learn. I have planned to participate next week. Need to learn how to do this now. Free is even better! BTW – our state parks have free classes on canoeing, kayaking, archery, hiking, etc. They have the equipment. You just have to show up.

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    Farm Girl

    Went out and shot a few “clips” to target practice with my little gun.  Getting better!!

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    Crow Bar

    The 5 for 5-diame challenge.

    Shoot 5, 5rnd groups that can be cover with a dime.

    In this case, the one flier was the result of the pellet hitting one of my wife’s crazy vine plants that was in my line of sight.


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    Just getting on here. So haven’t done anything to practice my skills today as DH and I went out with our Sunday school class for lunch today. Then came home and DH was so tired he took a nap for rest of afternoon. Doctor may need to cut his sleeping pill in half. He is on trial and era right now so sees doc end of month. Hopefully it will be adjusted better so he isn’t tired all day.

    So will have to think about this one to see what skills I need to do.  I would love to get back to using bow and arrow to see if my hand will be strong enough to use one. It has been  a long time since I used one.  I did can beef stew a few days ago. So I do have some skills I use on an almost daily basis but need to practice some I haven’t done in a long, long while. So guess I miss on this challenge as I did nothing today for practice.

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    OldMt Woman

    Tomorrow!  Today was all day effort ….a visit with our elderlies and those folks can wear ya out!  LOL  I wear out easy tho.  Good time with them…finally.  DH did stop to purchase a stock-up on 3 medical things tho….while I was trimming hair and starting a new puzzle.

    Did have protection with us today…when we were out and about.  Practice awareness.  That’s a skill.

    Will put up a target tomorrow.  I seem be frequently playin’ catch-up here.  This week DH worked full time at his part time job.  That throws us off…way off.  {shrug}

    OldMtWoman   …lol, never heard the “wife’s crazy vine plant” one before, @crowbar  😉

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    Dala Barnes

    I did some plinking today. Did better but seem to get worse if I practice too long.

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    Mama cando

    Went to an emergency preparedness expo today. Had a good time , met another person & spouse. Got some good information.

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    Helped put up a shop today…. a version of barn raising. 100 people so 1/4 of local population a gift for newly wed couple.  They poured foundation for new trailer as with hooking it up this week when it arrives. Couple is on honeymoon they will come back to new home and a shop with drive way and land scaping.


    Was fun with that many people.


    When I got back I took one more mule deer buck on our drive way… barely had to move loader to string up and skin. Cooling in one of the barns.

    Tomorrow skill test will be forge and Cooper work making 20 gallon oak cask for shine ageing. Got some used sherry and port casks to break down and make half size.

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    Wow..I’m impressed Crow Bar! This challenge is a reminder that I should practice some with my shotgun but am hesitant to go out by myself; so this will have to wait until next weekend.

    Anyhow, I’ve spend the biggest part of my day attending my 63rd High School reunion….fun was had by all…about half of our class of 100 or so are still alive and about half of the remaining group showed up….So, no skills practiced today other than social skills (which can get rusty when one gets older and lives alone) and driving to town and back without running over anyone.

    But in the spirit of the challenge I think I’ll fire up my butane camp stove and see if I can make a one skillet meal that is edible…

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    JD Darling

    Went on an off trail foraging walk with the kids.

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    Crow Bar

    Yeah, it/they started out as two smallish vines (one male, the other female). Didnt think they were going to survive the first year.
    Now, they have taken over the chain link fence, and are a good foot over my head (I’m 6’1″).
    If I can, will get a pick of it later.

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    Crow Bar

    @Dala Barnes,
    What were you shooting?
    Some find their accuracy goes down the longer they practice.
    A hand gun may not seem very heavy, but prolonged periods of time held at that position can induce muscle fatigue. Especially if you are not used to holding that position on a regular basis.

    I have a good friend who used to be a really great shot. Then he got in a motorcycle accident. Now, he can only shot about a dozen times (from the prone) before his back hurts to much to hold the position.

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    OldMt Woman

    Fatigue plays a part for me rather quickly too.  If I can prop against anything, I’m good.  ‘Course getting down for a prone shot would not usually be a smooth motion.  However, adrenaline brought on by NEED would grease the motion a great deal!  LOL  Same with getting back up.  Holding anything up and steady without support means I pull as the site glides by what I’m aiming at.  Not wildly as in, a foot or two.  I mean micro-movement.  Does everyone do that, maybe?  It’s always worked for me.  Always have had unsteady hands since childhood.  Used to make tiny miniature things and used the same “glide by” technique for that.  Adaption.

    Hmmm, since I nearly always have a “walking stick” of sorts, I think I will try [today if possible] to use that for a stabilizer.  We’ve always just been standing…in martial arts stable stances.  Years of martial arts study looong ago has REALLY been a benefit to me now…in present condition.  🙂  Potential new adaption!  🙂

    OldMtWoman  …I’d truly enjoy making “art work” like Crowbar’s if it didn’t wear me out so much!

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    Good shooting crowbar.  I will have to do this challenge later.  I had to go to a large city on business.  Took all day. Today was church and this afternoon canning apples and plums.  Also dried apples in dehydrator.  Tasted pretty good.

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    Last weekend I went shooting, shot my home defense pump shotgun for the first time!   Today, I am teaching my son how to cook. We are only doing cooking with the oven currently, but when he gets older, we will work on using the grill and the propane stove.

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    OldMt Woman

    Did it!  Each time I remember how much I enjoy it.  DH and I shot from the deck, actually.  Woods just ‘over there’.  First, to target at the edge of the driveway….about 40′ with break-down 22.  Then we put target just a little up hill in woods.  Elevation nearly straight across from the deck.  And it’s a VERY big hill so plenty of backstop.  A somewhat clear corridor but branches did some deflecting.  I wanted to see their affect.  About 65′.

    In our area, getting backstop is way easy.  Getting longer distance flat across from target is tough.  That requires going from one hillside across to the other hillside…. or going across the pond.  Nothing is flat here for more than 40′ – 60′.  Then it begins to go very steeply UP or DOWN.  That’s how hunting would be too, except along creek.  Learn to walk crumbling hills without skidding.

    On the further distance, almost all holes were within the middle 3.5″.  I don’t even know if that’s good or not.  A few in the next inch and I think I missed completely once. Don’t know technically how to show ‘art work’ here.  I did lean on the railing.  Helps!

    LOL….this 22 is what DH uses to keep our pasture varmint population down a bit.  Obviously he’s had practice with this one.  I was trying to see Left Eye into the tiny scope.  I’m right hand with left eye.  I’m not fond of or used to scopes but his far vision is really bad.  For the first time, his tally beat mine.  😉   Good for him!

    Might have to make this a W/E activity so we can use different equipment each time.  I do enjoy targets.  Hauling me all the way UP and DOWN to our regular spot means it doesn’t happen often.  This would work for the small stuff.

    OldMtWoman  ….cross that off my catch-up LIST!  lol

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    Finally a break in the weather to review star gazing skills. Now this was a bit cause I am used to looking at a more Northern sky. I knew what adjustments I needed, but I grabbed a local skychart anyway.

    Naked eye BTW as my telescope is packed away. Really should pick up binoculars though ( practical and packable)

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    Mama T

    I learned one of our neighbors is a homesteader with lots of animals. She had me and my daughter come over and she showed us how to care for her animals while she is on vacation. Now, we get the experience  of running the homestead for a week AND get paid for it.

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    Loving Life

    Yesterday, I went to the gun range.

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